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National Geographic Society Launches Private 
Expeditions in Partnership with Virtuoso®

Trips for Independent Travelers Include Stays at New 
National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World

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National Geographic Society Launches Private Expeditions in Partnership with Virtuoso

(January 2015) The National Geographic Society announced this month the launch of National Geographic Private Expeditions, a new line of trips geared toward independent travelers, offered in partnership with Virtuoso®, the leading international network of luxury-focused travel agencies and advisors. 

Private Expeditions are unique itineraries to destinations all over the world that are specially designed for those who seek the flexibility to travel when and with whom they wish. Travelers explore independently while enjoying the benefits of traveling with National Geographic: top local guides, access to sites and experiences, built-in free time to explore and excellent accommodations. Travelers simply select a Private Expedition, choose their travel dates and any number of traveling companions and leave the legwork to National Geographic Expeditions and Virtuoso.(read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 01/22/15

_____________________________________________ Provides Expert Plumbing Services 
and Helpful Web Site to Cary, NC Residents

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URL: Provides Expert Plumbing Services and Helpful Web Site to Cary, NC Residents

All plumbing companies are not created equal. With this important fact in mind, residents of Cary, NC who wish to access premium plumbing services for truly reasonable rates will enjoy learning more about Bizzy Bee Plumbing, via the company’s official website. 

This exceptional company has years of experience and its hand-picked team of licensed plumbers are polite, well-groomed and devoted to performing professional-grade repairs, installations and upgrades, according to industry “best practices”. 

Access Perfect Plumbing Solutions

You may connect with Bizzy Bee Plumbing’s warm and caring customer service representatives, via the company’s official website, In addition, this website is the perfect online resource for those who need to learn more about available plumbing services in Cary, NC and surrounding areas, as it details a host of practical information about the services that Bizzy Bee Plumbing currently offers. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 12/10/14


You Can Save The World With Citizen Science at

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It's so easy to be overwhelmed by everything that is wrong in the world. In 2010, there were 660,000 deaths from malaria. Dire predictions about climate change suggest that sea levels could rise enough to submerge both Los Angeles and London by 2100. Bees are dying, not by the thousands but by the millions.

But what can you do? You’re just one person, right? The good news is that you *can* do something.

It’s called citizen science, and it’s a way for ordinary people like you and me to do real, honest-to-goodness, help-answer-the-big-questions science.

This site,, introduces you to a world in which it is possible to go on a wildlife survey in a national park, install software on your computer to search for a cure for cancer, have your smartphone log the sound pollution in your city, transcribe ancient Greek scrolls, or sift through the dirt from a site where a mastodon died 11,000 years ago—even if you never finished high school. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 10/17/14


1,000 Guitar Teachers Join DS Music to give out Free Guitar Teaching Material

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Over 1,000 guitar teachers UK-wide have helped DS Music create over 100 pages of Free Downloadable Guitar Resources which have just been launched.

Created by professional guitarists, these free guitar resources cover the most requested topics; How to Read Music & Music Theory for Guitarists, Circle of Fifths for Guitarists, Guitar Scales Dictionary, Guitar Chord Accompaniment Chart, 12 Bar Blues for Guitar and many more. Aimed to help save lesson preparation time for guitar teachers and provide essential information for guitar students, these professional guitar resources are sure to be one of the best collections available for free download. 

Explore our range of free guitar resources now: (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 10/9/14


Florida Probate, Trust and Estate Blog from Lawyers of Clark Skatoff Helps Simplify Complex Cases

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Florida continues to be an important state for probate, trust, and guardianship litigation, as Florida retains is traditional role as the destination for east-coast retirees. Law is not fixed – it is constantly being refined as courts handle difficult and complex cases and new law is made on a regular basis. As the Courts in Florida continue to churn out new cases and decisions in the probate, trust and guardianship fields, the law in these important areas evolves on an almost daily basis. 

The lawyers of Clark Skatoff PA, through their legal blog at, provide fresh and constant updates of all cases in the probate, trust, and guardianship areas, usually within days of each case being issue by the Florida court. Said managing probate attorney Jeffrey Skatoff, "We try to explain each new case in simple enough terms for lay persons, yet also provide enough technical analysis so that the information is useful for lawyers who practice in the probate, trust, and guardianship fields. We also provide updates and analysis of cases in jurisdictions outside of Florida that our readers might have an interest in – such as a trust investment loss case, or a probate dispute over a lost or missing will". (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 9/22/2014

_____________________________________________ - The Definitive Guide to Men's Fitness, Aging, and Health

tell your twitter followers. lets busy men take control of their health and wellness activities. It provides straightforward exercise, nutrition, aging and health information as well as personalized applications for building workout routines and evaluating health. The EMG website addresses every man's lifestyle, aging, and health issues in one clean, easy to navigate site.

