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Below are shortened versions of selected previous URLwire announcements dating back over many years. The headline links will take you to the full-text version for that announcement.  This archive does not contain all of the 2,500+ sites announced since URLwire's debut in 1994, because over the years sites change URLs, merge with others, cease operations, and otherwise go missing. Sites announced prior to these below are available via the Older URLwire Archives. You can also keyword search the URLwire Archive on Google simply by typing your keyword(s) and then adding site:urlwire.com, like this:   KEYWORD site:urlwire.com
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Florida Probate, Trust and Estate Blog from Lawyers of Clark Skatoff Helps Simplify Complex Cases
URL: http://www.clarkskatoff.com/news-resources/blog/ tell your twitter followers.
The lawyers of Clark Skatoff PA, through their legal blog at  http://www.clarkskatoff.com/news-resources/blog/, provide fresh and constant updates of all cases in the probate, trust, and guardianship areas, usually within days of each case being issue by the Florida court. Said managing probate attorney Jeffrey Skatoff, "We try to explain each new case in simple enough terms for lay persons, yet also provide enough technical analysis so that the information is useful for lawyers who practice in the probate, trust, and guardianship fields. We also provide updates and analysis of cases in jurisdictions outside of Florida that our readers might have an interest in – such as a trust investment loss case, or a probate dispute over a lost or missing will". (read more)
Posted on 9/22/2014

EliteMensGuide.com - The Definitive Guide to Men's Fitness, Aging, and Health
URL: http://elitemensguide.com tell your twitter followers
EliteMensGuide.com lets busy men take control of their health and wellness activities. It provides straightforward exercise, nutrition, aging and health information as well as personalized applications for building workout routines and evaluating health. The EMG website addresses every man's lifestyle, aging, and health issues in one clean, easy to navigate site. (read more)
Posted on 9/18/2014

PrisonEducation.com Explains How Educating Prisoners Is Smart on Crime
URL: http://www.Prisoneducation.com share with your twitter followers
Prisoneducation.com, the world's leader in news and research concerning education and rehabilitation in America's prisons, advocates for expanded educational offerings for prisoners as a smart crime control policy. (read more)
Posted on 8/19/2014

BathOrbs.com Offers Luxurious Vegan Bath Bombs
URL: http://www.BathOrbs.com tell your twitter followers
BathOrbs.com is a small business located in Las Vegas, NV with a passion for making the highest quality bath bombs in the world. Moisturizing orbs releasing sweet aromatherapy, each one made by hand with love from us to you. CEO Justin Gomolka said "We live in such a stressful world these days. Sometimes, you need to just put away your cell phone, shut down the computer, turn off the news... and take a bath! I want our customers to experience magic with our luxurious, vegan bath bombs. (read more)
Posted on 8/07/2014

Noot.com - Discover Relevant & Breaking Stories With Noot Mobile App
URL: http://noot.com tell your twitter followers
Noot is a smartphone app that makes it easy to discover relevant, novel and breaking stories you can save, share and read.  At Noot's core is its built-in learning technology.  Noot learns which topics are of interest to you  based on both short and long term consumption patterns within the app. Noot’s learning engine then augments story streams (e.g. World News, Entertainment or Sports) with contextually relevant stories that match your unique interests. As a result, story selection is personalized and constantly evolves along with your interests. 
Posted on 7/14/2014

Research, Compare, and Apply for Credit Cards at CreditCardXPO.com
URL: http://www.creditcardxpo.com/ share with your twitter followers
Finding the perfect credit card just got easier thanks to CreditCardXPO.com.This comprehensive site allows consumers to research, compare, and apply for the right credit card for their needs.  Users can easily search for cards and filter their results based on criteria such as credit score, awards, card issuer, interest rate, and more. The site’s credit card comparison tool allows users to see each card’s features side by side, making it easier to make a more informed decision. Users can then apply for credit cards directly from the site and find out if they’re approved in seconds. 

Posted on 6/3/2014

CreditCardReviews.com Provides Credit Card Advice From Real People
URL: http://www.CreditCardReviews.com tell your twitter followers.
CreditCardReviews.com gives more power to the consumer when shopping for a credit card. The website uses a crowd-sourcing model where credit cards are displayed or “ranked” in their respective sections based on the votes or ratings given to them by cardholders and credit card experts. 
Posted on 3/7/2014

ValueStockGuide.com Helps Individuals Manage Their Own Investments
URL: http://valuestockguide.com tell your twitter followers
Busy professionals looking to manage their own investments are ill served by financial media today that focuses on short term issues at the cost of addressing the long term merits of an investment. The benefits of taking a long term approach and adopting a value investment philosophy have been well proven to be superior in multiple studies over a typical investment horizon (Morningstar/Ibbotson [PDF]). However, most investors today do not have time or desire to conduct the due diligence required to build a practical self managed portfolio.
Posted on 1/27/2014

www.train-aid.co.uk Delivers Educational First Aid at Work Resources
http://www.train-aid.co.uktell your twitter followers
Train-aid.co.uk is a first aid orientated website which has just released a new range of educational video tutorials, which aim to help people who are unable to attend a course. A national survey commissioned by DK estimated that around 77% of people either do not know how to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or would be unsure of the protocol. It is also estimated that around 1 in 3 people would not know what to do if their toddler was choking.
Posted on 12/04/2013

Lifescript.com Launches Online Child ADHD Help Center
http://www.lifescript.com/health/centers/adhd_pediatric.aspx tell your twitter followers
Lifescript.com, a women’s health and wellness website headquartered in Mission Viejo, Calif., has just released a new, online Child ADHD Help Center. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic behavioral disorder, usually onset by age 7, that affects kids, adolescents and adults, according to Ricker Polsdorfer, MD. It is estimated that almost 8% of American children have ADHD (about 1-3 children in every classroom of 30).
Posted on 08/26/2013

Lifequotes4u.co.uk – The Most Comprehensive Guidance to the Best Life Insurance Policies
URL: http://www.lifequotes4u.co.uk.tell your twitter followers
Lifequotes4u.co.uk was designed to provide efficient access to only the most reputable life insurance companies.  Upon entering their website you will immediately recognize the logos of these respective companies.  LifeQuotes4U allied with these partners to firmly establish a trusting relationship with their policy holders. In addition, LifeQuotes4U does not charge their policy holders a fee for their services.
Posted on 08/21/2013

1Lightbulbs.com Offers One Stop Site for Lighting Products Ranging From ECO Friendly Bulbs, CFLs, LEDs, Halogens, and More
URL: http://www.1Lightbulbs.com.tell your twitter followers
1Lightbulbs.com a  website that provides consumers with a wide variety of lighting options.  With products ranging from fluorescent light bulbs, Antique Bulbs, Christmas Lights, LEDs, Eco Friendly, and tons more to choose from makes shopping for lighting options simple and fun.
Posted on 08/15/2013

RelationshipSpotlight.com Launches to Bring Trust Back Into Online Product Reviews
URL: http://www.RelationshipSpotlight.comtweet
RelationshipSpotlight.com officially launches its website in hopes of cleaning up the online dating and relationship products review industry with the goal of putting consumer faith back into online reviews as reliable sources of expert product opinion, insider look, and comprehensive buyer’s guide.
Posted on 07/22/2013

Rootfin.com Launches Online Life Insurance Quotes With No Contact Information Required
URL: http://www.rootfin.comtell your twitter followers
Families and businesses in the market for life insurance now have a way to compare life insurance quotes, financial ratings and policy details from the nation's top rated life insurance companies without providing any of their contact information.
Posted on 06/19/2013

Wdebate.com Opens Registration for Live Online Video Debate Website
URL: http://Wdebate.com..tweet.
Gun control is pointless. Women shouldn't be allowed in military combat. Creationism doesn't belong in public schools. Do you agree? Disagree? If you hold strong, intelligent opinions on today's most pressing issues, then you're a perfect candidate for Wdebate.com, a new and unique venue for watching and participating in live online video debate.
Posted on 04/30/2013

Mens-Wedding-Rings.com Focuses on the Groom
URL: http://www.mens-wedding-rings.com tweet
With its uniquely focused product selection, Mens-Wedding-Rings.com (MWR) offers grooms a one-stop shop for finding the wedding ring of their dreams. Over the past year Mens-Wedding-Rings has focused on expanding its already successful business, diversifying its market presence and improving the customer shopping experience. 
Posted on 04/25/2013

Sendola.com Launches Tool To Send Contact Details To Website Visitors' Phones
URL: http://www.sendola.comtweet
Sendola, a free new tool for business owners to add to their websites, was launched this month by Plus Telecom Ltd, a UK telecom services provider.Sendola's unique feature gives a user the ability to request contact and location details from any business website be sent to thier phone in seconds. The app is especially useful for businesses who rely on customer calls or foot traffic.  Sendola is a valuable tool that can convert website visitors to real-world customers.
Posted on 04/24/2013

URLwire Will Return In April 2013

BeyondOCD.org Tackles Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Treatments and Information
URL: http://beyondocd.orgtweet.
BeyondOCD.org is a leading resource to help those with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to get beyond OCD. OCD can be very disruptive in the lives of those who suffer from this frequently misunderstood affliction and their families. Since 1994, the mission of Beyond OCD (originally known as OCD Chicago) has been to outline options for OCD treatment, therapy and support for educators, clergy, families and the mental health professional community to address OCD.
Posted on 01/10/2013

Property-abroad.com Relaunches Overseas Property Site With 170,000 Properties From 100 Countries
URL: http://www.Property-abroad.comtweet
Property-abroad.com is a primary destination for the overseas property buyer or investor.  The site was founded in 2000 and has recently been re-launched by CEO Les Calvert
Posted on 01/09/2013

HypothyroidMom.com Launches Thyroid Advocacy Site For Moms With Hypothyroidism
URL: http://hypothyroidmom.comtweet.
The Thyroid Federation International estimates there are up to 300 million people worldwide with thyroid dysfunction, yet over half are unaware of their condition. The mission of HypothyroidMom.com is clear - to drive awareness. 
Posted on 01/08/2013

URLwire Break Until January 2013

WeightRater.com Presents Concise Weight Loss Product Reviews
URL: http://www.weightrater.comtweet
Every day, more and more weight loss products enter the market claiming to be the ultimate solution to your weight loss problems.  The sheer number of choices alone makes it hard to weed out the legitimate products from the bad ones.
Posted on 12/05/2012

LlamaExpeditions.com Launches Peru Tours & Machu Picchu Tours That Make a Difference
URL: http://www.LlamaExpeditions.comtweet
Travelers who crave an adventure off the beaten path have an exciting new option – with a philanthropic twist. Llama Expeditions (www.LlamaExpeditions.com) offers guided tours through Peru, from sightseeing to hiking the Inca trail. In addition to taking in the stunning scenery and experiencing incredible adventure, travelers connect to the country and its people through exclusive access and a chance to make a difference.
Posted on 11/15/2012

1-800-Bakery.com Launches First Of Its Kind Video Gift Messaging for Baked Goods
1-800-Bakery.com, the nationwide neighborhood bakery of the online world, today announces its partnership with Sociagram, a cloud based social video platform. This partnership makes 1-800-Bakery.com the first food-focused gifting site to offer its customers the free, one-of-a-kind personalization upgrade of a customized video message delivered in conjuction with their baked goods. During the checkout process on the 1-800-Bakery.com websites, customers will have the option to record a personalized video greeting for the gift recipient. The Sociagram platform enables users to record their greeting with a webcam being the only requirement on the user’s side. Once recorded, the video greeting remains hosted by Sociagram while the 1-800-Bakery.com gift recipient recieves a unique URL and access code to retrieve their video. Additionally, the gift recipient may reply with a thank you message, even a video made as they enjoy their delicious bakery treats, to add an additional layer of personalization to the 1-800-Bakery.com gift experience.

New CatsPlay.com Cat Furniture Superstore Offers Quality, Choice & Customization
CatsPlay.com has re-launched a new and improved cat furniture superstore, offering an unrivaled selection of cat trees, kitty gyms, cat condos, cat scratching posts, and more.  The world’s 86.4 million cat owners no longer need be restrained by the limited selections of cat furniture colors and styles available in traditional brick and mortar retail stores.  CatsPlay offers an almost endless array of cat furniture styles, allowing consumers to 'shop by size' in order to best meet their available space, or 'by style' to find selections that will best coordinate to the design style of their own home - whether modern, traditional, or rustic.

WhoIsHostingThis.com Provides Trusted Web Hosting Reviews
Web hosting is one of the most fundamental aspects of running any online business. Unreliable hosting leads to frustration within the business and can lead to reputation issues with prospective customers, as well as affecting the performance of your website in the key search engines. WhoIsHostingThis.com believes finding the right hosting company should be straightforward and has developed a web hosting reviews website you can actually trust at http://www.whoishostingthis.com/hosting-reviews/

Laws.com Launches the Free Legal Forms Platform
Laws.com - the creators of one of the largest informational legal networks and the smart Legal Advertising Platform for attorneys launched a Free Legal Forms platform ( http://legal-forms.laws.com) that provides forms for almost every legal matter imaginable, from estate laws to tax forms.  Seven most searched fields are featured on the main page and forms cover legal fields including immigration, bankruptcy, family, divorce, real estate, intellectual property, estate planning, business, injury, and tax forms.

URLwire Summer Break

RockyMountainBarrelCompany.com Transforms Antique Used Wine Barrels
Rocky Mountain Barrel Co. offers the highest quality antique used wine barrels and stave products in North America. They individually test each barrel to make sure it is suitable for your winemaking needs. Beautifully hand-crafted from wine barrels, their items create a warm continental feel to any foyer or kitchen, add interest to a home entertainment area, and turn any patio or deck into something spectacular. In their shop they also proudly transform these used wine barrels into Rain Barrels. Save precious water and recycle the rain this year and go green.

Recovery Leader Unitrends.com Helps IT Decision Makers With Backup and Disaster
Unitrends, the #1 all-in-one backup appliance for virtual, physical and cloud, is changing the face of enterprise-level data protection, one competitor at a time. Their new site provides a detailed comparison of the Unitrends recovery appliances versus 20 competitive products.  Building on over 20 years of industry firsts, Unitrends continues to lead the market in backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery while its US-based support team boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate, further reinforcing its reputation for quality.

Enjoybedandbreakfast.com Launches Hand-Picked Best of British B&B Collection
www.Enjoybedandbreakfast.com, a new travel website dedicated to showcasing independent accommodation, has launched a hand-picked collection of 60 of Britain's finest B&Bs. The collection of unique bed and breakfasts and boutique guest houses represents the pick of independent accommodation in England and celebrates the best of Britain in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year, marking 60 years of her reign. No chains are allowed on Enjoybedandbreakfast.com – the website is committed to providing a place for quaint B&Bs, charming inns, small boutique hotels and guest houses to shine on the internet, and supporting their unique businesses. 

foodonthetable.com Announces Million-User Milestone, Will Save Families an Estimated $40 Million On Groceries
Food on the Table (http://www.foodonthetable.com) celebrated the significant milestone of hitting 1 million users across its website and mobile app, potentially saving users an estimated 40 million dollars per month on groceries for the remainder of 2012.  The user base has taken off recently, with over half of new customers coming on board in the last 4 months. Food on the Table is the first to integrate local grocery sales, individual food preferences, recipes, and related food content into the same digital platform   The revolutionary service is leading the growing trend that technology is changing the way users shop and cook.  The annual American Pantry study, conducted by Deloitte and Harrison Group, reveals that 80 percent of consumers do their own research and have a pre-determined price point and a potential savings amount in mind before they step into a grocery store. 

City of Salt Lake City Launches bikeslc.com - Bike Dedicated Website
In celebration of Utah Bike Month and National Bike to Work Week, Salt Lake City unveiled a new website, bikeslc.com, on Tuesday, May 15 in the Mayor’s Conference Room, Room 306, Salt Lake City & County Building, 451 S. State Street.The event took place immediately following the Mayors' Bike to Work Ride (more information at http://www.slcgov.com/biketoworkday) The site will provide exciting new resources for those interested in either commuting or exploring the City by bike. The site also offers a downloadable Salt Lake City Bikeways Map (PDF 3.6 MB), which helps connect locals and visitors with the City's urban environment and provides a valuable resource to experience the city.

New ImpactSigns.com Website Points The Way To Improved Signage
Impact Signs (http://www.ImpactSigns.com) has launched a new website filled with innovative features that bring a fresh approach to architectural signage. Corporate signs have never been so easy to create. The new site includes an extensive gallery of vivid, detailed images that help designers move ideas from the drawing board to reality. Detailed specifications give architects the information they need to create accurate specifications. Charts that demonstrate color and texture help to determine the best options. The website adds new sources of inspiration to the industrial design toolbox and provides resources that streamline signage design and development.

