"There are sources of press releases, such as Business Wire and PR Newswire, but the volume
is so large it's  almost impossible to find anything useful. The one that's worth visiting for
web watchers is Eric Ward's URLwire - The Guardian 

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URLwire - March 17, 2015
SeniorAdvisor.com Honors 2015 Best of Senior Living Award Recipients

tell your twitter followers.

URL: https://www.senioradvisor.com/blog/2014/12/2015-best-of-senior-living/
SeniorAdvisor.com Honors 2015 Best of Senior Living Award Recipients

Now in their second year, the Best of 2015 Awards celebrate the best of the best in American senior care and are only given to communities and agencies that have consistently received outstanding feedback from families on the SeniorAdvisor.com website. This exclusive designation places the winners in the top one percent of senior care providers nationwide according to those who matter most - their customers.

At 4.5, 4.1, and 3.3 percents respectively, Atlanta assisted living, Chicago assisted living, and Dallas assisted living providers represent the top three U.S. cities with the most winners. California, Texas, and Florida represent the top three states.

"We launched SeniorAdvisor.com with two goals in mind: first, we wanted to identify and celebrate the best-performing senior care providers and second, we wanted to give families a tool to identify the businesses that will take great care of their loved ones," said Eric Seifert, President of SeniorAdvisor.com. "These awards are a capstone on those two goals. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to thank companies and professionals who commit to providing exceptional service to the loved ones we entrust in their care."

According to a joint study by SeniorAdvisor.com and A Place For Mom conducted in May 2014, online reviews have a profound impact on the purchasing behavior of consumers looking for senior care. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 03/17/15

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URLwire client comment...
Within 30 minutes of making our site announcement on URLwire, the Tweets and ReTweets started. By the end of the day over 200,000 people had seen our site due to that tweet alone.  The email, web, blog, group, mobile and RSS feed versions of URLwire all combined to make this one of the most unique and effective URL publicity tools I have ever seen. With the massive amount of press release spam on the web, I'm glad you chose to keep URLwire selective and under the radar all these years!  Brilliant strategy. — Travel web video producer, name and specific URL withheld by request
URLwire FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Spring 2015

What is URLwire? 
URLwire is a highly regarded service for announcing genuinely meritorious Web content or mobile content/apps to the right people in the online world. 

What makes URL different?
I've been publishing URLwire for 19 years. That's not a typo. I know who the right people are, and they have personally subscribed to URLwire. 

URLwire is a selective service for announcing outstanding content to the exact content seekers who would care about it and potentiallly link to and/or share it. URLwire has thousands of private email subscribers and the URLwire.com web site, group, blog and RSS feed receives a collective ~5 million pageviews a year. 

What Is URLwire's Anchor Text Policy?
URLwire was live on the web before Google existed, and for many years I included anchor text that most aptly described the content of the site I was announcing and linking to. Since Google could now potentially perceive this to be a manipulative practice, as of January 2014 I will only link to sites by using your company name, site name, or site URL as the anchor text. The value of URLwire was never about the anchor text. The mission of URLwire is to help create awareness of your content, and while doing so attract high quality links from trustworthy sources.

I started URLwire (originally called NetWire) in 1994. I used it mostly to announce new web sites in my local town of Knoxville, TN. Then, in 1995, Jeff Bezos hired me as the first content publicist for Amazon.com. Here's Amazon's debut announcement from October 4, 1995. This was just as I was changing the name of the service from NetWire to URLwire. It seems Novell had an internal newsletter named Netwire, and they sent me a cease and desist. 

So I changed the name to something nobody could possibly be using, URLwire.com. And I've been quietly going strong ever since.  This may sound glamorous, but it wasn't.  I started at a kitchen table in my three-room apartment on a dial-up modem, trying to get sites selected for USA Today Hot sites or Yahoo Picks of The Week (both now gone). Many of those sites listed were my clients. I knew who the "linkerati" was long before other kids coined the term. I still do.

Is URLwire a press release service?
Not even close. URLwire is not a press release distribution service, and is not automated. URLwire is sent by Eric Ward to people who have requested it, and actually look forward to it. I personally do the vetting/research and identify the exact people who are URLwire subscribers and also looking for subject specific and purposeful web content in your subject area. URLwire has thousands of private subscribers, including over 375 reference librarians, and is published in several formats

For those who want to receive URLwire but not via email, I provide a feed, or you can follow URLwire New Site Tweets via Twitter. Sites are announced via email, Web, feed, blog, mobile, private group and other methods. URLwire site announcements are crawled quickly by search engines and included in both the regular and news search indexes.

