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The URLwire Effect
I've been publishing URLwire since 1994 and have announced several thousand web sites. I don't ask for testimonials, because the web has a way of doing that for me, plus anything I put here is obviosuly self-serving. That said, below are a few selected testimonials taken from very different industries. If you'd like more, just search Google for URLwire like this:

URLwire -site:urlwire.com

Quotes that describe the URLwire effect...
Within 30 minutes of you announcing our site on URLwire, it was in Google news. Then the tweets and retweets started. By the end of the day over 200,000 people had visited the new section on our site you announced. URLwire is one of the most unique and effective URL publicity tools I have ever seen. With the massive amount of press release spam on the web, I'm glad you chose to keep URLwire selective and under the radar all these years!  Brilliant strategy and cheers! 
- Travel web video producer, name and specific URL withheld by request 
We used national wires and link building services, and sometimes we'd get coverage, but we never saw improvement on trusted links obtained.  We then tried URLwire and within a month the impact was obvious and amazing. For the right content, your approach and relationships are without peer
Green Industry site, name withheld and available by request
Thecolor.com got picked up by Lifehacker. Talk about a latent bump from URLwire - not to mention tons of blogs 
then picked it up as well.  That rocked!
This weekend AOL featured us as Best of the Web and visits are going through the roof. Thanks a million URLwire!
- American Medical Association
URLwire got our site covered and linked in places we'd tried for months to get in without success
- OfficeFinder.com
URLwire was a key reason we attracted over 3,000 links to the Earthday web event
"Eric, our site announcement on URLwire was picked up by hundreds of other sites in less than 48 hours. - RoyaltyFreeMusic.com (subsequently bought by Internet.com)
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