Ukritic.com Lets Everyday Experts Create Product Reviews, Earn Passive Income
Ukritic (http://Ukritic.com) opened its doors to the public on March 22nd, 2012. Founded by Chris Rempel and Matthew Chitty of Victoria, BC, Ukritic is part blogging platform, part consumer review portal, and part marketing launchpad. Perhaps the easiest way to accurately summarize the site is to quote a recent comment from Rempel: "Think of us as Squidoo.com or HubPages.com, but specifically for product reviews. And because we allow members to recommend products with affiliate links – there's a lot of earning potential here for folks that can produce compelling reviews on stuff that's in high demand.”

National Park Service Launches Civil War Website at NPS.gov
As part of its commemoration of the Civil War Sesquicentennial and coinciding with events marking the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh, the National Park Service has launched a Civil War themed website at http://www.nps.gov/civilwar/index.htm that provides an overview of the war, with special emphasis on the Civil War sites administered and preserved by the National Park Service. The website features a wide range of richly-illustrated content, including stories of the Civil War, ranging from causes of the conflict to its consequences; biographies of notable individuals associated with the war, both military and civilian; places within the National Park System that interpret the Civil War; and information on the ways in which the National Park Service preserves Civil War battlefields, objects, landscapes and other historic resources. New content will be added regularly, so visitors are encouraged to check back to the site often.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers Launches Website for Parents of Children With Cerebral Palsy
Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers recently launched Cerebral Palsy Lawyers FAQ, a new website devoted to informing parents of children with cerebral palsy of their medical and legal rights following a diagnosis. When parents first realize their child is going to face a life full of obstacles, it can be very confusing and upsetting. When mixed with the realization that their child’s life was forever altered due to a medical error, parents need somewhere to turn to find facts and provide their child with the compensation they deserve.

Hylunia Skin Care Uses Digital To Educate Consumers on Safe and Effective Skin Care
Consumers looking for both safe and effective skin care brands for their entire family need look no further. Launched in 1988, Hylunia Skin Care has been known for making natural, organic skin care products that correct and prevent skin conditions, and are both safe and effective. Making good on a commitment to help educate consumers, the company recently launched a redesigned website at www.hylunia.com. They have also created a thoughtfully prepared email regimen customized to their customers’ unique needs as well as a brand new Facebook page and Twitter account.  This expansion of the brand’s digital footprint marks Hylunia’s emergence as a serious player in the natural, organic skin care market.

HoroscopeCompatibility.com Launches New Site About Horoscope Compatibility, Relational Astrology 
Autarkic Enterprises LLC has gone live on the web with the launch of HoroscopeCompatibility.com, a new website on horoscope compatibility and relational astrology. This new website puts a fresh spin on some ancient information. Synastry is the branch of astrology that is dedicated to the study of relationships and compatibility based on a person’s natal horoscope. HoroscopeCompatibility.com draws from this branch of astrology for insight and information about personalities and relationships.  Using an individual’s zodiac sign, the website rates and describes in detail the best and worst matches for every zodiac sign.
The website also makes predictions about the likes and dislikes of different zodiac signs including turn-on’s and off’s based on this astrology.

Computers.Howto-Rascal.com – Computer HowTo's You Can Actually Use
The concept for computers.howto-rascal.com came about through total frustration. Howto documents are an excellent resource to drill down and reach a specific goal quickly, if they are done correctly. If done badly, they are at best, a time burglar and the misguided changes can be difficult to roll back possibly leaving your system crippled.  Those seeking tutorial type documents to reach a computer based goal know the information available is unorganized, scattered and often just plain wrong. I know this because I have wasted countless hours looking for those very documents. If I found what I needed, or close, a lot of the time I would get a ways through the instructions to find they led me down the wrong path.

1-800-Bakery.com's QR Code Cookie Increases Mobile Scans 40 pct
1-800-Bakery.com, an online bakery based in Massachusetts, has taken the QR code to the next level by making them edible and personalized. 1-800-Bakery uses FDA approved edible ink, which prints QR codes on sugar cookies or cakes, simply scan it with your smart phone and it will bring you to any URL address online. Over the past couple of years QR codes, also known as 2D bar codes, have slowly began to appear everywhere; in magazines, on t-shirts, Sprite cans, and subways. A study by comScore Inc., reported that 14 million Americans scanned QR codes on their mobile phones in June 2011. QR codes are a great way to market or advertise any business because they bridge offline products to online information, in a simple, fast and unique way. They bring the consumer right to you, without much work and best of all, it is measurable. 

HUNTERcourse.com Lets You Take Hunter Education Course Online
Are you interested in the sport of hunting or looking at obtaining your hunter education certificate? Well, there is now a great way to learn about becoming a safe, responsible and ethical hunter without having to leave the comfort of your home. HUNTERcourse.com offers the convenience of taking a portion of your hunter education online to get certified. 

KnightFrank.com Launches Multilingual Property Search Website
KnightFrank.com, the world’s largest privately owned global property agency and consultancy and regarded throughout the world as the firm choice for high quality residential property, has launched the UK’s first multilingual global property search website at  http://search.knightfrank.com. Aimed at the growing number of international clients whose native language is Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian or Portuguese, the multilingual global property search site will be a welcome tool for international property hunters and allows Knight Frank to continue on its expansion plans from 78 cities worldwide to 100 cities by 2016.

Disabilityscholarships.us Helps Disabled Students Research Disability Scholarships
Scholarships for the disabled come from many sources and Disabilityscholarships.us features many top disability financial aid channels such as scholarships for the visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired, learning, cancer, depression and many others.  Disabilityscholarships.us offers a range of information for students with disabilities who are seeking scholarships. Trying to find funding for college can be a challenge for most students. For students with the added challenge of a disability, every bit of information can be useful. Around the country, there are hundreds of thousands of people who live with some form of disability on a daily basis. There are numerous companies, organizations and foundations that have established monetary awards specifically for assisting disabled individuals in achieving a higher quality of life by completing a college education. Scholarships for the disabled make this possible. 

DFWRealties.com Offers Premier Services to Dallas Real Estate Buyers and Sellers
DFW Realties is a Dallas  real estate company based on the foundation that people deserve a helping expert hand in finding the perfect home to call their own. DFW Realties has been in business for 4 years, and offers premier services to clients. DFW Realties is a boutique firm in the DFW metroplex. When it comes to buying and selling real estate, DFW Realtors is dedicated to providing quality service in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas region. Take the time to learn about the company, and read some client testimonials. You will quickly see that there is more to DFW Realtors than just selling real estate in Texas.

Canvasdezign.co.uk Redesigns its Canvas Prints Virtual Ordering System
Canvasdezign, the UK’s leading manufacturer of canvas prints and wall art has redesigned it’s Virtual Ordering System for placing canvas orders online.  Canvas Prints have become a very popular way of displaying your own photos in a contemporary format and are now more common that traditional Photo Frames. The new Ordering System is packed with rich features such as the ability to display your uploaded photo on a virtual wall and real time colour editing like turning photos in to Black and White or Sepia Tone. Size options for your canvas can also be selected in the ordering system and photos can be centralised and repositioned using the online hand cursor. When you are done creating your canvas all the preview files are sent to CanvasDezign so that they make the canvas print exactly as you created it online.

Sustainable Building Products Firm Deceuninck.com Launches New Corporate Identity
Deceuninck, the leading Belgian designer and producer of building products in PVC & Twinson  has started rolling out its new corporate identity. It is expected to be fully implemented in all its branches worldwide by 2012.  The aim is to better communicate the core values of the company: innovation, ecology and design. "Building a sustainable home is our main goal", says  CEO Tom Debusschere. "It defines why we exist as a company."

PageStationery.com Now Offering Fine Men's Stationery
Page Stationery (www.pagestationery.com), a leading online retailer of custom stationery, announces the launch of a new line of social men's stationery called “Stationery for Men”. As the name implies, the collection is specifically designed for and tailored to men and its’ purpose is to provide men with unique and creative, yet masculine stationery which, up until now, has been lacking in the stationery industry.

JustMensRings.com Offers Men an Alternative to Jewelry Stores 
Just Mens Rings (http://www.justmensrings.com), an innovative internet retailer servicing a clearly defined "niche" audience, has established itself as a high-profile ecommerce website by offering an unparalleled selection of high-quality men's wedding rings and men's wedding bands at everyday low prices. By narrowing their inventory to focus on men's rings, the owners of JustMensRings.com can offer the best selection on the Internet – always at the most competitive prices.   Any time of year, but especially around the holidays, shoppers flock here in search of unique and alternative rings, fashion rings, designer men's wedding bands and more.  The secret is out about this highly popular website, where shoppers always find the latest collections of men's rings on sale in every size, style and metal.

Social Site qmpeople.com Launches Videochat Feature Across Multiple Languages
mpeople.com, a worldwide social network, announced the improvement of its textual chat with the introduction of videochat functionalities. Videochat will allow videocommunications among users from all localized versions of the network, including japanese, chinese and korean. Launched eight years ago, qmpeople.com is continuously adding new services to improve user experience and popularity. According to qmpeople Director Marina Rina Cianfarani, "no other site can offer to their users a plethora of services like qmpeople does. Chat, videochat, groups of interests, video/link sharing, microblogging, free SMS without sharing cellphone numbers, offline messaging, native integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are only a part of our capabilities. 

UK's Largest Cashback Site Quidco.com Helps 1.6 Million Members Earn Cash Back
In Q2 of this year, UK households spent £227 billion.  £12.4 billion alone was spent on clothing and if this had all been bought through a cashback site, Britons would have earned almost £1 billion back in cash. But unfortunately for millions of British households, cashback sites are still very much a shopping secret. Quidco.com, the UK’s largest cashback site, pays its 1.6million members money back whenever they click through its site and shop at any of 3,000 retailers. This means that clothing, gadgets, groceries, electronics and homeware are as much as 10% cheaper and members end their year a couple of hundred pounds better off. Significant amounts of cashback are also rewarded to members who take out new mobile, TV & internet, insurance and utility contracts through Quidco. 

Drugs.com Now Offers Medication Reminder iPhone App
Clinical drug information resource Drugs.com is now offering a comprehensive Pill Reminder application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Called "My Meds", the app is an both a a pill reminder and Personal Medication Record (PMR) app for iPhone or iPod touch. The app can be used to help manage any combination of medications, birth control pills, vitamins and supplements. My Meds helps to remind patients when to take and refill their medications. The intuitive interface allows users to build a list of medications and setup reminders utilizing a comprehensive built-in medication database. Patients can store unique records such as drug photos, pharmacy contact information, special prescription notes and calendar history. The app also provides quick access to trusted medical information covering safe use, side effects, dosage, pill ID, pregnancy warnings, drug interactions and more. 

JustKidCostumes.com Launches Kids Costume Selection Feature
www.JustKidCostumes.com now offers a number of exciting features and products for Halloween 2011.  These new features are designed to make it even easier and more fun for parents to find a costume for their kids this Halloween. According to Mike Weimar, CEO of JustKidCostumes.com, “the enhanced site has a great new look and a new cascading menu bar that makes it much easier for parents to quickly select a costume category based on a combination of gender, age, and costume category.   As an example, you can go directly to Toddler Pirate costumes, or Baby Animal costumes.  We also rolled out a greatly improved costume search engine on October 3rd.  Given that JustKidCostumes.com has over 3,000 unique kids costumes, quick navigation and enhanced search are extremely important.”

TDiTechnologies.com Launches redesigned IT Foundation Management Site and Blog
TDi Technologies, the leader in IT Foundation Management, has launched a new website at TDiTechnologies.com that brings together informative resources and social media in the form of a new IT Foundation Management blog, featuring articles from various authors within the company. The new TDi Technologies website is a content-rich supply of case studies and white papers, and also features a growing library of demonstration and how-to videos. The new blog will serve as a repository of technical tips and company news for existing customers, as well as an educational resource for businesses interested in IT Foundation Management.  With several articles posted each week, the blog is quickly growing into a substantial reservoir of information. 

CarsDirect.com Launches Car Pricing Data Feature
CarsDirect has been in a continuing process of a complete site redesign which initially launched in March.  In their continuing commitment to give consumers and dealers the best deals possible, CarsDirect.com has introduced several key features to enhance the user experience and improve information access.  The examples below are a few of the enhanced functions now available. 
- Proprietary “Expert Buying Outlooks” for over 160 models, including proprietary vehicle overviews.
- A Vital Stats widget that shows the CarsDirect price for new cars and used car price ranges, using actual CarsDirect used car inventory, for older model years.
- Price vs. Mileage graphs of actual inventory of mileage to price  for any given model.
- Sales Price Trends are charts of new car pricing for each model over the past six...read more

Hotelsescape.com Gathers Best Hotel Deals All On One Site
From where you want to stay to what you are willing to pay, Hotelsescape.com has got you covered. Hotelsescape.com is a price comparison service for hotels. The site searches all of the major accommodation websites and compare rates-so you don’t have to. They also provide hotel information, reviews and maps, finding you the best hotel deals - guaranteed. Let Hotelsescape.com be your go-to guide for the following travel information: Newly opened hotels: There’s nothing as accommodating as brand new hotel accommodations. We post the latest news on hotel openings in your favorite cities so you know exactly where to go to enjoy all of the modern conveniences and amenities, and leave that “lived-in” feeling back at your own home. Latest hotels deals: Special hotel offers change on a regular basis, and they can be hard to keep track of for the occasional or even experienced traveler. Let us save you the hassle of searching for hotel deals by posting them on our website. From around the country to around the world, we display a wide variety of deals in numerous travel destinations. Never pay full price for a hotel room again. 

UK Car Leasing Site CentralContracts.com Offers One Of A Kind Car Selection Tools
www.centralcontracts.com is a car leasing site that offers car enthusiasts and potential customers a range of unique car selection tools to make finding the right car easier and a lot more fun.  The site has unique car comparison tools, such as the model radiograph, the car cost comparison tool and the annual fuel bill calculator. The car colour tool also displays all of the manufacturer car colours for every model, something that is more or less non-existent on the web. All of these tools make the website more interactive and are a real resource for anyone interested in comparing one car model against another. There is even a car racing game/tool that allows users to race one model against another. These tools cannot be found anywhere else and can even be embedded on external websites for free by copying the code and embedding it on your own site. 

New iPhone App from KidsHealth.org Helps Identify Childhood Infections
KidsHealth.org, the largest provider of online and video content about children's health and development, announced the launch of its new iPhone app for parents called Is It Contagious? The easy-to-use app puts KidsHealth's trusted health information and advice at parents' fingertips. Featuring 85-plus infections and illnesses, the app answers the most common questions parents ask, starting with "Is It Contagious?" Is It Contagious? helps parents identify and assess the contagiousness, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of the most common childhood conditions. The app includes multiple features, including an A-Z conditions library, information on how to treat symptoms, and an image gallery of photo-realistic illustrations of infections as they appear in children.

Dishon and Block Announces Site Redesign; Updates California Divorce Guide
Aaron Dishon, recently named to OC Metro Magazine’s list of Top Orange County Family Attorneys, announces the launch of his firm’s new website www.cadivorce.com. Dishon and Block, with offices in Irvine and Westwood, deal with complex divorce cases and have created a comprehensive online resource to complement their experienced and compassionate approach to family law.  Dishon and Block, founded in 1996, is a boutique firm consisting of certified Family Law Specialists with vast amounts of knowledge and experience, and an unparalleled dedication to their clients' best interests. 

Horde Of Kids Launch LiveAcre.org Unique Charity T-Shirt Site
A few stores are opening, but the streets are mostly desolate. The gray and graffitied walls of the buildings are stark in the weekend sun. There is a stillness, until the turn of the corner from Traction onto Hewitt, where over a hundred kids gather. They stand in pairs and trios with loads of bright fabric in their arms. They're preparing, it seems, for something outrageous. They line the street from top to bottom, and a fiery young redhead signals to the group. All at once, the hundred kids run, letting the fabric loose. They stretch it across the street, pulling it over cars, and any obstacles in their way, while neighbors peek from their windows, and strangers join, because it's the kind of carelessness that is totally contagious. Within minutes they've covered the entirety of the street. Their motto: "Paint the world the color you want it." Without knowing what will happen, and adamantly not caring about any set of rules, these kids are starting something big. They call it a revolution, and they have a company as their vehicle. Liveacre.org is a new online store where every purchase you make contributes to a charity. The fiery young redhead is 19-year-old Jessie Willner. 