The URLwire subscriber/member list continually evolves and improves over the years, and each month I continue to add and remove subscribers that I feel are of the caliber that make sense for the content I am announcing. 

Why did I create URLwire?
I created URLwire because existing press release services are not selective about what they announce and who they send it to, and cannot reach the key online contacts who specifically review and link to new web content.   Mass wire services send out thousands of press releases a day.  URLwire purposely only announces a few sites each month. 

Will URLwire help my search rank?
URLwire is not a paid linking gimmick for helping you chase higher search rank. URLwire was publishing new site announcements for many years before Google existed, like this, and while it is possible that your site's search rankings may improve after using URLwire, it isn't URLwire alone that makes that happen. You must be producing useful and linkworthy content in the first place, or no amount of publicity will help you attract powerful. links.

That last sentence was very important, so let me repeat it...

You must be producing useful and linkworthy content in the first place, or no amount of publicity will help you attract powerful links.
My URLwire contacts are looking to be impressed or intrigued by an overall experience a user will have when visiting your web site. URLwire has readers all over the world, and reaches hundreds of librarians, researchers, content link curators, site seekers and editors looking to be informed of quality web content.

Here are a couple examples showing URLwire's potential

URLwire subscriber comments
“Eric knows quality web content, and he knows how to reach  out and publicize it politely, personally, privately. When we see an email from Eric, we read it and link to many of the sites he sends us”  - Library of Congress

“There are sources of press releases, such as Business Wire and PR Newswire, but the volume of releases is so large it's almost impossible to find anything useful. The one that's worth visiting for web watchers is Eric Ward's URLwire” - The Guardian

What types of content will URLwire accept/announce?
Your site must offer useful, unique, or educational content, or show off the capabilities of the web in some way that is obvious and real.  The site does not have to be brand new, however I will not announce sites that offer no content other than a list of products, and I will not announce sites that in my opinion will offend my readers.

Who pays for URLwire and what does it cost?
The people who want to announce their content pay a fee of $495. 

How do I start the process of announcing a site?
If you know you want to proceed, here are payment details. If you want additional information, continue reading below or send me an email and tell me about the site you're wanting to announce. I'll reply as soon as I can.

Who does URLwire reach?
Your content's subject matter determines who I select from my private contact list. 

I personally do the vetting/research and identify the exact people who are URLwire subscribers and also looking for the subject specific and purposeful web content in your subject area.  As an example, lets say your site is about Jazz music. The contacts I'd select for your announcement will come from a combination of both widely read online publications like like Yahoo New and Notable or USA Today's Bloggers, but even more importantly, from niche links pages devoted to the exact subject matter of your site, jazz music. Like this.

The key point is I match your content to the exact people that will care about it.

No matter the subject, if your content is of high quality, then there will be people on the web who will care about it.  As an example, over 350 librarians across the U.S. are URLwire subscribers, and they represent some of the most trusted sources of site collections and link curators in the world.  Some of you understand what that means to your organic rankings. If you don't here's an old column that explains it.

URLwire subscribers have requested it and those who subscribe have also given me a profile of the types of sites they want to know about. 

Below is just a sampling of thousands of past and current online venues where editors, librarians, and content seekers are looking for high quality web content to write about and link to.

Sample URLwire member/subscribers past and present: Yahoo New and Notable Sites (RIP) - NYPL Best of the Web - Forbes Best of The Web - Boing Boing - IRN Internet Resources Newsletter - Exploratorium's Web Picks - Librarians Internet Index  - Cool Tricks and Trinkets - Parents Best Web Sites - Guardian Web Watch - Education WorldThe Scout Report - AOL StudyBuddy - BestHistorySites - PC Magazine - Lockergnome - About.com- FreePint - NetGuide - WebUser - Suite101- .net

Again, this above just scratches the surface. Here are a few additional examples in specific niches
Busy Educator's Guide to the Web - Classroom Earth Best of the Web - The Best on the Web for Teachers - Berit's Best Sites for Kids - Surfing the Net With Kids - Ask for Kids - Child ? Family WebGuide from Tufts University - FamilyTree Best of the Web - Kids Web
Let's get even more nichified.  How about these?
Best of PhysicsWeb - Useful Web Links for the Materials - Industry - Sleep Disorder Sites - Zoo.com - Dulcimer and Folk Music Links - Jazz Music Links - Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Links
The key is there are literally thousands of people on the web who enjoy identifying, reviewing, vetting, curating and linking to content in thousands of subjects.  My attention to this niche for years gives me unrivalled contacts and credibility, from today all the way back to the nineties when URLwire was a Netscape Editor's Choice source for new sites. Remeber Netscape?