The Elite Men's Guide website ( aka EMG features a customizable Workout Builder ( that lets users easily construct weight training workouts that fit their goals and time constraints. Users simple their workout goals (muscle growth, muscle endurance, or strength and endurance), the number of times per week available to train and desirable workout length, and the type of equipment available. Then, EMG's Workout Builder provides a tailored workout routine, which can be brought straight to the gym with our mobile compatible website. The EMG Workout Builder makes use of EMG's comprehensive collection of 100+ fully narrated, HD exercise demonstration videos that show proper technique.

The site also features a wealth of articles and infographics on exercise and nutrition basics as well as sleep, aging, testosterone, and health topics men should know about. Users can also access convenient calculators that allow them to determine their body mass index and waist to height ratio and perform health checks (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 9/18/2014

_____________________________________________ Explains How Educating Prisoners Is Smart on Crime

share with your twitter followers., the world's leader in news and research concerning education and rehabilitation in America's prisons, advocates for expanded educational offerings for prisoners as a smart crime control policy.

The United States currently incarcerates over 2.1 million persons at a cost exceeding $52 billion annually.  This equates to 25 percent of the world's prisoners, even though the U.S. only has 5 percent of the world's population.  Every year, around 600,000 prisoners are released from correctional custody and back into our communities. Between 70 and 85 percent of these released prisoners will recidivate within 5 years of release.

According to Christopher Zoukis -- founder of and Prison Education News -- this recidivism rate can be slashed through educational programming.  Zoukis asserts in his upcoming book, College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in America's Prisons (McFarland and Company, 2015), that prisoners who obtain an Associate's Degree recidivate at a rate of 13.7 percent, those who earn a Bachelor's Degree 5.6 percent, and those who earn a Master's Degree 0 percent.  He calls prison education "the most cost-effective, proven method of reducing recidivism that the world currently knows of."

While some law-abiding American citizens might find the idea of educating prisoners as offensive to victims of crime, the team at presents a strong. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 8/19/2014

_____________________________________________ Offers Luxurious Vegan Bath Bombs

tell your twitter followers. is a small business located in Las Vegas, NV with a passion for making the highest quality bath bombs in the world. Moisturizing orbs releasing sweet aromatherapy, each one made by hand with love from us to you. 

CEO Justin Gomolka said "We live in such a stressful world these days. Sometimes, you need to just put away your cell phone, shut down the computer, turn off the news... and take a bath! I want our customers to experience magic with our luxurious, vegan bath bombs. Let your worries fade away, while you take a vacation right at home with one of our bath bombs. Filled with moisturizing oils and relaxing essential oils, we feel everyone deserves one of these therapeutic treasures. "

Commitment to Animal Rights
As a signer of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, every product is made from 100% natural ingredients with respect to human, plant and animal life. The company works closely with PETA to operate cruelty free as well as all products are 100% vegan. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 8/07/2014
_________________________________ - Discover Relevant & Breaking Stories With Noot Mobile App

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Noot is a smartphone app that makes it easy to discover relevant, novel and breaking stories you can save, share and read. 

At Noot's core is its built-in learning technology.  Noot learns which topics are of interest to you  based on both short and long term consumption patterns within the app. Noot’s learning engine then augments story streams (e.g. World News, Entertainment or Sports) with contextually relevant stories that match your unique interests. As a result, story selection is personalized and constantly evolves along with your interests. 

Content coverage includes both breaking news and stories that extend beyond traditional news categories. Noot's editorial team has curated thousands of newspapers, magazines and blogs into content channels. These content channels include traditional news categories such as World News, Entertainment, Business, Sports, Lifestyle and Technology, as well as over one hundred other channels covering topics such as Bollywood, Stock Markets, Fantasy Football, Parenting and Startup news, to name a few. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 7/14/2014

Research, Compare, and Apply for Credit Cards at

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Finding the perfect credit card just got easier thanks to

This comprehensive site allows consumers to research, compare, and apply for the right credit card for their needs.  Users can easily search for cards and filter their results based on criteria such as credit score, awards, card issuer, interest rate, and more. The site’s credit card comparison tool allows users to see each card’s features side by side, making it easier to make a more informed decision. Users can then apply for credit cards directly from the site and find out if they’re approved in seconds. 

