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"There are sources of press releases, such as Business Wire and PR Newswire, but the volume is so large it's  almost impossible to find anything useful. The one that's worth visiting for web watchers is Eric Ward's URLwire  - The Guardian 

Selected examples of how URLwire helped great content earn links

Content/Site Announced: http://www.MovingOffCampus.com
URLwire Announcement Page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/021811.html
Result/Coverage/Link: Covered at Discovery.com Treehugger

Content/Site Announced: JustKidCostumes - http://www.JustKidCostumes.com
URLwire Headline: JustKidCostumes.com Launches Redesigned Kids Halloween Costumes Site
URLwire Announcement Page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/090110.html
Result/Coverage/Link: Ranks #1 at Google and Yahoo news in less than 3 hours. 

Content/Site Announced: Tech Investor News - http://www.techinvestornews.com
URLwire Headline: Technology Stocks News Aggregator Tech Investor News Launched
URLwire Announcement Page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/052808.html

Coverage/Link: TechCrunch.com - see screen capture of coverage below

Content/Site Announced: PBS American Experience: The Presidents Online - http://www.pbs.org/presidents/2008
URLwire Headline: Presidential Video Biographies Lend Insight To 2008 Election at PBS American Experience Site 
URLwire Announcement Page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/031208.html

Coverage/Link: resourceshelf.com - see screen capture of coverage below

Content/Site Announced: The Color - http://www.thecolor.com
URLwire Headline:Web 2.0 Online Coloring Site TheColor.com Is Perfect for Kids
URLwire Announcement Page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/091108.html

Coverage/Link: lifehacker.com - Online Coloring Book TheColor Sports Web 2.0 Features - see screen capture of coverage below

Content/Site Announced: NASA Greenspace - http://green.arc.nasa.gov/
URLwire Headline Link: New Greenspace Site From NASA's Ames Showcases Green Initiatives
URLwire Announcement Page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/123108.html

Coverage/Link: The Wall Street Journal Online
Screen capture of coverage

Content/Site Announced: Universal Studios Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT Roller Coaster - http://hollywoodrockit.com
URLwire Headline Link: Site Follows Progress of Universal Studios Hollywood Rip Ride RockIT Roller Coaster
URLwire Announcement Page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/022609.html

Covered by : USA Today
Screen capture of coverage below