I want to receive URLwire, how do I sign up?
There are many ways to receive URLwire, described in detail here. Quickly, if you want to hear about all of the sites I announce (5-7 per week max), you can simply subscribe to the URLwire feed here or subscribe to the private URLwire group at Google. If you just want sites about a specific subject, send email to subjects@urlwire.com and tell me exactly what you want, then only if I have a perfect match will you ever hear from me. I match it myself. No bots and no scripts. 

How does URLwire differ from large wire services?
1). I limit the number of sites I'll announce to a few per week
2). I am extremely selective about what I announce on URLwire
3). I am extremely selective about who I send the site announcement to
4). I'll make another announcement for you at no charge if you aren't pleased with the response

Please note, URLwire is not for sending news about your IPO or CEO.  If you have news about something other than the content of your web site, you should use a fine service like Market Wire or Internet News Bureau or PRWeb to distribute it.  I recommend them as they are excellent services for this type of news.  Only use URLwire when your news is about the content on your site. The quality of the site ultimately determines whether or not I will announce it.

How are sites announced on URLwire?
The URLwire network announces new web sites via multiple channels as follows. 

Step One - Private email
The first step is sending individual announcements about your site via email to my private contacts. This will take anywhere from one to two hours depending on how many contacts I identify that are appropriate for your specific site announcement.  For each site launch I announce, I personally sort, cull and sift through my entire membership of URLwire subscribers, matching your site announcement with the stated interests of my contacts.   I also look for the key influencers who are not already URLwire members but who cover and link to sites in the same subject area as your site. Any given launch alert is typically a fit for 300 or more contacts.  My contacts only hear from me when I have a site that matches their stated interests.  And URLwire is purposely not automated.  It's sent one-to-one from me personally to my contacts.

Step Two - Web
Next I'll post your announcement on its own permanent page on the URLwire web site, and create a headline link and summary to that page on the URLwire home page above and on the URLwire headline page.  Your announcement will be crawled by the various news bots and search engines almost immediately.  Google News and Yahoo News, for example, crawl URLwire site announcements within minutes. URLwire has millions of annual page views. This is achieved as a result of thousands of sites around the world linking to my headline page or story pages over the many years URLwire has been chugging along.

Step Three - Blogs, Feeds, Twitter and other Social Media
I place your site announcement on the URLwire Blogs and RSS feed. I'll also Tweet your URL via URLwire's Twitter account, and 'll enable sharing on your site announcement so social linkers and bookmarkers have the opportunity to share your site's URL. 

Step Four - News Bots, Private Groups and Syndication
I place a brief summary of your content announcement on the private Google Group for URLwire (which has hundreds of members).  My announcement of your site will also be indexed by Google, Yahoo, and bing very quickly, and I've had instances where Google News picks up my announcements in less than five minutes. I also have arrangements with key news syndication services and newsbots, like NewsHub, and WebProWire, to provide them with my content announcements.  This gets your site announcement headline and link on thousands of other sites and into the Web's largest news indexes.

Why does URLwire produce so many versions of the site announcement?
URLwire is not a press release distribution service. Most site reviewers do not want a press release anyway.  That's why I don't automate URLwire. I provide each of my members with my site announcements in the exact format they want.  If they want a short email with a special subject line, no problem. If they want a weekly digest, I send it that way.  If they want an RSS version, I have it. Blog?  Yes. Via private Google group? Got it.  Twitter? Bingo.

Who writes the site announcement?
You write the initial copy, and I'll make suggestions if I feel it will improve the reception. If you prefer that I write the entire announcement, I will but I charge an additional fee of $250.

What sites have used URLwire to announce their launch?
Literally thousands over the years. A sampling of sites that hired URLwire to announce their launch includes Amazon.com, Weather.com, Wine.com/Virtual Vineyards, Dell, Rodney.com, Infobeat, The BBC, Kellogg's, MoMA, Law.com, Visa.com, and sites for Ziff-Davis, The New York Times, The Discovery Channel, Microsoft, AOL, About.com and The AMA, and PBS.  Many other now famous Web sites were originally launched through my URLwire service. 

Do the people who receive URLwire like it?
They love it. They are interested in my announcements because they know it's something they haven't seen, will be a match for their interests, and a top-notch site.  But don't take my word for it.  Read their quotes here

Does URLwire work?
Rather than me tell you, I'll let my clients tell you.  Here are three quotes and a longer testimonial.  A few more URLwire testimonials are also available.