Selected Sites Announced on URLwire in 2011

Chicago's Midwest Chiropractic Launches Health Resource Blog
Midwest Chiropractic, a premier Chicago chiropractor and health services clinic, has announced the launch of a new health resource blog with topics that appeal to current patients as well as the general public. The new blog concentrates on health issues that patients care about most, such as healthcare services, medical news, preventative health, injury prevention, accident recovery and rehabilitation exercise. Users are able to read about information related to their condition. Furthermore, the blog presents information in a way that is easy to understand and apply for users...read more

BestBathStore.com Slams Streets Of New York To Spread Savings
Best Bath Store recently launched a New York City Street Coupon Campaign to help get the word out about the company. Best Bath Store, producer and online retailer of natural and handmade luxury bath and body care products, launches their team of brand ambassadors all over New York City for a grassroots coupon campaign to spread the word about the company.  CEO Justin Gomolka...read more

SuperHeroMultiverse.com Celebrates Epic Heroes for an Epic Age
Superhuman strength. Virtual invulnerability. Motivated to defend the world from criminals and madmen. Possessing a secret identity. And they even have fashion sense—they look great in long underwear and cat suits. These are the traits that define the quintessential superhero. Now SuperHeroMultiverse.com includes all those characters whose impossible feats graced the pages of comic books during comics' Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages. They are all here: Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Catwoman, Superman, X-Men and hundreds of others...read more

PBS Teams With 34 PBS Member Stations To Launch PBSLearningMedia.org With Over 14,000 preK-16 Instructional Resources
To foster classroom innovation and engagement, PBS and WGBH, and their producing partners WNET and KET, along with 31 other PBS member stations, today launched PBS LearningMedia (pbslearningmedia.org), a free service for all teachers, students and families nationwide. In addition to a rich public media library, PBS LearningMedia has content contributed from other publicly funded organizations, including the National Archives, the Library of Congress and NPR, as well as content funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the US Department of Education, to deliver thousands of resources for use in the classroom and with home-schoolers.

SoarwithReading.com Launched By JetBlue Airways and PBS KIDS To Keep Children Reading
At the center of the program is the newly launched SoarwithReading.com, where parents can download a free reading activity kit, create a summer reading list with recommendations from Random House Children's Books and log their children's reading minutes, among other activities. For every reader who registers on SoarwithReading.com, JetBlue will make a book donation to a child through First Book, up to 10,000 books...read more

EQAofficefurniture.com Simplifies Office Furniture Purchases
Founded in 2008, EQA Office Furniture has a very simple goal--to make it Easy, Quick and Affordable for businesses to purchase quality commercial-grade office furniture. David Ching, EQA's marketing director, explains that “Inspired by Herman Miller's revolutionary SQA (simple, quick, affordable) business model back in the 1990’s, EQA Office Furniture was founded to carry on similar values and goals: to make it Easy, Quick and Affordable for businesses to purchase quality commercial-grade office furniture.”

DentAssist.com Provides Updated State Dental Continuing Education Requirements
DentAssist.com, a leader in dental continuing education online is pleased to announce a new feature on their website: an updated list of the state required Dental CE credits for dental professionals. Dental professionals can discover exactly how many credits they need and when they need them. In addition to being a leader in dental continuing education online, dentassist.com can now shorten the process a dental professional must take to research the requirements needed to renew their license in their state.  Dentassist.com has just released a new and valuable resource for the dentist, hygienist and dental assistant...read more

Shades Shutters Blinds Launches Complete Redesign of Website
Shades Shutters Blinds, one of the oldest online retailers of custom window treatments, has totally re-launched their website to provide easier ordering, more pictures and much more selection to the consumer who might not know how to order window coverings. They have devoted the latest technology to offer the best selection and prices to the do-it-yourself person. They offer a blinds blog that stays up do date with the industry's products and designs..read more

CleanItSupply.com Offers Web's Largest Resource Library On Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning and janitorial supplies superstore CleanItSupply.com recently announced a launch of new search and resource features aimed at assisting, as well as educating readers. Focused on streamlining the user's search ability, as well providing a resource bank of glossaries, troubleshooting directories, product articles, and how-to guides, CleanItSupply's new multifaceted additions center around combining fast and easy usability with informative product content...read more

JustCostumes.com Announces New Halloween Costume Site
www.JustCostumes.com has recently been launched with the goal of providing the best selection of Halloween costumes and costume accessories in the marketplace including all the latest 2011 Halloween Costumes.  This broad based costume site includes Adult costumes for both women and men, mascot costumes, pet costumes, Halloween party supplies, and much more.

BanditTrackerNashville.com Uses Web To Track Nashville Bank Robberies
Bank robberies have hit a record high. Now, the FBI has turned to the Internet for help. The new web site is called BanditTrackerNashville.com, and it focuses just on Nashville bank robberies.  Just last week in Nashville, a man robbed a post office and then a bank within hours. His weapon was wrapped in wires and he called it a bomb.

Retirement Investment Strategies Launches FinancialPlanStrategies.com to Help Retirees
Retirement Investment Strategies launched a new website this month, located at www.financialplanstrategies.com. The site educates individuals within 10 years of retirement or those already in retirement about retirement planning issues.Topics coveredon the site offer help with the complex rules associated with 401k, 403b, 457, IRA, and other retirement plans.

RestaurantEngines.com Offers Mobile iPhone, Android App to Increase Exposure for Restaurants
RestaurantEngines.com gives restaurants their own dedicated iPhone and Android App as well as a web 2.0 website – all with integrated online ordering. It allows smaller restaurants to compete against large chains without a large investment.
For: Restaurant technology providers, marketing consultants, restaurant owners and website designers who wish to add the services to their offerings as a partner or private label. 

NASA.gov Site Provides Photos of Mississippi River Flooding from Space
The images captured by Landsat 5 show the Mississippi River in the Memphis, Tenn. area, and along the state borders of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas. The January images show the river before it began to flood. In the May images, the dark blue tones are water, the light green is cleared fields, and the light tones are clouds. 

TypoBounty.com Launches Service That Pays Users for Finding Typos On Web Sites
TypoBounty.com, the “Impulse Buy Engine”, introduces an exciting opportunity for internet users to earn extra cash identifying online typos, and businesses to offer bounties on errors that may exist in their web content. Internet users compete to contribute to internet quality by suggesting corrections to online writing errors. 

SmallBusiness-Domain.com Offers Free Domain Name, Web Hosting, E-commerce Advice, Reviews and Coupons
SmallBusiness-Domain.com, operated by Ursus Partners, LLC, has been launched to provide expert advice, reviews, and coupons for individuals and small businesses trying to navigate the hundreds of companies offering domain name registration, web hosting, and e-commerce related plans and services.  James Fong, Web Producer for SmallBusiness-Domain.com, has not only provided a detailed review of all the providers, but also has tools to enable individuals and businesses to choose the services that will enable them to purchase domains and launch their own websites in the least expensive, easiest way possible. The main sections of the website include

Ovational.com Launches Online Treasury of Amazing People
Robipau LLC announced today the launch of Ovational.com, where visitors create online “Ovations” to applaud those who matter most to them. A unique treasury of online testimonials and accolades, the site is intended as a way to publically commemorate not celebrities and public figures, but rather those individuals who have directly made a difference in our lives.

MIT NSE Students Provide Site Devoted To Factual Data About Fukushima Nuclear Plants in Japan
Students at MIT's Department of Nuclear Science and Engineeering (NSE) providing a news blog with data and information about the incident at the Fukushima Nuclear Plants in Japan.The is a blog written by the students of MIT’s Nuclear Science and Engineering department, with faculty support. The blog is purposely hosted outside of MIT’s domain name because of the established infrastructure at WordPress.com and due to the expected traffic expected and experienced thus far. Please consult their official website http://web.mit.edu/nse/ and see the link under Headlines if you are concerned about the credibility.

BetterOCR.com Is Most Accurate Web Based Optical Character Recognition Tool 
Business owners and others stuck with scans, PDFs, or image file containing words they can’t edit now have an accurate and affordable conversion option: the new web-based service BetterOCR.com. The site provides free and low-cost optical character recognition (OCR) services, and can turn virtually any scanned page or image file into an editable text document. “All OCR software makes mistakes. BetterOCR is hands down the most accurate image-to-text service, because it’s the only one that utilizes smart humans to proofread the OCR text,” said Kevin Savetz, the site’s creator. “Now, there’s no need for you or your staff to waste time re-typing text that you already have right in front of you,” Savetz said. “BetterOCR.com will turn your PDF and image files into text files you can open in any word processing program.”

ExhumeTheLede.com Offers News Headline Writing Contest 
Here’s how the site works:  Each week the editors of ExhumeTheLede summarize an offbeat or humorous news item and invite visitors to submit a witty, creative headline for the story.  The editors then review the submissions and select three finalists.  After that, each visitor gets to vote for his or her favorite among the three – so ultimately it’s the ExhumeTheLede community itself that picks the best headline. Now for those who are wondering about the name, ExhumeTheLede is a play on the old journalism admonition, “Don’t bury the lede.” That is, don’t put the main point of your story beneath a pile of ancillary sentences. 

EmailFormLogix Simple and Low Cost Solution for email Form Creation
EmailFormLogix email form builder is a simple and low cost solution for businesses and individual interested in online data collection. You can try out of this user friendly web tool at http://www.emailformlogix.com Non profit organizations are rewarded with a special discount – contact us to learn more about it. 

MovingOffCampus.com Enhances Off Campus Housing Search Site for College Students
Off campus housing search site MovingOffCampus.com recently announced that it has launched a brand new version of its website. The updates focused on creating an off campus housing search for college students that combines fast, easy to use search features with industry leading content from property rental partners like apartments.com and rent.com.  In addition, Movingoffcampus.com allows any property owner to create a free account and upload their properties.

Snowmobile Safety Course Now Available Online
Snowmobile safety education has been increasing across the United States and hands-on training classes are having trouble keeping up with student demand. As a result, more and more state snowmobile safety agencies are adopting online education programs to teach and certify snowmobilers. This new snowmobile safety course is currently available for students in Iowa, New Mexico, New York, Utah, and Wisconsin, with more states expected to come online shortly.

MoneyIndex.org Curates Latest Finance News and Information from Top Sources
When you need advice or information about the latest financial news, you don’t want to spend hours searching through dozens of websites to locate it. Now you don’t have to. Money Index is your one stop resource for financial information.  MoneyIndex.org is owned and operated by Tom Drake. He’s also the owner and head writer of Canadian Finance Blog and a financial analyst for a major retailer. He noticed that a single source to find the best content from top financial blogs was lacking and decided to take the situation in hand. The result is the recently launched Money Index.

15gifts.com Launch World’s First Intelligent Gift Search Engine
With the recent launch of 15gifts.com the web has been introduced to a totally new concept in buying gifts online; taking both the guesswork and the legwork out of giving.  Heralded as the first ever intelligent gift search engine, the technology behind 15gifts learns from people’s personality traits to find 15 tailored gift ideas that perfectly match the recipient. The engine continually learns with each search carried out, meaning that the gift suggestions always reflect current trends. Working with over 75 of the UK’s best online stores, 15gifts has access to thousands of hard-to-find, inspirational gift ideas.

CaliforniaOutdoorProperties.com Buys and Sells Finest Recreational, Hunting, Fishing, Equestrian, Vineyard, Farm and Ranch Properties
Folks looking for the ideal recreational outdoor property in the Sunshine State can now search online with a bit more ease.  California Outdoor Properties, located at http://www.californiaoutdoorproperties.com, is equipped to showcase a wide variety of properties, ranging from hunting properties to California oceanfront lots with plenty of room to roam and take in some of the world’s most amazing views. 

Selected Sites Announced on URLwire in 2010

Salvia Divinorum Research and Information Center Web Site
The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center, located at http://www.sagewisdom.org, provides the most comprehensive resource for information about Salvia divinorum available on the web.  Created and maintained by Daniel Siebert, The site is available in over 50 languages, and includes an extensive FAQ, links to scientific research and other articles, an image gallery, list of related organizations, and a curated web links guide...read more or go to the site now

New SocialSecurity.gov Site Makes Finding Services Easier
Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security, today unveiled the agency’s newly redesigned Social Security website at http://www.socialsecurity.gov that will help visitors more quickly and easily find the information and services they need.  One of the key features of the redesigned home page is a service channeling guide, which appears in the left hand column of the page.  The guide links users directly to the most popular pages on Social Security’s web site -- the services visitors are most likely to want to use...read more or go to the site now

New Site MakingLearningReal.org Provides Problem Based Case Learning (PBCL) Tools
Innovation in Teaching and Learning for Technological Education (ITL) announces the launch of MakingLearningReal.org, a comprehensive, free resource for teachers and administrators in technical education seeking to employ inquiry-based methodology in the classroom. Imagine completing a two-year technical degree and heading out into the workplace armed with real-world experience and a portfolio of successful projects...read more or go to the site now

Free Printable Flyer Templates Available at New Web Site
Individuals or businesses who have been stuck trying to make a flyer or leaflet from scratch will appreciate the dozens of free printable flyer templates available at the new website PrintableFlyerTemplates.net.

The new site is the latest addition to a network of 65 free printable websites created by Kevin Savetz. Other FreePrintable.net sites offer free and low-cost printables such as: business cards, certificates, stationery, letters, business and medical forms, coloring pages, calendars, signs, labels, gift tags and even printable paper (such as lined and graph styles)...see the site now

Popular Westchester County Street Now Has Website at CentralAvenue.com
The southernmost section of New York State Route 100, known as "Central Park Avenue", appeared in maps as early as 1888.  Originally constructed as a plank road in 1874 connecting Macombs Dam Bridge (then known as Central Bridge) to Westchester County...see the site now

BetUS.com Launches BetCenter Web Show Dedicated to Sports Betting
The excitement of online sports betting and the impact of web news are now in one spot. America's favorite sportsbook, BetUS.com, is launching an exclusive online video program entitled BetCenter. BetCenter is hosted by sports betting personality and senior sports wagering analyst Damon Durante...see the site now

Drugs.com Announces new Symptom Checker
Drugs.com (www.drugs.com), the leading online clinical drug information resource announced today that it has released a new interactive symptom checker.....see the site now

PersonalDividends.com Launches Community Wealth Forums - A Place to Discuss Personal Finance and Lifestyle Issues
Personal Dividends announces the launch of Wealth Forums as a premier site on the web for the global community to interact, socialize and discuss personal finance and lifestyle topics. All who are engaged in building wealth, managing wealth or living a rewarding lifestyle are welcome to join...see the site now

JustKidCostumes.com Launches Redesigned Kids Halloween Costumes Site
www.JustKidCostumes.com, the leading online destination for kids Halloween costumes has launched a totally redesigned website that provides a greatly updated look and feel to better deliver on their vision of providing the best selection of kids costumes at the best prices...see the site now

Snapjackwireless.com offers Refurbished Wireless Devices at Affordable Prices
Snapjack Wireless has announced the launch of snapjackwireless.com, an online store that provides cell phone users with a better way to purchase used and refurbished mobile phones and new accessories.  Customers enjoy significant savings on quality brand-name devices without the requirement of lengthy cell phone contracts...see the site now

WileyOnlineLibrary.com Now Live, Replaces Wiley InterScience
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has launched Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com), which will connect the global scholarly community to one of the world's most extensive multidisciplinary collections of online resources. Wiley Online Library offers integrated access to more than 4 million articles from 1,500 journals, 9,000 books, and hundreds of reference works and databases. Built on the latest technology, Wiley Online Library is an entirely new service that enhances discoverability and fosters...see the site now

KnowYourOptions.com Launched By Fannie Mae To Help Homeowners
Fannie Mae (FNMA/OTC) today announced the launch of KnowYourOptions.com, a new consumer education Web site that outlines the choices available to homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments, and provides guidance on how they can contact and work with their mortgage company to find solutions...see the site now

Curriki.org Provides Peer Reviewed Open Source Educational Learning Materials
Curriki is an online community for creating and sharing K–12 open source curricula, a resource that can help provide a low-cost and innovative solution to many of our teaching and learning challenges in districts and schools...see the site now

TreeHugger.com, Discovery News, Planet Green and Daylife Launch Oil Spill Topic Site
Green sites TreeHugger.com, Discovery News  and Planet Green partnered this week to launch a new Daylife-powered Gulf Oil Spill topic page featuring real-time coverage of the environmental disaster from their own sites and across the web...see the site now

IntoWine.com Offers Wine Enthusiasts Unique Content, Features
The world has literally millions of wine enthusiasts, each with a unique perspective and palate. At IntoWine.com they have made it their goal to aggregate the collective knowledge and experience of the wine community on one site, a site geared purely for those people who are into wine. They have contributors from nearly all walks of "wine life" including sommeliers, chefs, bartenders, waiters, wine industry professionals, wine producers, as well as a gaggle of super enthusiasts...see the site now