In addition to providing the most consolidated and comprehensive collection of credit card information and applications, also provides a library of articles and a blog located at

Anyone who wants to learn more about personal finance, smart credit use, improving their credit score, and managing debt can find everything they need on the site. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 6/3/2014
_________________________________ Provides Credit Card Advice From Real People

tell your twitter followers. gives more power to the consumer when shopping for a credit card. The website uses a crowd-sourcing model where credit cards are displayed or “ranked” in their respective sections based on the votes or ratings given to them by cardholders and credit card experts. 

“The reality is that decisions about credit card selection are swayed heavily by product placement on credit card shopping sites. The placement of credit cards on personal finance sites is determined in many cases by advertising dollars with the quality of the product playing a lesser role,” says Todd Serpico, Director of User Experience at “We believe that card placements based on user ratings and unbiased expert opinion provides for a much more honest and balanced shopping environment. There is so much power given to the site owners in this industry and we think it’s about time to give more back to the people who need it most, the consumers.” (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 3/7/2014
_________________________________ Helps Individuals Manage Their Own Investments

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Busy professionals looking to manage their own investments are ill served by financial media today that focuses on short term issues at the cost of addressing the long term merits of an investment. The benefits of taking a long term approach and adopting a value investment philosophy have been well proven to be superior in multiple studies over a typical investment horizon (Morningstar/Ibbotson [PDF]). However, most investors today do not have time or desire to conduct the due diligence required to build a practical self managed portfolio. [url] helps fill this need by providing pre-qualified stock ideas for further research. This greatly cuts down on the number of stocks an investor needs to review as they make their portfolio selections. The site also provides expert analysis and commentary and publishes educational articles that helps investors make sound investment choices, filtering out the short term noise in the market. Interested investors can also become premium members and receive hand picked recommendations...(read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 1/27/2014
_________________________________ Delivers Educational First Aid at Work Resources
tell your twitter followers. is a first aid orientated website which has just released a new range of educational video tutorials, which aim to help people who are unable to attend a course.

A national survey commissioned by DK estimated that around 77% of people either do not know how to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or would be unsure of the protocol. It is also estimated that around 1 in 3 people would not know what to do if their toddler was choking.

These startling statistics prove that there simply isn’t enough first aiders present when an emergency strikes. People lead busy lives, many of whom do not get the opportunity to attend a first aid course through time or financial restrictions.

Train Aid’s new blog helps these people by creating quick fire video tutorials, which aim to teach basic skills in less than two minutes. The video blog entries are also backed up by text, which talks through the skills step-by-step. Of course these videos are no substitute for genuine first aid at work courses, but they are the next best thing for those who are unable to attend. One example course is titled Emergency First Aid at more

Posted by Eric Ward on 12/04/2013
_________________________________ Launches Online Child ADHD Help Center
tell your twitter followers., a women’s health and wellness website headquartered in Mission Viejo, Calif., has just released a new, online Child ADHD Help Center.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic behavioral disorder, usually onset by age 7, that affects kids, adolescents and adults, according to Ricker Polsdorfer, MD. It is estimated that almost 8% of American children have ADHD (about 1-3 children in every classroom of 30).

The Child ADHD Online Health Center offers facts about ADHD, articles, videos, expert tips, and news on ADHD medications and studies. 

Articles cover ADHD in teens, how to help students with ADHD in school, how to handle bullying, the difference with ADHD in girls, and a review of the best ADHD books for parents and kids.

“Moms who are busy raising families and taking care of a child with ADHD don’t have time to search for answers to health questions,” says Laurie Berger, Lifescript Editor-in-Chief. “Our Child ADHD Health Center offers comprehensive health information and resources parents need to make decisions for their kids and themselves.”

The Child ADHD Health Center is one of 85 health centers on the site. Lifescript Health Centers are designed to help women and their families live healthier lives with medically reviewed articles, expert interviews, lifestyle tips, quizzes, more

Posted by Eric Ward on 08/26/2013
_________________________________ – The Most Comprehensive Guidance to the Best Life Insurance Policies

URL: your twitter followers. was designed to provide efficient access to only the most reputable life insurance companies.  Upon entering their website you will immediately recognize the logos of these respective companies.  LifeQuotes4U allied with these partners to firmly establish a trusting relationship with their policy holders. In addition, LifeQuotes4U does not charge their policy holders a fee for their services.

LifeQuotes4U revolutionized the commercially driven insurance industry and brought it back to the people who support it–– you the consumer.  LifeQuotes4U developed a partnership with fourteen different charitable causes to promote this personal component of their business.  Instead of spending money on fancy mailers and complimentary stuffed teddy bears, LifeQuotes4U will donate £10 to one of these charitable causes [link] for every policy that is activated.

