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Questions About URLwire?

If you have any questions about how URLwire works, send them via email to urgent@ericward.com and please put URLWIRE in the subject line

Announcing a site

The fee to announce a site is $495.00 - Specifics and payment methods are described here

The URLwire FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) can be found on the URLwire homepage. It's easy to miss if you don't scroll. 

URLwire's Anchor Text Policy

URLwire was live on the web for four years before Google existed, and for many years I included anchor text written by me that most aptly described the content of the site I was linking to. Since I cannot be certain how Google will treat such links, back in January of 2014 I started nofollowing links by default, and I now only use company name, site name, or site URL as the anchor text

The value of URLwire is not about the anchor text or dofollow anyway. The value of URLwire is creating awareness of your content within the community of people who can then help your content become better known, earning links and publicity along the way.

URLwire is also indexed and included in Google News. Here's a search showing this.

Subscribing to URLwire is Free - Options Are Below

Private Email
The private one-to-one email version is matched by me personally to your interests.  URLwire by email is not automated. I will only send the email version to people who ask for it. You tell me the types of sites you want to know about, and you only hear from me when I have a match.  This option is especially appealing if you only care about specific subjects. For example, if you are a librarian at a law school, you may only care about legal sites. If you are the family editor at About.com, you may only want to hear about sites in that topic. To subscribe this way, send email to eric@urlwire.com and let me know your interests.

The URLwire headlines page will always have the most recent announcement at the top

For those who prefer to read URLwire on a mobile device, you can use the RSS feed URL, which is http://www.urlwire.com/headlines/urlwire.rss.
For old-school RSS fans, the URLwire headlines page is still available as an RSS feed via
I also post URLwire site announcements at Blogspot, which provides an xml feed you can subscribe to. http://URLwire.BlogSpot.com | Blogger feed
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URLwire Google Group

you can subscribe to the Google Group for URLwire by going to
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