CostRefuge.com Provides Editorially Aggregated Personal Finance & Money News for Consumers
CostRefuge.com provides the cost-conscious consumer with the day's most topical news & opinion pieces affecting their economic landscape onto one easy-to-read page. Stories are selected based on merit and are compiled daily with updates throughout the day from the best of the blogosphere & mainstream financial publications. The site brands itself as “your local paper's Money Section produced for the web” and covers all of the issues impacting your financial life, from personal finance news & tips, to breaking economic news, to money-related stories in sports, entertainment & more...see the site now

As US Soccer Team Advances to Sweet 16, World Cup Betting in America Surges
With the 2010 FIFA World Cup entering the first elimination round this Saturday, matches are about to get all the more intense. Thanks to a thrilling last minute goal, the American team has advanced to the World Cup equivalent of the “sweet 16” round, where they will play Ghana. Though the average Joe isn’t bringing his Vuvuzela horn to the office just yet, American fans are more excited than ever about the tournament...see the site now

California Watch Launches PoliticsVerbatim.org
PoliticsVerbatim.org is a new site from California Watch and Chase Davis. The site will attempt to track every quote, promise and statement made by our two major candidates for governor in California – Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman...see the site now

99designs.com Passes 3.8 Million Logos - Becomes World’s Biggest Logo Design Shop
99designs.com, the #1 marketplace for small business graphic design, is now the world’s biggest logo design shop with over 3.8 million unique logos submitted and with over 25,000 satisfied logo design customers. The logo design marketplace at 99designs.com connects small businesses with designers from all over the globe providing a secure marketplace to transact business with the safety of a 100% money back guarantee...see the site now

SmallDogsRUs.com Offers Detailed Site Devoted To Small Dog Breeds
SmallDogsRUs.com is an informational based website focused on providing visitors content regarding the various types of small dog breeds.  The site's goal is to provide information to people who currently own small dogs and to help future owners make the right decision when searching for a small dog as a pet.  The site offers profiles of small dog breeds including pictures and videos allowing visitors to observe each dog visually...see the site now

CreditCardGuide.com Redesigns Web's Top Credit Card Comparison Site
CreditCardGuide.com, a Bankrate Inc. property, provides consumers with a free one-stop credit card resource center and links to instant online applications.  The site also also presents side-by-side comparisons of the best credit cards on the Internet from the top banks and card companies. These cards have competitive rates and outstanding benefits and rewards. In addition, their powerful search tools and comparison guide can help you choose a credit card that best fits your needs...see the site now

TheGoGreenPages.com Launches Directory of Verifiably Green Businesses
Continuing their mission to integrate environmentally-sustainable practices and healthy lifestyles into the American ethos, the founder and writers of Hip Moms Go Green, an online magazine dedicated to mothers striving to live and eat green, have launched The Go Green Pages. A national online directory of verifiably green businesses, products and services, thegogreenpages.com will help consumers make informed decisions on which businesses to patronize and guide them in achieving a sustainable, yet comfortable, lifestyle...see the site now

luxuryvillafinder.com Launches Elegant Site To Showcases Prestige and Specialty Vacation Rentals
http://www.luxuryvillafinder.com is a newly launched, elegant, uncluttered website that showcases prestige and specialty vacation rentals.  The site supports luxury vacation rental owners and/or their agents with outstanding advertising opportunities. Luxury Villa Finder allows visitors to browse among worldwide villa, estate, and pied a terre rentals...see the site now

Over 100 Remodeling Cost Guides Now Available at FIXR.com to Help
Homeowners Price Home Improvements
Every day, people turn to the internet to find pricing information.  While shopping comparison sites for many products are plentiful, cost comparison resources for the home improvement & remodeling industry are more limited. Due to the lack of pricing resources, home owners are going into many projects blind which can lead to overspending or starting project with unrealistic budget expectations. FIXR.COM, a free online marketplace for home improvement, remodeling and construction, addressed the relative lack of valuable cost information for local home remodeling and construction services by creating a series of free, easy-to-use, comprehensive remodeling cost guides to help consumers find out how much it costs to complete many remodeling and construction projects. FIXR.COM's remodeling cost guides are available now free covering 100+ remodeling and construction projects, from building a patio to mold remediation...see the site now

ThankfulHome.tv Helps People Express Gratitude for Homes, Share Stories of Difficult Housing Experiences
As part of National NeighborWorks Week (June 5-12, 2010), St. Mary Development Corporation has launched ThankfulHome.tv, a Web site with the motto: “Be thankful for your home. Help others find a decent place to live.” ThankfulHome.tv allows people to share their stories about housing issues by submitting short videos. Visitors to the site can share why they are thankful for their homes or talk about a difficult housing situation they’ve faced (e.g., homelessness, unsafe conditions.) By connecting people who have decent housing with those who don’t, ThankfulHome.tv hopes new innovative solutions to housing issues will emerge...see the site now

WellsDrew.com Launches Web's Largest Dictionary of Printing Definitions
One of the most well known, and oldest printing companies, Wells & Drew has recently published a printing dictionary that will be the best source for printing related terms. The Wells & Drew printing dictionary contains over 1000 terms, and immediately becomes the most complete source for printing definitions and terms on the web today. Founded over 150 years ago Wells & Drew has been known for offering engraved stationery. Until now.  Wells & Drew understands how important excellent customer service is. With this in mind, they are becoming an active leader in the community by updated their printing blog 5 days a week, along with 2 educational white papers per month. There is even a section called "28 marketing secrets of the Top Law firms" which allows lawyers to receive a free marketing C.D...see the site now

BoardingSchoolWizard.com Lists In-Depth Info on Hundreds of Boarding Schools In USA, Canada
As an online educational resource for parents and students considering boarding schools, www.BoardingSchoolWizard.com makes searching for boarding schools simple. Users simply complete a form to request information from the school of their choice. Visitors to the site can view schools by state,  by type of school, such as co-ed, all-boys or girls schools, military boarding schools, junior, or college preparatory schools, by religious affiliation, sports offered, art and music programs available, as well as by summer boarding opportunities and schools with strong ESL programs or those teaching students with learning differences. Boarding schools provide elementary, middle - junior high school, college prep school and post graduate students with a range of educational, athletic, and cultural opportunities in a residential academic setting...Read more here or see the site now

Gulf Oil Spill Daily Response Activity Now at BP Web Site

BP has created several new sections on their web site at http://www.bp.com/gulfofmexico to keep people up to date with the current response activies to the Gulf Oil Spill. Below you will find  a list of content sections specific to the response.

The Response In Detail
BP's Gulf of Mexico Oill Spill Press releases
BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response in Pictures
BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response in Video
BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response Maps
BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Press Release Contacts
... see the site now

General Mills Announces Savings Event to Celebrate Upcoming Shrek Movie
In celebration of the upcoming Shrek Forever After™ film, General Mills, in partnership with DreamWorks Animation, announces the Shrek-tacular Savings event on Everydaysaver.com/events/shrek. Shrek® fans can find coupon savings, specially-marked packages and promotions on a variety of General Mills products featuring the upcoming movie. Instead of clipping coupons, Everydaysaver.com/events/shrek allows you to print coupons for your favorite General Mills brands, including Fruit Roll-Ups®, Yoplait®, Cheerios®, Golden Grahams®, and Green Giant®...Read more here or see the site now

2010 Kentucky Derby Odds and Betting Available at BetUS Racebook
The most exciting time in horse racing is here! The 2010 Kentucky Derby takes place this Saturday, May 1st, kicking off the Triple Crown of Horse Racing. The field and post positions were announced this week and horse betting enthusiasts have been racing to online racebook BetUS.com to read up on the horses, hoping to cash in on that one darkhorse. Last year, as many will recall, the Derby was won by a major long shot named Mine That Bird. Bettors who put their faith in that underdog were rewarded with a 50-1 payout. This year could be a similar circumstance, as Eskendereya, the largely favored horse, was scratched earlier this week with a leg injury. This means the Derby is anyone’s to win and the odds are reflecting that. ...Read more here or see the site now

FilmDirectorsSite.com Launches Celebratory Site Honoring the Most Significant Film Directors of all Time
Visible Ink Press, the publisher dedicated to popular culture, movies, television and more, announces the launch of www.filmdirectorssite.com a new website providing an insightful study of our greatest film directors. Selected from the worthiest careers from the motion picture industries of five continents, noted film historians, critics and scholars provide unique insights and offer a fresh perspective into the works of the greatest film directors ever. Film buffs and aspiring auteurs will find in-depth and hard-to-find biographical information on leading directors from Burton to Bergman, Sayles to Spielberg, Tarantino to Truffaut. Along with the detailed director profiles, FilmDirectorsSite.com includes information on career highlights, awards, filmography, education, family, and more. 
...Read more here or see the site now

goHardTV.com Gives African Audiences a New Platform for Video
Designed specially for African and African-American users, goHardTV provides features ranging from African News to Hip Hop Video. The site premiered this month at http://goHardTV.com and gives African users everywhere their own portal for online video. From people living on the African continent, to emigrating professionals in Paris, Madrid to African-Americans in Chicago. goHardTV.com appeals to this vast audience as a central and highly attractive place for self-produced video....Read more here or see the site now

Web500.us Helps Consumers Research and Compare HDTVs and Cameras
Web500.us was founded on Oct 2007 by Norman Kong, Ph.D., a renowned researcher who was listed in Marquis Who is Who in America and has over two dozens of patents and papers to his credit. The goal of the site is to help average consumers make purchasing decisions about electronics in the most time efficient and cost effective way. The site helps consumers research, compare and select the best HDTVS and cameras based on features, quality, price, value and reliability. In addition, the HDTV and camera news, product cycle, brand comparisons and price comparisons will be analyzed so that readers can select the product which fits their needs with the best quality and value. For each product selected, links to the the best reviews and best prices are also listed for the convenience of readers interested in further research...Read more here or see the site now

AnnuityDigest.com Provides Independent and Objective Annuity Information
There are plenty of annuity-related lead-generation and sales-oriented sites on the Web, but a lack of objective, high quality third party content.  The fundamental objective of AnnuityDigest.com is to publish premium content that is independent, objective and actionable.  The site attracts both industry insiders as well as consumers.  The content subject is annuities and, more broadly, asset decumulation...Read more here or see the site now

BetUS.com 2010 March Madness Bracket Contest Prize is Biggest Ever

March Madness, the most thrilling tournament in sports, begins this week. However, the real excitement has already begun – it’s bracket season! Before the start of the single-elimination NCAA championship series, sports fans everywhere are getting into the game by filling out March Madness brackets, predicting the outcomes of the 65 college basketball teams for bragging rights and the lure of cash and prizes. This year that lure is stronger than ever, as 2010 edition of the famous BetUS March Madness bracket contest has a $5,000,000 grand prize – bigger than ever.
...Read more here or see the site now

CouponSpace.net Updates Site, Adds Coupon Sharing Feature
CouponSpace.net has just launched new version of its website with several major updates.  The coupon website now features over 1000 widely known US-based merchants. By using free coupon codes provided on the site, users can save up to 90% on their regular purchases while shopping online at their favorite stores. Coupon codes are added twice a day by the CouponSpace editorial team and at the moment, the site has over 17,000 active coupon codes.
...Read more here or see the site now

WellnessDaily.com Provides Wellness Content From Over 100 Sources
WellnessDaily.com serves as a convenient, one-stop shop for information on weight loss, healthy eating, exercise and balanced living. It delivers relevant articles and recipes collected from more than 100 leading fitness, cooking and wellness sites. Original posts and commentary, written by Tess the WellnessDaily blogger in addition to featured bloggers, support this aggregated content...Read more here or see the site now

TopSite.com from SimilarGroup Searches for Best of the Web
SimilarGroup.com, formerly SimilarWeb just launched a new product: A search engine designed to find top sites, named - TopSite.com. The search engine is based on a unique algorithm with the capabilities of finding top websites in every category in any language. The site is the latest addition to SimilarGroup’s family of websites and add-ons all based on their unique similarity/trends technology and algorithm...Read more here or see the site now

Olympic TV Schedule Finder Available at NBCOlympics.com
NBC is broadcasting the 2010 Winter Olympics, and has provided an online Olympic TV schedule finder at NBCOlympics.com, so no matter where you live, you can know what's going to be on NBC, when, and where.Visit NBC's Olympic TV Schedule Finder and enter your zip code. You'll be presented with an assortment of options allowing you to select your specific cable provider, then once your selections are complete, a full shcedule of events for the duration of the olympics will be created just for you.

VisionBedding.com Offers Custom Kids Bedding for Every Shape and Size
VisionBedding.com, the leader in innovative bedding, has literally thousands of themes and styles to choose from when it comes to kids bedding.  From skateboard to ballet, turtle to trucks – this kids bedding isn't about to be seen anywhere else.  Why? Well not only does VisionBedding.com custom make every bedding set, but your child can change the colors of a bedding design, add their own photo to it, or even create a custom bedding set from their photos....Read more here or see the site now

1-800-Bakery.com Launches Edible Photo Gifts as Clever Personal Branding Tool
What makes someone more recognizable from all the others who are fighting for the same job? One way to rise above the tide is to follow up an interview with not just a "Thank You" card but instead an edible photo cookie card. 1-800-Bakery.com has discovered that edible photo items such as photo cookies, photo cakes, and photo chocolates can be a valuable "Personal Branding" tool. A day or two after your appointment send a few photo cookies with your picture on them and a brief message of your choice. After interviewing potentially hundreds of applicants the decision maker will recognize the applicant as a person rather than a few sheets of facts and numbers. Now there is a face on your resume...Read more here or see the site now

GoldMail.com Now Offers Free Version of Email Messaging Tool
GoldMail, Inc., the leading provider of “Audio + Visual Messaging” for email and business communication, announced last week the launch of the free version of GoldMail, available for download at www.goldmail.com. Accompanying the launch of the free version, GoldMail Personal, is a restructuring of its service plans, which now include the Business and Enterprise packages.
see the site now

PBSKidsGo.org Launches Scientific Journey With Lifeboat to Mars
New Site Invites Kids to Progressively Master Different Levels of the Game and Then Create Their Own Version.  Science education just got even more exciting with the launch of LIFEBOAT TO MARS, a fun, new, interactive educational game on  PBSKIDSGO.org. Designed by  Red Hill Studios and PBS KIDS GO! in close collaboration with leading educational researchers and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the game follows a unique “staircase” design that merges an educational sequence with more than 40 challenging game levels, eventually leading to the opportunity for kids to “mod,” or create, their own version of the game to share with others. As players work to rebuild a virtual ecosystem in outer space, they learn standards-based biology concepts. LIFEBOAT TO MARS is at PBSKIDSGO.org/lifeboat.