Jim Osgood - OfficeFinder.com
"Eric, URLwire got our site covered and linked online in places we'd tried for months to get in without success. And, URLwire did it in one day. Thanks!"
Rob Ford, FavouriteWebsiteAwards
"URLwire is a great service which has proven results. Two projects I have been involved with that you have featured have both gone straight into the Yahoo directory and been listed on their Pick of the Day page. Thanks a bunch, Eric!"
Amy Strycula, CoolShopping.com - Cool Shopping Sites
"We've been using Eric's URLwire service since 1995, and on more than one occasion had to work closely with our hosting service to keep our servers up under the high traffic loads that resulted".
"The Silence is Deafening" - a Reverse Testimonial for Eric Ward
What if URLwire doesn't work?
Give URLwire eight weeks, and if by then you don't feel URLwire did what you expected it would, let me know and I'll run an additional URLwire announcement free of charge. I'm not in this just to make a few hundred bucks. I'm obviously in this for the long haul. 

Can't a Public Relations firm do what URLwire does?
Many Public Relations firms hire me to announce their client's sites.  They know I have many years of contacts and relationships in the online world, while they have contacts in the off-line world.

How do I start the process to announce a site?

Here are payment details

You can read about my other services at  EricWard.com

Selected Content Announcements 
From URLwire are Below
Subscribe to URLwire via More Subscriber Options
Sixteen Years Ago On URLwire - 10/07/98: 
The Museum Of Modern Art Launches Online Retail Venture
Recent Content Announcements
www.Diamonds.pro Helps Consumers Avoid Diamond Buying Rip Offs
URL: http://www.diamonds.pro
The Diamond Pro (www.diamonds.pro), a website created by diamond industry veteran Ira Weissman, is dedicated to educating potential diamond consumers. With all the hype and misinformation fed to the public through sappy advertising and unscrupulous diamond salesmen, only education and research can guarantee one will make a smart buy. The potential pitfalls are nearly endless (read more)
SelectBlinds.com Saves Children's Lives by Giving Away Over 82,000 Free Cord Cleats
SelectBlinds.com is serious about child safety. While all their products are CPSC safety compliant and safety devices are sent with each corded product, after the news early last year of four more children losing their lives to corded window covering accidents, they knew they had to do even more. Select Blinds has created a free cord cleat program open to all consumers, both customers and non-customers. (read more)
National Geographic Society Launches Private Expeditions in Partnership with Virtuoso®
Trips for Independent Travelers Include Stays at New National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World - The National Geographic Society announced this month the launch of National Geographic Private Expeditions, a new line of trips geared toward independent travelers, offered in partnership with Virtuoso®, the leading international network of luxury-focused travel agencies and advisors. 
BizzyBeePlumbing.com Provides Expert Plumbing Services and Helpful Web Site to Cary, NC Residents
URL: http://www.bizzybeeplumbing.com
All plumbing companies are not created equal. With this important fact in mind, residents of Cary, NC who wish to access premium plumbing services for truly reasonable rates will enjoy learning more about www.bizzybeeplumbing.com, via the company’s official website. 
(read more)
You Can Save The World With Citizen Science at CitizenScienceCenter.com
URL: http://www.CitizenScienceCenter.com
CitizenScienceCenter.com, introduces you to a world in which it is possible to go on a wildlife survey in a national park, install software on your computer to search for a cure for cancer, have your smartphone log the sound pollution in your city, transcribe ancient Greek scrolls, or sift through the dirt from a site where a mastodon died 11,000 years ago—even if you never finished high school. (read more)
1,000 Guitar Teachers Join DS Music to give out Free Guitar Teaching Material
Over 1,000 guitar teachers UK-wide have helped DS Music create over 100 pages of Free Downloadable Guitar Resources which have just been launched.
Explore our range of free guitar resources at dsmusic.com/category/Guitar (read more)
Florida Probate, Trust and Estate Blog from Lawyers of Clark Skatoff Helps Simplify Complex Cases
URL: www.clarkskatoff.com/news-resources/blog/
The lawyers of Clark Skatoff PA, through their legal blog provide fresh and constant updates of all cases in the probate, trust, and guardianship areas, usually within days of each case being issue by the Florida court. (read more)
EliteMensGuide.com - The Definitive Guide to Men's Fitness, Aging, and Health
EliteMensGuide.com lets busy men take control of their health and wellness activities. It provides straightforward exercise, nutrition, aging and health information as well as personalized applications for building workout routines and evaluating health. The EMG website addresses every man's lifestyle, aging, and health issues in one clean, easy to navigate site.
(read more)
PrisonEducation.com Explains How Educating Prisoners Is Smart on Crime
PrisonEducation.com, the world's leader in news and research concerning education and rehabilitation in America's prisons, advocates for expanded educational offerings for prisoners as a smart crime control policy.(read more)
BathOrbs.com Offers Luxurious Vegan Bath Bombs
BathOrbs.com is a small business located in Las Vegas, NV with a passion for making the highest quality bath bombs in the world.(read more)
ValueStockGuide.com Helps Individuals Manage Their Own Investments
Busy professionals looking to manage their own investments are ill served by financial media today that focuses on short term issues at the cost of addressing the long term merits of an investment. ValueStockGuide.com] helps fill this need by providing pre-qualified stock ideas for further research...(read more)
www.train-aid.co.uk Delivers Educational First Aid at Work Resources
Train-aid.co.uk is a first aid orientated website which has just released a new range of educational video tutorials, which aim to help people who are unable to attend a course...read more
Lifescript.com Launches Online Child ADHD Help Center
Lifescript.com, a women’s health and wellness website headquartered in Mission Viejo, Calif., has just released a new, online Child ADHD Help Center...read more
More New Site Announcements
Publisher news and notes