Super Bowl Odds Released by BetUS.com Sportsbook
Super Bowl 2010 is just around the corner, and the prospect of an exciting New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts matchup has football fans buzzing and speculating about the big game.  Can the Colts hold back the top scoring offense in the NFL? On the other hand, The Saints’ Defense managed to eliminate Brett Favre, but how will they fare against Colts’ QB Peyton Manning?
Seeking answers, football fans and bettors are running to The Locker Room at BetUS Sportsbook. The NFL section offers readers a unique sports betting perspective on the game with in-depth analysis from professional handicappers and journalists, while The Super Bowl Odds section cuts right to the point - literally - showing the latest lines and point spread on the big game...Read more here or see the site now

82nd Academy Awards Nominations Now Online at Oscar.com
Nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced today (Tuesday, February 2) by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak and 2008 Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway. Sherak and Hathaway, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her lead performance in “Rachel Getting Married,” announced the nominees in 10 of the 24 categories at a 5:38 a.m. PT live news conference attended by more than 400 international media representatives. Lists of nominations in all categories were then distributed to the media in attendance and online via the official Academy Awards Web site, www.oscar.com...Read more here or see the site now

General Mills Announces Savings Event to Celebrate Upcoming Race Season
To celebrate a new season of championship performance and a new driver Clint Bowyer, General Mills and the Cheerios/Hamburger Helper Racing Team announced the Rev Up for Savings event for all Big G cereals. The Rev Up for Savings event is taking place online at Everydaysaver.com/33racing and in stores throughout February...Read more here or see the site now

ModernAnalyst.com Helps Business Analysts to Succeed with Tools, Experts, and Resources
ModernAnalyst.com is the premier online community and resource portal for business analysts, systems analysts, and other IT professionals involved in business analysis or systems analysis. This online magazine was launched to address the lack of quality sources of information for practitioners who describe themselves as business analysts or who practice the discipline of business analysis...Read more here or see the site now

Sites Announced in 2009

Jewish Gift Place Announces Exclusive Interviews With Successful Craft And Jewelry Artists
Jewish Gift Place is excited to announce a new collection of interviews with renowned craft and jewelry artists in a series called, Interview with the Artist. Aspiring artists and hobbyists who seek to turn their love of art into a career will find inspiration in these stories with jewelry designers, watchmakers, textile artists, and metal workers. 
...Read more here or see the site now

Northwest Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Educate Consumers Via Web
The Law Office of Jeffrey B. Kelly, P.C. has re-launched their website at www.kellycanhelp.com.  The site is designed to be an information hub for people interested in learning more about Georgia consumer bankruptcy topics. The site contains many articles and videos that pertain to consumer bankruptcy.  In addition, the site offers free reports on the foreclosure and garnishment process in Georgia.  The comment sections of each blog post allows consumers to interact directly with attorney Jeffrey B. Kelly...Read more here or see the site now

The Gables School of Cookery Uses Expansive Web Site to Showcase School
Set 20 minutes outside Bristol in the rural Gloucestershire countryside, The Gables School of Cookery provides a great environment for inspiration-hungry cooks and aspiring chefs to learn new skills. Classes are run by chef Fran Winston, a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who has been passing on her expertise for 12 years, and a team of hard working professional staff. The website allows potential students to learn more about each of their cookery courses, sample menus, the working environment, and the follow up support once students have left the cookery school. The cookery school has successfully trained more than 1,000 cookery students from all over the world. Students keep in touch and on the web site you can read many of their case studies and real life experiences and find out where they are now and what they are doing...Read more here or see the site now

EarthCam.com Offers 25 Live Camera Views of Times Square and 35 World Spots on New Year’s Eve 
EarthCam (www.earthcam.com), the world's favorite webcam network and industry leader in webcam technology, will webcast its 14th annual New Year’s Eve Times Square interactive celebration live from New York City and locations around world. EarthCam brings the world's largest party in Times Square directly to visitors live in real time via its interactive New Year's Eve website and without commercial interruption. The evening’s events may also be accessed through mobile devices, including the iPhone...Read more here or see the site now

LocalTop.com Helps People in San Francisco Bay Area Find Local Service Businesses
LocalTop is a free new web service to help people in the San Francisco Bay Area find great local Bay Area service businesses.  LocalTop currently provides references to businesses all over the Bay Area in approximately 50 home, auto and health services categories.  All of the businesses listed are checked regularly for licenses, insurance and reputation for doing quality work and providing good customer service.  After searching for one or more businesses on our site, people can view very detailed profiles for each business and then use Localtop.com to schedule phone calls with or send emails to the business...Read more here or see the site now

EarnMyDegree.com Reveals the Highest Paying Jobs Straight out of College
In today’s tough economy it’s important to know not only which industries are hiring, but which jobs pay well, when you get out of college.  Some professions are more likely to pay top dollar to get qualified people in the door. To help you figure out which jobs pay more, EarnMyDegree.com has put together an easy-to-reference guide of the 11 highest paying jobs straight out of college.  The list can be found at http://www.earnmydegree.com/online-education/learning-center/11-highest-paying-jobs.html. Topping the list is an investment banker.  According to the Salary Finder on Indeed.com, an investment banker can expect to make about $112,000 a year...Read more here or see the site now

MyHealthManagement.com Combats Obesity With Health Foods and Diet Meal Planning
Using a combined experience of 60 years in the Food Industry, Nutrition and Nutritional Counseling, Mental Health and Internal Medicine, Gene Carbonell and Jan Steele-Chadwick founded Health Management and Nutrition (www.myhealthmanagement.com) to offer diet meal planning and combat obesity. Having conducted extensive research into the obesity epidemic, Gene and Jan decided used their knowledge not just to present healthy eating alternatives, but also to offer information and personal assistance to anyone looking to improve their quality of life and longevity. This also includes persons of all ages that suffer from digestive system related illnesses such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease and those that suffer from food allergies caused by Aspartame, Wheat Gluten, etc...Read more here or see the site now

SmileBooksOnline.com - Customized Photo Books Created Online
SmileBooksOnline enables you to create custom photo books on your computer without having to download any software. In minutes you can create a book of permanent memories using your favorite photographs chosen from your own digital photos or those from Flickr, Picasa or Facebook. Plus, you can post your photo book online for community viewing, or if you wish, invite friends and family to add their own pages to your online photo book...Read more here or see the site now

LegalInfo.com Re-Launches as In-Depth Legal Resource
The Legal Info team is pleased to announce the re-launch of their Web site, LegalInfo.com. Following months of legal research to bring each article up-to-date, along with a complete redesign of the site, LegalInfo.com is poised to become one of the largest and most sought-after legal resources on the Internet today. Covering nearly every legal topic imaginable, the Legal Info editorial team has brought together thousands of well-researched and written legal based articles to be accessed from one convenient location. The 25 major legal areas covered by Legal Info include concerns most common to the majority of those doing legal research...Read more here or see the site now

ifood.tv - Online Video Food Community Helps People Taste the Difference
ifood.tv is a rapidly growing online video food community that will have you licking your lips.  The site, made for self confessed foodies, provides a wide variety of tasty features that puts both the novice user as well as the professional chef at complete ease.  ifood.tv (http://www.ifood.tv) was started by a group of foodies who got tired of wasting time on the internet trying to find the right recipe. Other popular food websites provide content for the mass market, which, by its very nature, cannot cater to special interest groups and niche market segments. In addition, such sites do not provide video-based instructions, focussed community or interactive features. With a vision to alleviate this pain, the founders created ifood.tv...Read more here or see the site now

ShrinkTheWeb.com Partners with Technorati to Provide Website Previews
Technorati.com (http://www.technorati.com), named the 5th largest social media property by comScore, has chosen to partner with ShrinkTheWeb (http://www.shrinktheweb.com) for the launch of their new website design. ShrinkTheWeb's powerful platform allows large media sites, like Technorati, to enhance their user experience by displaying previews of the sites they feature. This type of visual cue encourages visitor interaction by creating a sense of trust and familiarity with the websites being referenced.  Technorati was one of the early adopters of website screenshot technology, first integrating Alexa's Site Thumbnail service early on and then moving to Snap.com's SnapShots in July of 2007...Read more here or see the site now

ZoomInto.com Offers All-in-One Image Zooming Browser Add-on 
ZoomInto, the leader in browser add-on image zooming and editing software, announces the official opening of ZoomInto.com. ZoomInto.com offers a free software download which enables users to zoom, pan, crop, save, print and email virtually any .jpg image on the internet. It is initially compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC with Safari for Mac and Chrome for PC coming soon...Read more here or see the site now

InsuranceAgents.com Redesign Enhances Usability for Insurance Consumers
InsuranceAgents.com was launched in May of 2009.  Five months later, the design team has upgraded the website, making it easier for consumers to navigate and use. "With easy to read forms, content and the improved load time, InsuranceAgents.com is becoming easier and faster, allowing for consumers nationwide to use our site more efficiently," states Chris Turowski, Creative Director at InsuranceAgents.com, "Enhancing the sites usability impacts our conversion rates, by making our website more attractive and easy to use, more consumers are relying on us to provide the insurance quotes they are shopping for."...Read more here or see the site now

TopFiveComputers.com Picks Top Five Computer Products by Category
TopFiveComputers.com is a user friendly computer product review and comparison site for computers and related items.   The site was created by Lorenzo Loero, a CompTIA  A+ certified IT technician based out of Orlando, FL.  The main focus is to give novice computer shoppers the information they need to make purchasing decisions. Loero said about the site...“I got the idea for my site based on my own personal experiences shopping for a computer online, as well as the experiences of several of my friends and relatives who came to me for advice on what to buy after being confused by the different choices available...Read more here or see the site now

OnlinePokies.com.au Provides Latest News and Tips On Pokies
OnlinePokies.com.au is fast-becoming the best place on the Internet for all gambling news relating to online slot machines and 'pokies'. The term 'pokies' is what Australians call slot machines, and the website is usually first to break slot machine and pokie-related news. An example of this would be the most-recent winner of the huge progressive jackpot that OnlinePokies.com.au is partnered with. Radoslaw Maculewicz from Poland scooped the $1.2 million jackpot with a mere 25 cent bet, which comes in the same year that the slot machine Jackpot created the largest online win to date, with a win of over €6.37m in May 2009, notably paid out in one single cash payout...Read more here or see the site now

Weplay.com Launches Free Basketball Drills Library with Video from LeBron James Basketball Camp
Weplay.com, the ultimate online destination for the youth sports community, has launched its free Basketball Skills and Drills library featuring content from the LeBron James King James Academy summer basketball camp in San Diego. Weplay.com was granted access to film drills at LeBron’s camp where kids learned and practiced the fundamentals of basketball, team play, good sportsmanship and healthy habits. Weplay.com’s library of hundreds of free basketball drill videos, animations and basketball plays also includes footage of the NBA’s biggest stars including Tony Parker, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar...Read more here or see the site now

Senior-Dating.org Helps Single Seniors Find Companionship
There are 40 million seniors in the U.S. alone and 16 million of them are single.  What’s more, those numbers are set to double in the next 30 years.  That’s a lot of lonely people looking for companionship and more. Senior Dating is a new website that aims to demystify the whole subject and offer practical advice and tips on the subject of dating in later life. It was founded by Kathy Damer, whose experience as the Marketing Director of a large retirement community near Toronto, Canada, gave her a wide knowledge and understanding of the personal challenges facing seniors today...Read more here or see the site now

Goodwill Industries Launches Redesigned Web Site at Goodwill.org
Goodwill Industries International this month launched its redesigned web site, www.goodwill.org, to better serve Goodwill shoppers, donors and job seekers. “Millions of people visit the Goodwill Industries International web site each year, and more than 80 percent are seeking information about the Goodwills in their communities — where to donate, shop and find job training programs and other support services,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “With the site’s redesign, visitors will have an easier time connecting with the Goodwill agencies in their communities and accessing the information they need.” New navigation, colors and fonts will allow users to more easily access content on the site. Other components include...Read more here or see the site now

URLwire Will Be Offline Until November

Asbestos.net Launches Extensive Mesothelioma and Asbestos Cancer Video Collection
Asbestos.net, one of the leading online resources for all things related to asbestos cancer and mesothelioma, is pleased to announce the publication and distribution of an extensive video collection, including over 250 individual videos, on the Asbestos.net site, YouTube.com, and throughout the internet.  This collection of informative pieces represents one of the most in-depth sources for all things related to mesothelioma and asbestos cancer available online today...Read more here or see the site now

TheLunchBox.org Aims to Improve School Lunches in America
The Lunch Box is a web-based portal that enables all schools and school districts to make a healthy difference for all children in America by providing relevant information and the pragmatic tools necessary to make good food available for all kids. The Lunch Box is in beta mode. When fully functional, it will provide the multi-faceted approach necessary to transition any processed food based K-12 school meal program to a whole foods environment where food is procured regionally and prepared from scratch for the student population. As a free resource, The Lunch Box will provide the essential “tools” for examining, learning about, and implementing this type of healthy meal program. From the “why” to the “how to,” The Lunch Box will offer a complete menu of choices for those seeking to implement program change in their schools and districts...Read more here or see the site now

KeywordIndex.com Helps Search Marketers Find The Right Keywords
KeywordIndex is a new online keyword suggestion tool that helps businesses to find the best keywords. Available in English and in German, KeywordIndex uses a unique keyword database that is not used by any other keyword suggestion tool on the market. To succeed on the Web, it is extremely important that you choose the right keywords when optimizing your website. Choose the wrong keywords and you can waste time and money, and a number one listing on Google for the wrong keyword won't help your business.  For that reason, it is very important to choose your keywords wisely before you start your search engine optimization work.
...read more

blueskyscrubs.com Offers Designer Nursing Scrubs, Medical Scrubs, Hospital Uniforms
Shelby Marquardt, the creator of blue sky scrubs, LLC, was an anesthesiology resident at Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas when she introduced the scrub hats that were blue sky's first product. As a medical student spending much of her time in the operating room, she was dismayed at the prospect of wearing unattractive, ill-fitting scrub hats for long hours every day. Worse, her long hair didn't fit under the regular scrub hats, and she couldn't bring herself to don the "bouffant," the hairnet-style hat that reigned supreme...read more

Zakta.com Launches Personal and Social Web Search Engine
Sundar Kadayam, Cincinnati-based search expert and entrepreneur, has created Zakta.com, a personal and social Web search engine that allows users to edit their search results and build on the results of others. "One of my biggest frustrations has been that after spending hours searching on the Web, I had nothing to show, reuse or benefit anyone else, including myself in the future," Kadayam says. "Zakta helps the process of searching for information by letting you edit, save and share your results and then invite your community for feedback and insights." says Founder and CEO Kadayam, who specialized in search technologies, text-mining, social media analysis and networking at former companies that have included Intelliseek Inc. and The Nielsen Company...read more

WhalewatchingTV.com Offers Live Whale Watching on Web
Escape your office without leaving it, go out on the open ocean, and do a little Whale watching. See blue whales live online.  See and hear the largest animals that ever lived, swimming right next to you, and huge herds of wild dolphins, in pods of over 5,000 dolphins in a single pod and more, aboard www.WhalewatchingTV.com. This is the first and only place in the world where you can actually go Whale Watching LIVE out on the open ocean from your computer. This is much more than a web cam - it is an Educational Reality Show. Whale Watching TV is produced by an award winning wildlife filmmaker, "Capt. Dave" Anderson, of Capt. Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari, in Dana Point, California...read more

DailyMakeover.com Unveils Newest Virtual Makeover Technology – Makeover Studio
As the beauty and fashion community introduces new hair and makeup styles during Fashion Week, women can use Makeover Studio to try-on the newest season’s trends. DailyMakeover.com a leader in virtual reality try-on technology has integrated the next generation of its virtual makeover application - Makeover Studio - into its highly popular online beauty community, DailyMakeover.com. Makeover Studio offers women the most advanced virtual makeover technology in the industry; making the online makeover experience more like a beauty counter and salon experience than ever before.
...read more

AboutYourMortgage.com Launched by Mortgage Professionals - Helps Consumers Renegotiate, Refinance, Reduce Red Tape
"We don't know what we don't know!"  That's the feeling many homeowners have who are trying to negotiate a mortgage while caught in the midst of the current mortgage meltdown.  Not knowing who they should be calling and what questions they should be asking.  Not understanding the options brought about by decisions made using too optimistic forecasts, too little education and now, too many financial setbacks...read more

ToolzDo.com Helps Neighbors Help Each Other Via Cooperative Living
In this tough economy, nobody can afford to spend more than necessary for the things they need. Toolzdo.com, which recently launched its public beta, allows users to get the most out of what they have rather than buying new things, bringing a physical connection back in our communities and rekindling cooperative living in neighborhoods. Put simply, Toolzdo.com connects local people who "have stuff" with people who "want stuff". Goods, tools and equipment, skills or anything useful can be rented, swapped, shared or simply given away as neighbors can now join together to better each other’s lives...read more

Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon Offers Virtual Consulting Via Web Site
Board certified plastic surgeon Eric A. Marchant, M.D., of Doylestown, Pennsylvania has used the web to market his practice since 2003, incorporating progressive features as part of his on-line marketing campaigns.  His current website, located at www.marchantplasticsurgery.com introduces the “virtual consultation” for breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.  While the site's most popular pages continue to be the before and after photographs of cosmetic procedures, the virtual consultation has enhanced the consultation process...read more

AntivirusWare.com Provides Independent Antivirus Testing and Reviews
AntivirusWare.com is an independent Antivirus testing and reviews website offering reviews that are easy enough for novice computer users to understand, yet thorough enough for advanced users. AntivirusWare.com was created by computer security specialists that saw a need for a website to help dissect the many Antivirus programs offered – to help users avoid selecting poor performing Antivirus software.

In addition to testing and reviews, AntivirusWare.com offers secure program downloads, program screenshots & general program info, computer security articles, as well as several other features in development.  Antivirus software is one of the most important programs you can install on your computer, and AntivirusWare gives you a reliable source to meet your computer’s security needs. AntivirusWare.com reviews several categories for each program – including the Installation process, Features and Ease of Use, performance of the Virus Scanning engine, the impact on System Performance, and the Antivirus program's Effectiveness at stopping Viruses and other Malware. AntivirusWare.com's independent Antivirus Performance testing compares each Antivirus program in several key areas to help...read more

430pm.com Offers Shoppers A Special Deal Every Day at 4:30pm
4:30 pm, on the web at 430pm.com is a unique online specialty store that unveils an exciting, hand-selected merchandise every business day at 4:30 pm Eastern time. Now office workers across America can stay productive all day, and bosses can reward them with a little bit shopping time at the end of each workday.  To find the daily Sweet Spot, simply visit 430pm.com.  Get ready for a chance encounter with a unique item available nowhere else.  Or, find a familiar product, but at a phenomenal price. 

4:30 pm features a limited selection of constantly changing and updated merchandise including purses, home electronics, laptops, and the occasional optical mouse encrusted with Swarovski crystals designed in Switzerland.  Shoppers can expect to be surprised.  Best of all, the shopping experience at 4:30 pm is worry-free.  All of the payments are processed using PayPal.  Shoppers may return anything that they purchase from 4:30 pm within the first 2 weeks of receipt.  Detailed return instructions are included in each order on the packing slip. 

So who's behind the e-commerce wizardry?  4:30 pm is the small and scrappy subsidiary of the much larger and powerful Sitoa Corporation that provides the merchandising and logistics for large on-line e-tailers like Home Depot, Target, Sears and Amazon...read more

SchoolDigger.com Launches New School Ranking Tool to Help Parents Evaluate Schools
SchoolDigger.com has introduced a new school ranking service that gives parents an intuitive way to compare a particular school’s performance to other schools in its district, city or state...read more
Posted 8/26/09

Geology.com Offers Teaching Resource for Earth Science Information
Geology.com serves as a portal to geology and earth science information across the Web. is a website for teachers, students, geologists and anyone with an interest in the Earth. Every day several thousand people receive Geology.com’s earth science news updates by email, RSS feed and Twitter...read more
Posted 8/25/09

PlanetGreen on Discovery.com Launches Back-to-School Green
PlanetGreen.com is filled with solutions-oriented tips and information that can help you make your home and school life greener
...read more
Posted 8/24/09

LinkAider.com Brings Quality Control To On-Site Links
LinkAider.com is a web based tool that's like having a team of linking quality control analysts inspecting your site's linking structure and pages 24/7/365...read more
Posted on 8/20/09

Modelfolios.com Offers Online Community for Models, Agencies, Fashion and Beauty Creatives
Modelfolios.com has created an online community to connect models, modeling agencies, fashion and beauty creatives, and other industry professionals...read more
Posted on 7/30/09

DogStyleNetwork.com Launches Dog Education Website
Founded by Sherry Harris, DogStyleNetwork.com is a destination for Dogs and their parents, friends and family.  Whether you need help with dog training and dog behavior, potty training, barking, chew problems or crying when you leave - you will find answers at Dog Style Network...read more
Posted on 7/21/09

FitnessFootwear.com Helps Consumers Understand Technical Footwear
Sports shoes are bursting with all manner of technical innovations which seem to require a Biology or Physics degree to comprehend.  So how is the average joe supposed to make sense of thermo porous membranes or set compression foam? Or the difference between Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex XCR?  These questions led FitnessFootwear.com to create their Tech Centre...read more
Posted on 7/15/09

FireProtectionOnline.co.uk Helps Consumers Select Best Fire Protection and Safety Equipment
The web has changed the way home owners and businesses purchase products, including fire extinguishers, fire protection and safety equipment. Until now, you had to buy your fire extinguishers at hugely inflated prices from your fire safety maintenance company or risk buying cheap imports online. FireProtectionOnline.co.uk's mission is to change that paradigm...read more
Posted on 7/13/09

BestTravelDeals.net Offers Social Network To Consumers Looking For Travel Deals
Combine social networking and travel deals, and you get BestTravelDeals.net, a clever and useful site launched by Propel Media, which gives travel providers and community members a unique platform for sharing news of and links to the best travel deals...click to read more.
Posted on 7/9/09

CleanSolarLiving.com Helps Individuals Learn How To Become Solar Panel Installers
More than ever before, people with skills in electrical and roofing work are asking How do I Become A Solar Panel Installer
CleanSolarLiving.com, the web's top resource for consumers looking to install solar panels on their homes, also is helping the solar industry grow by helping individuals learn how to become solar panel installers...click to read more.
Posted on 7/2/09

GameFly Inc. Introduces Ponged.com - Ultimate Destination For Free Online Games
GameFly.com, the leading online video game rental service, announced today the launch of their new website, Ponged.com (www.ponged.com). The free online video game site offers access to over 500 fun and unique games spanning seven different genres, including action, strategy and shooter...click to read more

MySavings.com Helps Consumers With Grocery Coupons, Free Samples
With the current economy, consumers are benefiting more than ever from online discounts and savings. The demand for free stuff, online giveaways, free samples (freebies), and coupons on the web has skyrocketed. There are hundreds of companies giving away free stuff, whether for promotional reasons, political, educational, or even religious incentives.   Some of the offers include free product samples, or purely promotional items (pens, books, bumper stickers, posters, software, and DVDs).  Printable grocery coupons are also quite popular...click to read more

Speech-Language Pathologists at Ravinia Reading Center Launch New Site About Dyslexia and Reading Development
Ravinia Reading Center, a local reading center in a suburb of Chicago, IL intends to help inform and encourage parents of struggling readers by publishing credible answers in a series of informative articles by Dr. Holly Shapiro.  Dr Shapiro, Ravinia’s director, is a long-time phonics expert and speech language pathologist with a Ph.D. in Learning Disabilities. Headlining the new website, which launched in May, is a water-color flash experience, guiding concerned parents through “The Struggle to Read.”  The interactive journey begins learning about the nature of dyslexia and reading difficulty...click to read more

JFK Presidential Library Launches WeChooseTheMoon.org to Mark 40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum has launched a new website to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing and President Kennedy’s grand vision that made that achievement possible. WeChooseTheMoon.org...click to read more

Microsoft's Bing Starts With A Bang - Online Sportsbook BetUS.com Offers Odds On Search Engine Race
It's a classic sports story: the overpaid, underachieving team drafts a promising rookie and suddenly they start to look like a real threat to the long-time contenders. Software dynasty Microsoft has unveiled its promising rookie search engine. It's named "Bing", and it's touted as being more accurate and user-friendly than current opposition. Although Bing is still barely out of training camp, many search experts are speculating that it might just be enough to bring Microsoft out of third place in the US search standings- ahead of Yahoo, but still behind Google...click to read more

FormLogix WYSIWYG Form Builder Makes Online Form Creation Simple
FormLogix form builder provides businesses as well as individuals with an online solution for data collection, management and analysis. You can get a taste of this user friendly web tool at http://www.formlogix.com. “We believe that web forms constitute a powerful tool and should be available to all” says Benny Tsabba, Founder & CEO, FormLogix. "People who have no programming skills or have a small ..click to read more

JCEarrings.com Offers Web's First Matching Service for Jody Coyote Earrings
JCEarrings.com now offers the web's first matching service for popular handcrafted Jody Coyote earrings. More than 38 million pairs of Jody Coyote earrings have been produced in the last 30 years by the Jody Coyote company.  In so doing, the company developed proprietary techniques to manufacture their distinctive and handcrafted designs, meaning a lost earring cannot be replaced with one from a different manufacturer.  Jody Coyote has always classified...click to read more

CleanSolarLiving.com Launches New Solar Energy Information Site to Drive Growth in Solar Installations
CleanSolarLiving.com has launched a new web site which provides comprehensive information and unique content for people interested in moving forward with solar energy projects for their home or business.  CleanSolarLiving.com is also the fastest and easiest way to get connected with solar installers in a specific geographical area.  Site founder Mike Weimar commented “our solar installer finder allows users to submit some brief information on their solar energy needs and in return get connected with up to four solar professionals ready to serve their specific needs.  It’s free and saves time and money for anyone looking to get started with a solar project...click to read more

Technology Stocks News Aggregator Tech Investor News Launched
Tech Investor News (http://www.techinvestornews.com), a website that delivers total news aggregation for technology stock investors, goes live today. This always-updating site delivers complete tech sector news aggregation, plus company-specific aggregators for the top 20 technology stocks. Tech Investor News is designed to be the definitive source for tech sector financial news. It is also a gateway to a network of company-specific news aggregators for the top 20 technology stocks: AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, INTC, IBM, HPQ, RIMM, CSCO, ORCL, DELL, QCOM, AMD, AMAT, ADBE, EMC, PALM, YHOO, EBAY, AMZN, and NOK...click to read more

South Africa Travel Site SA-Venues.com Unveils Major Redesign, New Content
South Africa is a favorite destination for North Americans looking for a completely different experience -- from families who want to see elephants in their natural habitat, to adventurous bird watchers, to globetrotting sports enthusiasts. South Africa travel site http://www.SA-Venues.com is one of South Africa's leading travel sites, and is greeting visitors with thousands of newly redesigned pages offering a large searchable database of tours, safaris, activities, and every kind of accommodation...click to read more

UV10.com Site Helps Investors Find Property in Brazil
uv10.com was founded by two experienced property professionals who wanted to offer a comprehensive investment service to the growing number of people interested in purchasing property in Brazil...click to read more

Building Materials Site BuildDirect.com Launches Top Ten Lists 
Online building materials manufacturer-wholesaler BuildDirect.com is providing users with a real-time glimpse into the most popular products viewed, sampled, rated, and sold via new feature live now on the site at http://www.builddirect.com/MostPopular.aspx . "With thousands of people interacting with our site on a daily basis, we wanted to find a way to provide users with a method to see what other people liked, sampled, and purchased", said Jeff Booth, President & CEO, BuildDirect. "We've been gathering this data for years, and now, by giving our users a chance to see it live, play with it, and filter it, that same data becomes a useful tool for our users during their decision making process". The current Top Ten section allows users to view data from the current week, past month, past three months and all time. For example, this past week the top selling floor has been the Toklo 8 mm Collection Laminate Flooring, but all time, the most purchased product has been Yanchi Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring...click to read more

CDC Offers Swine Flu Information Center Web Site
The ongoing outbreak of novel influenza A (H1N1) continues to expand in the United States. CDC expects that more cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths from this outbreak will occur over the coming days and weeks.  CDC continues to take aggressive action to respond to the expanding outbreak. CDC’s response goals are to reduce spread and illness severity, and provide information to help health care providers, public health officials and the public address the challenges posed by this emergency. The CDC website will be updated regularly as information becomes available. The CDC and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are also working together to provide consumers and partners with Swine Flu Social Media Tools that access information about the ongoing 2009 H1N1 Flu outbreak. Visit the CDC.gov 2009 H1N1 Flu and PandemicFlu.gov...click to read more

SqueakyFax.com Invoice Reminder Service Helps Businesses Collect Payments
Creative Entropy, Inc. has launched SqueakyFax.com,  a web-based service that helps companies collect payments from past due business accounts by sending customers invoice reminders via fax. The service provides an affordable, innovative way for companies to collect past due payments, especially amounts that are too small to be handled by a collection agency, without the hassle, confrontation, time, or effort typically required by traditional methods. It is based on the notion, often proven in the collections business, that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." Creative Entropy, Inc., an Arkansas business that creates online applications, had their share of deadbeat clients over the last decade. Often, the only...click to read more

JumboKeyword.com Free Google Adwords App Improves Google AdWords Management
Google AdWords expert Michael Wong has launched JUMBO Keyword, a brand new web-based application offering 70+ 1-click Google AdWords, keyword & text editing functions to help Google AdWords advertisers create, edit and manage hundreds, even thousands, of keywords with a click of a button. Since 2002 Michael has used Google AdWords to drive over two million leads to dozens of internet marketing clients. To help him create keywords for his AdWords campaigns, Michael developed AdWords Wrapper, a free web application that converts keywords into the keyword matching format AdWords uses. "AdWords Wrapper helped but I would still spend hours creating and editing big keyword lists in a text editor. So I decided to add expand AdWords Wrapper with dozens of keyword editing functions that I use everyday," said Michael Wong, JUMBO Keyword producer. "The result is JUMBO Keyword .com, a web application offering 70+, 1-click Google AdWords keyword editing functions...click to read more

Weplay.com Launches Youth Sports Skills and Drills Library for Parents, Coaches and Kids 
Youth sports community site Weplay.com has launched a youth sports Skills and Drills library.   Initially launched with baseball, softball and soccer, the Skills and Drills library features instructional videos from pros such as baseball stars Derek Jeter and Ryan Howard, softball stars Jennie Finch and Monica Abbott, and soccer stars Jonathan Borstein and Brandi Chastain.  The library also includes collections from leading online sports sites. Skills and Drills consists of several hundred videos, 3D simulations and diagrams organized by skill, such as base running, hitting or fielding for baseball and softball or goalkeeping, defense and passing for soccer.   The comprehensive library is also organized by skill level so that parents, coaches and kids can find the right drills based on the age of their teams and leagues.

Baseball Skills and Drills includes online videos of Derek Jeter explaining how to hit an inside fastball, Ryan Howard teaching how to hit for power and Harold Reynolds and Ozzie Smith demonstrating infield fielding techniques among hundreds of other youth baseball drills.

Softball Skills and Drills includes online videos of Jennie Finch showing how to throw her famous "Rise Ball", Cat Osterman demonstrating how to throw a "Drop Ball" pitch and Monica Abbott explaining how to use your legs for power among hundreds of other youth softball drills. 

Soccer Skills and Drills includes videos of world champion Brandi Chastain demonstrating how to make aggressive soccer decisions, Jonathan Bornstein teaching how to take a header and Heather O'Reilly explaining shooting drills among hundreds of other youth soccer drills...click to read more

WhosePhoneIsThis.com Plots Location of Phone Numbers Using Google Maps Mash-Up
WhosePhoneIsThis.com is the first website to dynamically plot the location of a phone number, using proprietary data sources and a unique, interactive Google Maps mash-up. WhosePhoneIsThis.com is built especially for people who are tired of not knowing WHO is calling. WhosePhoneIsThis.com allows users to file complaints against any unwanted, harrassing phone call.  Plus, it provides convenient registration links to both the applicable state and national Telemarketer Do Not Call list.  The site was designed...click to read more

Cyprus44.com Is Top Destination for Northern Cyprus Holidays
Cyprus44.com founder Izzet Zorlu had a simple goal when he launched his site:  Become the top online destination for information about Northern Cyprus Holidays. Cyprus44.com is now a comprehensive North Cyprus travel guide with more than 500 pages of unique information on North Cyprus sights in Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta and Karpas, hotels in North Cyprus, flights to Ercan Northern Cyprus, property buying and other topics from border crossings, Turkish-Cypriot cuisine and culture and more. Cyprus44 also offers online flight and hotel bookings in cooperation with one of the North Cyprus' leading travel agencies...click to read more

National Geographic Launches Yellowstone National Park Geotourism MapGuide
The wonders of Yellowstone National Park and neighboring Grand Teton are only the starting point of National Geographic's newest Geotourism MapGuide. The map moves well beyond the parks' borders to highlight the region's unsung treasures, celebrating the world-class natural and cultural heritage of the entire area. Much more than a road map, the new Geotourism MapGuide to the Greater Yellowstone Region and its companion Web site, yellowstonegeotourism.org, share locals' knowledge on everything from where to find the best huckleberry milkshake and great community...click to read more

IPVideoMarket.info - Independent Source for Video Surveillance Information
Security professionals need quality unbiased information to select, deploy and use video surveillance solutions. IP Video Market Info provides extensive reviews, recommendations and educational resources to help security professionals meet this need. IP Video Market Info provides an unprecedented level of information on video surveillance. Professionals can download the free "Security Manager's Guide to Video Surveillance." They can read over 150 original articles that explain the best ways to use video surveillance and the key challenges in selecting and deploying systems...click to read more

FuelOurFutureNow.com  Launched by X PRIZE, DOE, Discovery Education 
This past February at the Washington Auto Show, the X PRIZE Foundation, the United States Department of Energy, and Discovery Education launched the first phase of an online knowledge center designed to teach K-12 students and the public about advanced vehicle technologies, energy efficiency, climate change, alternative fuels, and the science, technology, engineering and math that underlie efficient vehicle development. FuelOurFutureNow.com features activities for grade levels K-12, as well as high-quality videos, virtual labs, and other interactive resources intended for use from the classroom to the living room. This online knowledge center is just one component of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Education Program, a national program designed to encourage young people to pursue careers in energy-efficient sciences and technology, made possible through a $3.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy...click to read more

Usenet Newsgroups Provider NewsDemon.com Helps With Genealogy Research 
URL: http://www.NewsDemon.com
Usenet Newsgroups Provider NewsDemon.com now provides access to an extensive collection of newsgroups related to the topic of genealogy, making genealogy research with Usenet easier.  This allows researchers to take advantage of extensive research conducted by the newsgroup community going back to 1995...Click to read more

NoClaimsDiscount.co.uk Provides Unbiased UK Insurance Comparison
URL: http://NoClaimsDiscount.co.uk
It seems that every UK niche comparison site only stays that way for a short time before exploding into every other comparison product available. Electricity comparison sites start listing insurance products and insurance comparison sites start comparing mobile phones. NoClaimsDiscount.co.uk, as the name suggests, is a purist when it comes to comparing insurers in the UK...Click to read more

My Pediatrician Online Provides Personalized Pediatric Medical Advice 
URL: http://mypediatricianonline.com
An innovative medical website at MyPediatricianOnline.com has launched.  Unlike anything currently available on the Internet, the site has been developed to provide parents with personalized online pediatric advice and information directly from a board certified pediatrician...Click to read more

Guide To Gadgets From Anne Ahira Answers Questions About Electronics Products
URL:  http://www-mp3.us
Guide to Gadgets, a web site launched by notable online marketer Anne Ahira, helps consumers make smart buying decisions by providing easy-to-understand and honest reviews of current popular electronic products...Click to read more

Site Follows Progress of Universal Studios Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT Roller Coaster
URL: http://hollywoodrockit.com
Universal Studios Florida launched a web site to showcase the new attraction Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT roller coaster. The site divulges tantalizing details about the new coaster as well as a construction blog where you can view the ongoing construction photos. Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT is expected to open at Universal Studios Orlando Resort in Spring 2009.  Among the many unique features of the 17-story attraction, each rider will be able to select their own personal soundtrack as on-board cameras capture every moment of your ride. Once the ride is over, you can then further customize and personalize your own individual music video of your entire ride...Click to read more

Pew Internet & American Life Project Launches New Site 
URL: http://pewinternet.org
The Pew Internet & American Life Project is a non-partisan, non-profit "fact tank" that produces reports exploring the impact of the internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life. The Project aims to be an authoritative source on the evolution of the internet through surveys that examine how Americans use the internet and how their activities affect their lives. The Pew Internet Project studies the social impact of the internet.