Here's a unique testimonial for URLwire - The Silence is Deafening

My various link building and publicity services have been included in Business 2.0 Magazine's Best Business Links on the Web and have now been written about and mentioned in over 100 books, magazines, newsletters, TV, and Radio programs, and are included in college courses on Internet marketing.
More Subscriber Comments

Eric is one of the most plugged in professionals we know, having been online approximately forever. So if you want to get your news around, call the guy. In addition to being non-annoying, he's extremely effective in telling Heavy Duty Influentials what it is you're doing. -- Chris Locke,The Cluetrain Manifesto (full quote)

"URLwire is the antidote to the disease of mass press release spam.  What you do is genius!"
- Web Marketing Tools

"Eric, Thanks very much for offering this service"
- Yahoo Internet Life Useful Sites Editors

"Eric, your picks are exactly what we look for. Thanks for being on target and not sending junk"
- Yahoo Picks

"Cool stuff, Eric. Keep it coming"
- S. Meddis, USA Today Hot Sites

"Your service is great...We are always interested in new Internet resources, important new Web sites and interesting things that are going on on the Internet"
- M. Williams

"Eric, you provide a great service and we use a lot of what you send us." 
- ZDNet

"Just wanted to let you know that your URLwire service is very helpful to our team of editors. Our editors look forward to receiving your emails about recent web launches and are grateful for your service. Thanks!" 
- J. Kelly

"Thanks Eric! Your selectivity and intro are appreciated..." - K. Laws

"Eric Ward's URLwire service allows you to tailor your Web news messages for each media contact. More expensive? Yes. But the impact is optimal..."
- Larry Chase, WDFM

"The oldest and most renowned is Eric Ward's URLWire" 
- P. Bruemmer

"When I see Eric Ward's name in my in-box, I open it immediately, and I know it's good stuff. His selectivity and appreciation for what is and isn't Web news is unmatched anywhere. He's been at it longer than anyone, and he does it right"

"Thanks again for the continuing service. It is not an overstatement to say that it is one of the very best services available on the Internet, and one of the *very* few that innately understands the medium it is working in"

"Eric, you're doing a hell of a job. I've come to rely on you for a lot of front running, as well as supplementary content. Thanks for that" 

"Eric...I just wanted you to know how much I like reading your pre-press release material. It's nice to have someone know your name in this cold modem-based world"

"Hi Eric, take it from someone who has been receiving a steady stream of these automated press/news releases... your personalized, selective, one at a time, no spam Web news releases are a slice of heaven!!! I can't even read all the others, but yours, I read immediately"

"Hey Eric, I really appreciate your service. I've used information from your postings for a number of stories. I must say that your service is great. Thanks and keep up the good work."

"I LOVE each and every piece you have sent me. Thanks for the noticeable effort and the outstanding job you do Eric"

"Well written, directed to me personally, and always include a succinct note explaining why Eric directed the news to my attention. And I do read them, consider them, and cover them"

"Eric, just want to drop you a line to say "thank you" once again for your consistently high quality Web site pointers. Definitely sites we can use. 


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