TourOfCalifornia.org Cycling Blog Showcases California Long Distance Bike Rides 
URL: http://www.tourofcalifornia.org
The Tour of California Cycling Blog, published by cyclist Bernd Straehle, is dedicated to long distance road bike rides in California and related topics. Rides start at about 100 miles in length and range from flat centuries to mountainous double centuries and multi-day tours. The site showcases the different regions of California, from the deserts to the mountains to the Ocean, each offering challenging rides and breathtaking views. Tour of California includes a unique bike ride map mashup application, integrating Google Maps technology with data recorded by leading-edge cycling computers...Click to read more

HeadandNeck.com Educates on TMJ Syndrome and Misdiagnosed Migraines
URL: http://www.headandneck.com
HeadAndNeck.com is designed to help guide severe headache sufferers who, misdiagnosed with migraine, get little relief and are forced to live a life of chronic pain, lost hope, depression and/or secondary effects of the drugs that they are given to control the pain. Many times these drugs have little positive effect. Most severe headaches are not migraine but are treated as such. The majority of headaches are caused by spasms in the muscles of the head and neck, a problem called Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ syndrome, which, most often, can be successfully treated without drugs or surgery. Visitors to www.headandneck.com can download, at no cost, TMJ Syndrome - The Overlooked Diagnosis, a classic book written for the layman by Dr. A. Richard Goldman. Dr. Goldman is director of the Head and Neck Pain Center, in Chicago, owner of the website...Click to read more

Golden Globe Awards Photos and Video Available on New HFPA Gallery Site
URL: http://www.goldenglobes.org/videogallery/
Still photos and video of last night's Golden Globe Awards are now available via the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) web site located at http://www.goldenglobes.org. More than 50 Hollywood stars were presenters at "The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards" telecast live last night on NBC Sunday from at The Beverly Hilton. Presenters included Simon Baker, Elizabeth Banks, Drew Barrymore, Pierce Brosnan, Sandra Bullock, Gerard Butler, Don Cheadle, Glenn Close, Sacha Baron Cohen, Sean Combs, Patrick Dempsey, Johnny L
...Click to read more

Sites Announced in 2008

New Greenspace Site From NASA's Ames Showcases Green Initiatives
URL: http://green.arc.nasa.gov
NASA this month launched a new Greenspace Web site to showcase several environmentally friendly projects that are underway at NASA's Ames Research Center to improve life here on Earth.The Web site offers in-depth information about Ames' work on global prediction, monitoring and response of changing weather conditions to better understand why climate change is taking place, enhance our awareness and improve disaster response...Click to read more

iSuki.com - Professionals Social Networking
iSuki.comis part dating, part social networking, a dating community rather than a generic dating website.  The site is aimed at 18-40 ABC1 professionals, the cash rich and time poor generation rather than generically targeted.  Members can communicate like on other dating sites, but they can also view classifieds, jobs and events.  Founder Sara Halman said about the site...Click to read more

American Express Brings Top Bloggers Together at "Gee Thanks" Gift Blog 
"Gee Thanks" was created to create "buzz" and drive awareness of American Express Gift Cards as the "perfect holiday gift." American Express has invited 5 authors (The BoyGenius Report, The Bargainist, Uncrate, TrendHunter, NOTCOT) with large, passionate followers on the Web to lend their unique voices to a conversation on "interesting" gifting experiences. Unsure of what to give and don't want to make the same mistake as others? An American Express Gift Card is the perfect gift...Click to read more

YLighting.com Site Offers Free Technical Lighting Designs
Sophisticated low voltage lighting systems usually require professional layout and design.  The number, type and voltage of transformers depends on both the number of lighting heads as well as distance that the rail covers.  In addition, the rails themselves suspend from the ceilings and therefore structural supports must be calculated to insure safety and stability. Because of the inherent ...Click to read more

BreakingNews.com Blends Traditional News, Bloggers, Citizens
BreakingNews.com is an innovative news organization combining traditional news providers, bloggers, and citizen journalists. It's an engaging website where visitors can access and exchange unique, timely and personal perspectives on local, national and international news, entertainment, sports, business and more.  BreakingNews.com takes a fresh approach to journalism. It's an empowering...Click to read more

Social Security Disability Blog Provides Information for Claimants with Lupus 
My Social Security Disability Blog, a blog that publishes information on the disability programs conducted by the social security administration (social security disability and SSI disability), has recently posted information for disability claimants who are filing a claim on the basis of Lupus. Lupus, or Systemic lupus erythematosus, is a chronic autoimmune disorder, a type of disease in which the ...Click to read more

Bite2Eat Launches Restaurant Directory with On-Line Menus
Social Media start-up Bite2Eat Corporation has announced the launch of Bite2Eat.com (http://www.bite2eat.com), a restaurant directory that makes it easy to order from restaurants using on-line menus. Whether a restaurant is looking for a free, no-hassle way to establish an on-line presence, or simply wants to supplement existing efforts, Bite2Eat.com is a quick and risk-free way to attract ...Click to read more

Textforfree.net Brings Web 2.0 to Online Text Messaging
Textforfree.net has gone web 2.0 with its popular text messaging service. Visitors are now offered a host of new features that allow them to easily manage their text messaging needs all from a single user-friendly control panel, available at www.Textforfree.net. The new site distinguishes itself with an emphasis on user experience that is incorporated into a host of new features related exclusively to ...Click to read more

RPM Launches Web Site Picture Postcard of Big Sky Resort Properties
Big Sky’s Resort Property Management launched its brand new web site at www.rpmbigsky.com, providing real-time online booking and valuable content assisting visitors as they plan their summer or winter vacation to the Big Sky Montana area...all available 24/7. Resort Property Management offers a large selection of luxurious vacation homes and condominiums available for rent in Big Sky's Mountain ...Click to read more

Revamped Auto Parts Place Website Puts Customer Satisfaction First
Auto Parts Place, an industry-leading for auto parts supplier with a large online presence, has launched a retooled, redesigned website to make searching for and purchasing domestic and import auto parts completely effortless. “We have one of the largest auto parts catalog in the industry, so we needed a system in place to help our customers cut through the clutter and pinpoint exactly what they ...Click to read more

Event and Party Planning Meets Social Networking at AllEventsAdviser.com
AllEventsAdviser.com is an event and party planning information site that offers ideas, tips and help for everything related to planning a celebration. AllEventsAdviser.com has hundreds of "How To" articles, posts and answers to help anyone planning or attending a celebration.   Need some game ideas for a birthday party?  What are you going to do for your parent's 50th wedding anniversary ...Click to read more

LifePsychic.com Offers Life Advice Anyone Can Use Online
LifePsychic.com is one of the most highly respected and reliable websites that offer psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, numerology readings, and general life advice available on the Internet today.  This website should be anyone’s one stop shop to getting the trusted advice needed to get through important life decisions. LifePyschic.com is so easy to use, it is absolutely free to ...Click to read more

New CityBlog Network SpottedByLocals.com Lets Travelers Experience Cities Like a Local
City travelers are increasingly looking to learn more about the local culture of their chosen destination. Paperback travel guides and websites with user generated travel information often fail to offer this “local” perspective. On www.SpottedbyLocals.com, the first series of cityblogs of its kind, handpicked bloggers write about spots and pass on local tips from a personal and local perspective. All ...Click to read more

Unite the Deeqs at Deeqs.com - The New Kids Site From Dairy Queen
Deeqs.com was created as a free, playful, safe, and non-violent place for kids to play online. Featuring fun art, original characters, and an ever-expanding story line and world, the site will appeal to wide range of children.  There is something for everyone including a storybook, downloadable poster and sticker sheets, several interactive games, and a customizable house. Kids are able to have fun with ...Click to read more

The story behind the creation of the Deeqs
The Deeqs are fun-loving creatures created when the founders of DQ experimented with their newly invented soft serve. They made a batch that was too fun and too powerful, and the soft serve came to life, morphing into the Deeqs. The Deeqs, now living in DQ-topia, are scattered and need kids to unite them to face an evil storm that...Click to read more

Change.gov - President Elect Barack Obama Transition Website Is Live
Change.gov provides resources to better understand the transition process and the decisions being made as part of it. It also offers an opportunity to be heard about the challenges our country faces and your ideas for tackling them. The Obama Administration will reflect an essential lesson from the success of the Obama campaign: that people united around a common purpose can achieve great things...Click to read more

Not-for-Profit GoneTooSoon.com Relaunches Free Online Memorial Site
GoneTooSoon, the free online memorial website was first launched in November 2005. It’s a not-for-profit website, offering families and friends the chance to place a lasting, living tribute on the internet for their loved ones who have died.  Creating an online memorial, ensures that your much loved family and friends will be remembered forever. In the 3 years since it launched, 10s of millions ...Click to read more

New Site Explains Scientific Brainwave CDs That Boost Mind Power
A brand new range of “brainwave CDs” has been publicly launched by Inspire3 Ltd, designed at seriously increasing your mental powers. The 6-CD program, known as the “Brain Evolution System,” helps increase thinking speed, boost creativity, raise energy levels, improve your memory, and release bad habits.  A companion web site with further details is also available at http://www.brainev.com. ...Click to read more

MyGuideIreland.com Relaunches Comprehensive Guide for Travel to Ireland
myguideireland recently launched a new comprehensive guide to travel in Ireland at www.myguideireland.com providing everything a traveler requires for researching, planning and booking travel to Ireland. The site contains over 2000 pages of information on Ireland that is not only useful to travelers but to anyone with an interest in Ireland or anything Irish. Established 10 years ago as 12travel, ...Click to read more

PBS's FRONTLINE Offers Presidential Election Special The Choice 2008 Via YouTube 
This election season, PBS's flagship documentary series FRONTLINE offers voters more options than ever to view its quadrennial award-winning election special The Choice 2008, which premiered Tuesday, Oct. 14, and broadcasts again Monday, Nov. 3, 2008. For the first time, FRONTLINE viewers will also be able to watch the complete two-hour dual biography of John McCain and Barack Obama ...Click to read more

FoodNetwork.com Food and Cooking Site Unveils New Design
FoodNetwork.com heads into the popular holiday season by unveiling a new chapter, an all-new FoodNetwork.com. The redesigned FoodNetwork.com is full of features asked for by its more than 9 million monthly visitors, such as easy-to-use navigation, a treasure trove of recipe ideas and meal planning inspiration, along with more ways to connect with Food Network's all-star roster of chefs and ...Click to read more

2008 Presidential Polls Receive a Sweet Twist at 1-800-Bakery.com
In a time of financial bailouts and political uncertainty 1-800-Bakery.com is joining 51 local bakeries in 23 states across America, from New York to California, in putting Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, John McCain and Sarah Palin in the cookie jar.  With the hopes of adding some sugar, spice and things nice to a nasty and difficult election year 1-800-Bakery.com and the RBA members (Retail Bakers ...Click to read more

RomanticPrintables.com - Hundreds of Gifts You Can Print Now
RomanticPrintables.com provides instant access to more than 200 professionally designed printable products, such as love coupons, stationary, games and love notes.  This site virtually eliminates the waiting period that accompanies most other online purchases and puts romance and gift giving at your fingertips! "The great thing about RomanticPrintables is that they are available 24 hours a day, ...Click to read more

Disability Secrets Helps Social Security Disability Applicants
Social Security Disability Secrets, a website that helps claimants navigate the federal disability system, is now offering free downloadable RFC forms via DisabilitySecrets.com. What is an RFC form? An RFC, or residual functional capacity form, is a document that addresses an individual’s physical or mental limitations; i.e., why they can no longer work, and why they should be awarded ...Click to read more

SmallBusinessCEOMagazine.com Launches Online Magazine for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
A new online magazine for small businesses and entrepreneurs has recently launched at SmallBusinessCEOMagazine.com.  SmallBusinessCEOMagazine will blend unique content and editor picks from the best articles and resources found on the web, aggregating it and providing it free. Said co-founder Ric Thompson, "We're here to help the entrepreneurs and small businesses doing ...Click to read more

Local Live Event Discovery Site Culturemob.com Goes National
Culturemob.com, a Seattle-based events discovery site, is now available in the top 25 markets in the United States. Now, movers and shakers from Miami to San Francisco to Detroit can discover, promote, and share local events, from live music and movies to comedy shows, art festivals, dance performances, sports, and more. With a strong foothold in the arts and entertainment communities of the ...Click to read more

EverlifeMemorials.com Supports Grieving Pet Owners With New Pet Loss Resources
EverlifeMemorials.com has recently launched new content on their website aimed at giving much-needed support and guidance to newly bereaved pet owners.  Everlife’s new pet loss resources provide grieving pet owners with information to help them cope with every aspect of the same...Click to read more

SmileBooks.com - Beautiful Photo Books from Digital Photos Simplified
Turn your favorite digital photographs into custom photo books and preserve your most precious memories forever. SmileBooks.com makes it easy to create individualized custom photo albums using your own digital photos and computer images. With SmileBooks, in minutes you can ...Click to read more

Traveling2Florida.com Tempts Sightseers to Visit the Sunshine State
Targeting both UK and US travelers with informative articles on every detail of planning fun Florida vacations, the Traveling2Florida website doubles as a one-stop shop for unique Florida vacations – but with a catch. The website offers Florida home and apartment rentals, not hotels, as an alternative to the usual lodging options. Any given search is narrowed down to 100 homes in any one area, which significantly limits the market and aids the site’s users in two ways: ...Click to read more

Turning Points Web Series With Tom Brokaw Launched On MSNBC.com
msnbc.com has launched an original eight-part web series titled "Turning Points with Tom Brokaw".  Turning Points focuses on historic elections that changed America. Tom Brokaw, NBC News Special Correspondent and interim moderator of "Meet the Press," recaps these pivotal ...Click to read more

Singer Songwriter Tom Fox Offers Legal Free MP3 Downloads
Guitarist, singer and songwriter Tom Fox is one of a small but growing group of artists giving away music for free rather than charging or having fans fined for stealing it. On his Web site at foxtunes.com, Tom has made CDs of free music downloads available, including songs from "Midnight Rain" (which was nominated for two independent music awards) and "Slowly" (which ...Click to read more.

Web Site Helps Investors Discover Tomorrow’s Winning Stocks Today
Every year – whether markets are up, down or flat – there are always stocks that double, triple or more in market value. Owning one or more of these stocks can significantly increase the value of one’s investment portfolio. The challenge, of course, is to become an early discoverer of these growth stocks – to discover tomorrow’s winning stocks today. For the past two decades Paul Christiansen, founder of Big Bet Stocks (http://bigbetstocks.com), has been obsessed with trying to find a method that would help investors successfully solve that challenge. After ...Click to read more

Web 2.0 Online Coloring Site TheColor.com Is Perfect for Kids
With an ever growing selection of pictures to color online, TheColor.com is the first online coloring site that has integrated web 2.0 features such as community ratings of pictures, most popular pictures colored by members, and private/public galleries of the most recently colored pictures by members. Unlike crayons and paper, TheColor.com gives kids 190 different colors ...Click to read more.

New Service Lets Anyone Build Mobile Websites Using Their Mobile Phone
mobiSiteGalore.com creates history today by launching a revolutionary free service that for the first time in the history of the Internet enables anyone to build mobile websites using just their basic mobile phone. mobiSiteGalore has announced the launch of mobiSiteGalore ‘Build-with-Mobile’ - the world’s first mobile website builder that for the first time in the history of the Internet enables anyone to build a full-fledged mobile website using just their mobile ...Click to read more.

Personal Protection and Home Defense Site RKDefense.com is a Family Affair
The RKDefense.com website is a labor of love and a family affair as well, owned and operated by a family of Marine Corps veterans. The RKDefense.com website provides an array of self defense and personal protection products designed to help men and women of all ages protect themselves and their families in an increasingly dangerous world. This valuable site has been ...Click to read more

Kansas City Public Library Site Unveils Major Improvements
The new KCLibrary.org is the official website of the Kansas City Public Library. The massive overhaul of the library’s website is intended to make the site easier to navigate and more useful to library patrons. Features of the new website include: New user-friendly navigation. Users can now access more of the information they are looking for quickly and easily, directly from the ...Click to read more.

Water Calculator from H2OConserve.org Shows Your Water Foorprint
The H2O Conserve Water Calculator is a web based tool that can help you calculate how much water you use on a daily basis, and more importantly, provide tips for how to use less. The Calculator takes you through a series of questions about your daily life, from baths to tooth-brushing to lawn watering, and as you answer these questions gives you an estimate of the total amount of water you use, called your "water footprint". The Calculator takes into ...Click to read more

Online Dream Journal Site Records 100,000th Dream, Adds Features
DreamJournal.net, the free online dream journal service that allows anyone to create and customize an online dream journal, now has over 100,000 dreams recorded on the site.  Site creator Kelly Matthews commented, "when I launched DreamJournal in 2001, it was mostly for my own enjoyment and fun. I had no idea the site would resonate with so many people.  I'm ...Click to read more

OTR Tire Site BuyBigTires.com Launches OTR Video Magazine With Tom White
Whether you are a tire industry veteran who memorizes technical data books for fun, or a novice who doesn't know what the initials "OTR" stand for, BuyBigTires.com is betting that they can inform and entertain you, with their bi-weekly OTR video magazine "OTR Weekly with Tom White". Drawing from his experience in off-the-road, or OTR tires, sales and installation, Tom ...Click to read more

New FA Premier League Prediction Game Launched by PredictAddict
Predict Addict, the free online football prediction game is back, just in time for the new FA Premier League season, which kicked off on August 16th 2008. This year, even more football fans are competing to top the Predict Addict leaderboard with members creating mini leagues ...Click to read more

Green Commercial Kitchen Certification Program Launches at FoodServiceWarehouse.com
Commercial kitchen retailer FoodServiceWarehouse.com moves the foodservice industry into a clean, green future with its Green Commercial Kitchen Program, available today online at http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/going-green/, and in its green catalogue. Aimed at helping commercial kitchens cope with the costs and complexities of going green, the program features educational resources, rewards and the industry’s only free certification program, ...Click to read more

Cornell Undergrad Launches Stevesie.com - Intelligent News Search Engine
Tired of drudging through headline after headline to stay informed? Stevesie News makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the world.  Created by Cornell Undergraduate student Steve Spagnola, Stevesie finds live news from hundreds of sources across the web. Next, an artificial brain ...Click to read more

SARshield.com Site Provides Cell Phone Radiation Charts, FAQs
With the recent news of a link between cell phone usage and cancer, you may be wondering how much radiation your specific cell phone brand/model emits. SARShield.com  invites you to check out their Mobile Phone Radiation Chart, updated weekly.  The site also has an in-depth cell phone radiation FAQ. Cell phones emit low levels of radio frequency energy (i.e., radio frequency radiation) in the microwave range during use. High levels of RF can produce biological damage through heating effects (in the same way a microwave ...Click to read more

FashionandEarth.com Launches Green Clothing Shopping Site Featuring Organic, Eco-Friendly Fashion
As green clothing retailer Fashion & Earth gears up its inventory of organic clothing for its September opening, shoppers can sign up to receive notifications and an early bird discount at FashionandEarth.com. Green clothing continues to rise in popularity, but still many shoppers are held back by a lack of variety in designs coupled with high prices. Fashion & Earth, a green clothing retailer, is about to change that with the launch of its new website www.FashionandEarth.com. The company is determined to make eco-friendly fashions ...Click to read more.

HawaiiGaga.com Launches Hawaii Vacation Rental Search Engine and
Vacation Guide
HawaiiGaga.com has launched the world’s first human reviewed search engine designed specifically for Hawaii vacation rentals.  The site contains the internet’s most comprehensive directory of Hawaii’s rental listings. HawaiiGaga.com also serves as a community and resource center for vacationers - a place where users can share vacation ideas, and most importantly, write rental reviews. ...Click to read more\

June 28 through July 14, 2008 URLwire on Summer sabbatical 

GreenerCars.org Helps Users Select Most Planet Friendly Green Cars
GreenerCars.org scores and ranks cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs according to environmental friendliness. Learn which vehicles are this year's "greenest" and "meanest," as well as how to shop for a green vehicle. GreenerCars.org will help users select green cars that are the most friendly to the planet while meeting your transportation needs. Based on official emissions and fuel-economy tests, and ...Click to read more.

Greenopolis.com Offers Environmentally Focused Social Networking Site
Greenopolis is an environmentally focused social networking site that develops online relations between everyday people, communities, organizations, schools and businesses. Greenopolis was created to engage users on green issues so that they might learn, explore and participate in an open dialogue about the present and future of our environment.  Greenopolis is free for anyone who wants to join, and ...Click to read more

New Site Provides Advice On North Carolina Family Law
The Raleigh, North Carolina law firm Gailor Wallis & Hunt (GWH) recently launched the North Carolina Family Law web site, located at northcarolinafamilylawnews.com. The content is delivered in familiar blog style, with an RSS feed option, and is designed to educate people on matters of North Carolina family law. Presented by the family law attorneys at Gailor, Wallis & Hunt the news website offers help on topics including Divorce From Bed and Board, Absolute Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Child Custody & Child Support, and ...Click to read more

MastersinNursing.com - Guide to Accredited Schools offering Master's
Degree in Nursing
Recently launched MastersinNursing.com is a guide to accredited programs offering a Master's Degree in Nursing.  It was built because prospective students often have questions about the various Master's Degrees offered in Nursing.  Existing lists on the Internet were not comprehensive, easy to find, and many sites had outdated information and links. MastersinNursing.com was created to serve as an aid to potential graduate nursing students.  The site focuses on the nursing school topics that are most commonly asked about and ...Click to read more

ShrinkTheWeb.com Releases Full Featured Free Website Thumbnail Generator
ShrinkTheWeb (http://www.shrinktheweb.com), the premier offering from Imagion’s “Creativity Initiative” is moving out of its BETA period to provide unique design tools based on website thumbnails.  With an exclusive PRO feature set backed by great support and coupled with the most extensive free basic service in the industry, ShrinkTheWeb is bound to be a favorite of webmasters world-wide. ShrinkTheWeb offers a powerful and full featured free service for which all other site thumbnail providers charge a varying and ...Click to read more

Consumers Go Online To Find Best Gas Credit Cards at CompareCards.com
Consumers, professionals and small business owners interested in finding the best credit card for their individual needs can now do it quickly and easily at CompareCards.com. Loaded with functionality and user-friendly features, CompareCards.com offers a side-by-side credit card compare option, editor reviews and end-user reviews. With the approaching summer travel season and the high price of gas, one of the site’s most popular research areas is the Gas Credit Card Comparison page, that lets consumers find and apply for a ...Click to read more

Soundboard.com Audio Sharing Site Is Live and Making Noise
Nicknamed ‘SoundTube’ by its users, after the massively popular video-sharing site, Soundboard.com made its official debut in April after 16 months in BETA. Yet despite its long trial status, Soundboard.com is already one of the Internet’s largest and most popular audio sharing sites and resources. “It didn’t take long to learn that great audio is sticky and viral,” said Soundboard.com Creative Director Mike Mitchell. “We give users all the tools they need to record, catalog, customize and share their audio worldwide. Before us, ...Click to read more

Major Publications' Product Reviews Summarized at ReviewRoundup.com
ReviewRoundup.com has gathered and summarized hundreds of professional reviews of consumer electronics and software. The goal is to help shoppers hone in on products' pros and cons and make quick-yet-informed purchasing decisions.
Review Roundup is subtitled "Product Reviews from Publications You Trust" because the product reviews are shortened versions of reviews by professionals at respected major publications such as VideoMaker Magazine, Smartphone & Pocket PC and Laptop Magazine. "The publications have partnered with ReviewRoundup.com to offer the reviews in summarized form," said Kevin Savetz, the site's...Click to read more.

DisabilitySecrets.com - Social Security Disability Claims Advice From Former Examiner
DisabilitySecrets.com provides information on the two disability benefit programs administered by the United States Social Security Administration under authority granted by the Social Security Act. Those two disability benefit programs are known as social security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI) and are established, respectively, under titles 2 and 16 of the social security act. Begun in 2003, the website offers detailed overviews of the disability evaluation process. It also provides answers to numerous questions regarding applications for disability, how to file appeals in the event of a denial, how to ...Click to read more

Microsoft Launches WorldWide Telescope for Space Exploration
WorldWide Telescope, is a rich Web application that brings together imagery from the best ground- and space-based observatories across the world to allow people to easily explore the night sky through their computers. WorldWide Telescope has been eagerly anticipated by the astronomical and educational communities as a compelling astronomical resource for students and lifelong learners, and as a way to make science fun for children.  “The WorldWide Telescope is a powerful tool for science and education that makes it ...Click to read more.

Evergreen Developments Group Launches Web Site for Northern Cyprus Properties
Evergreen Developments Group of Kyrenia, North Cyprus has launched a new site at evergreendevelopments.com to showcase North Cyprus real estate opportunities. On Evergreen’s web site, you can search properties by price, location, amenities, title deed types, and more. Once you find a property of interest, full details including floor plans, photos, and a list of availability in pricing can all be ...Click to read more

Music Sharing Mega-Site Ucombo.com Launches Download Store
Ucombo.com, the much-touted music sharing website for professional and budding artists has opened up another opportunity for musicians to market their original tracks, for free. A virtual download store powered by Ucombo.com can be accessed from a link posted on any website, including MySpace and Facebook. This will allow fans to purchase and download MP3's using Paypal technology. ...Click to read more

ScentToSleep.com Launches Website for People Who Suffer From Insomnia
Scent To Sleep recently launched www.scenttosleep.com, a website that offers sleep mist products to those who suffer from insomnia or mild sleep disorders.  Do you find that you toss and turn, feel anxious or your mind skips from one negative thought to another whether it is concerns over money, relationships or health? You are not alone. Over 70 million people have many sleepless nights. ScentToSleep.com offers Luscious Lavender Sleeping Mist and Decadent Green Apple Vanilla Sleeping Mist.  Lavender and other essential oils soothe and calm you so you can sleep better. Their products have a lulling effect to enhance sleep. Spray your bed pillows ...Click to read more

New Customer Review Directory BView.co.uk Highlights Best and Worst UK Companies
Rogue traders have nowhere to hide as new Customer Review Directory highlights best practice and exposes the worst UK companies via customer feedback and credit ratings. bview.co.uk is the first unbiased, online reviews directory that highlights the UK's best and worst practice companies - as ranked by their customers. Unlike opt-in business directories and review sites, BView lists the details of ...Click to read more.

JewelryDays.com Relaunches Diamond & Jewelry Site With New Features, Amazon Partnership 
JewelryDays.com, the premier site on the web for purchasing loose diamonds and diamond jewelry today announced it has partnered with Amazon Web Services. The partnership will enable customers searching for jewelry a quicker, easier and safer way to shop online. The newly designed and updated website will be located at www.JewelryDays.com. The new site offers a fresh look that enables customers the ability to find exactly what they are looking for faster than ever. The site will also allow customers to explore the Jewelry ...Click to read more

Leaderpromos.com Announces Launch of New Promotional Products Site
Leaderpromos, one of the top promotional products distributors in the Midwest, recently relaunched leaderpromos.com, a state-of-the art, user-friendly website that has revolutionized the promotional products industry. "Leaderpromos.com is all about the customer. It is simple to use, and contains over 15,000 promotional products - one of the most comprehensive sites in the industry," said Stephanie ...Click to read more

ShortSqueeze.com Helps Investors Profit Via Short Selling
Short selling is gaining a huge following, but many investors know very little about this lucrative trading style. Short sellers identify a stock they believe is going to go down in price. When these traders target a stock it can cause a flood of selling. Short interest in stocks is at an all-time high this month. So, how do you know if your portfolio might fall victim to short selling? ShortSqueeze.com offers free, proprietary short interest stock reports, so you can see if your stocks are targeted. ShortSqueeze.com tracks short interest Click to read more

Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
Launches New Site
The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) recently launched a new web site to better provide information to the public and media about its national security efforts.  The new web address is http://nnsa.energy.gov/. NNSA’s missions include maintaining the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, materials and technology, ...click to read more

SimonVolkov.com Helps Real Estate Investors Find Distressed Properties at Deep Discounts
With rapidly declining asking prices, skyrocketing foreclosures and mortgage rates on a downward trend, the real estate market is becoming a dream for investors. Now one noted real estate investor, Simon Volkov (http://www.simonvolkov.com), says it's time to start buying--and he's even giving investors access to real estate investment notes at just seventy cents on the dollar at current market prices. Volkov has launched a real estate investment group, http://www.simonvolkov.com/investors/, open to novice and serious ...click to read more

Layover.com Launches myLayover.com Truckers Social Network
Layover.com, the leading internet destination for the long-haul truck driver, expands its already large network of trucker-specific tools by giving those in the trucking industry their own personal space on the internet at www.myLayover.com. myLayover brings the full power of the latest internet-based social networking tools to bear and puts them at the fingertips of the driver. The new site's tagline, ...click to read more.

World's Oldest Sound Recording On Web at FirstSounds.org
A group of researchers has succeeded in playing the world's oldest sound recording of a human voice made in 1860 – 17 years before Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Roughly ten seconds in length, the recording is of a person singing “Au clair de la lune, Pierrot répondit” – a snippet from a French folksong. It was made on April 9, 1860 by Parisian inventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville on his “phonautograph” – a device that scratched sound waves onto a sheet of paper blackened by the smoke of an oil lamp. Scott never dreamed of playing back his recordings. But this morning, the dream Scott never had will come true. A cadre of audio ...click to read more

CemeterySpot.com Provides Online Memorial Resources and Community
CemeterySpot.com has created an online memorial community for people who want a high quality way to remember their loved ones.  CemeterySpot provides each of its online memorials with a unique web address within a full featured, content rich, online memorial community with features that replicate a real world memorial experience. CemeterySpot.com has many features not available on other ...click to read more

Million Dollar College Basketball Bracket Contest Now Live at BetUS.com
The first round teams have been decided, and it's just days away from the start of the most exciting championship in sports: March Madness. As the 65 NCAA Basketball teams are preparing to compete in the single-elimination tournament, sports fans all over America are carefully making their picks for office pools and bracket contests. For 2008, the biggest, most lucrative bracket contest will be BetUS Sportsbook’s $1,000,000 March Madness Bracket Contest. How does it work? Contestants simply predict the outcome of the ...click to read more

Tribune Launches Jumble Word Puzzle Site at Jumble.com
Fans of the incredibly popular Jumble® puzzle in print now have a website where they can play eight different interactive daily Jumble games and download a Jumble puzzle pack to their mobile phones -- http://www.jumble.com. Jumble.com is the new flagship site for "everything Jumble." The site also offers a Jumble shopping experience where fans can buy books, board games and other puzzle and game products. Later this spring, Jumble.com will feature a Jumble "Player's Forum" and a blog where Jumble creators...click to read more

Presidential Video Biographies Lend Insight To 2008 Election at PBS American Experience Site
PBS’ American Experience has launched The Presidents Online at http://www.pbs.org/presidents/2008, as the online component of an unprecedented public television initiative that, for the first time, will make available more than 25 hours of presidential programming online, on TV, and on the go.  The project comes at a critical moment in American politics: this year, American voters will take part in a landmark election, where for the first time in over a half-century, neither the sitting President nor vice president is a contender for ...click to read more

Colle+McVoy Helps Kids Heal Through Art With Launch of ArtIsAGift.com
Advertising Agency Colle+McVoy has launched a web site that allows users to create their own designs on a popular miniature Qee figurine, while also learning about programs that help abused and at-risk children heal through art. “We believe children and adults can benefit from the healing affects of art,” said Christine Fruechte, president of Colle+McVoy. “It is powerful to see how the creative imaginations of children come to life, build self esteem, and have a profound impact on our staff.” “When I worked with these...click to read more

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