LifeQuotes4U also provides a wide range of digital resources on their website.  Supplement to the industry standard of providing real time quotes and customer service, LifeQuotes4U also maintains an interactive blog. This blog includes articles about: health, nutrition, current events throughout the insurance industry, and various statistical more

Posted by Eric Ward on 08/21/2013
_________________________________ Offers One Stop Site for Lighting Products Ranging From ECO Friendly Bulbs, CFLs, LEDs, Halogens, and More

URL: your twitter followers a  website that provides consumers with a wide variety of lighting options.  With products ranging from fluorescent light bulbs, Antique Bulbs, Christmas Lights, LEDs, Eco Friendly, and tons more to choose from makes shopping for lighting options simple and fun.

Unfortunately with the current market, many neighborhood hardware stores are rapidly diminishing; seeking out lighting options quickly is often a challenge. Conversely, the limited selections in grocery and convenient stores are often marked up almost 40% and force consumers to settle for far less than they pay for. is the only site currently available that offers a diverse range of lighting options, competitive prices and rapid delivery. The website platform is easy to use and maneuver. The company with a warehouse in Owings Mills, Maryland ensures the product is delivered both quickly and safely to your more

Posted by Eric Ward on 08/15/2013
_________________________________ Launches to Bring Trust Back Into Online Product Reviews

URL: http://www.RelationshipSpotlight.comtweet officially launches its website in hopes of cleaning up the online dating and relationship products review industry with the goal of putting consumer faith back into online reviews as reliable sources of expert product opinion, insider look, and comprehensive buyer’s guide.

“Sadly, the web is flooded with scammy products and spammy websites.  When it comes to dating and relationship products, it’s even worse.  Dealing with relationship issues is already hard enough in and of itself and the last thing that someone needs during this situation is to be scammed off their hard-earned money because some dishonest product review lured them into it.  We at aim to change all of that,” said Kurt Sun,’s Editor-In-Chief. aims to make the buying decision easy, convenient, and confident for someone who is looking for a relationship product via the website’s growing list of Editor-reviewed dating and relationship product reviews as well as its whole range of website features.  The goal is to make visitors secure about the product they are purchasing before they even make the actual purchase, both in terms of the product’s legitimacy and the product’s capacity to solve the user’s unique and specific needs. publishes Editor-reviewed product reviews, more

Posted by Eric Ward on 07/22/2013
_________________________________ Launches Online Life Insurance Quotes With No Contact Information Required

URL: http://www.rootfin.comtell your twitter followers

Families and businesses in the market for life insurance now have a way to compare life insurance quotes, financial ratings and policy details from the nation's top rated life insurance companies without providing any of their contact information.

Rootfin Online Life Insurance Agency ( is an independent life insurance agency that has access to over 100 highly rated life insurance companies and shares .  Their life insurance quote engine allows consumers from across the United States to compare life insurance quotes side by side within seconds. 

Being able to compare life insurance quotes without any personal information is very rare in a market saturated with marketers collecting your contact information.  Combine this tool with access to experienced life insurance agents via web chat, email and/or telephone (to answer any questions) and you have a tremendous resource for those in the market for life insurance.

Rootfin also educates those who are having trouble securing coverage because of high risk conditions.  Their high risk life insurance page has the more

Posted by Eric Ward on 06/19/2013
_________________________________ Opens Registration for Live Online Video Debate Website


Gun control is pointless. Women shouldn't be allowed in military combat. Creationism doesn't belong in public schools. Do you agree? Disagree? If you hold strong, intelligent opinions on today's most pressing issues, then you're a perfect candidate for, a new and unique venue for watching and participating in live online video debate.

Since the first televised presidential debates in 1960, the persuasive power of visual argument has had an enormous influence on contemporary culture. Yet despite the many technological advances of the past 50 years, average citizens have lacked a public forum in which they too can engage in video debate. But now, they have one:, the first live online video debate website. is:

- A first-of-its-kind website for live, one-on-one video debate on specific hot-button issues
- An intelligent, socially engaged online community that participates via watching, commenting on, and recording debates at
- A platform for broadcasting debates to a broader audience on blogs and websites via’s video embedding capability

In preparation for its pending launch, is announcing an open invitation to all interested debaters. Provide your name and email address to request your invitation, and will make you one of the first opinion shapers to participate in their groundbreaking online debate format.

At, registered users will be able to watch, participate in, comment on, respond to, and record structured, one-on-one more

Posted by Eric Ward on 04/30/2013
_________________________________ Focuses on the Groom

URL: tweet.

With its uniquely focused product selection, (MWR) offers grooms a one-stop shop for finding the wedding ring of their dreams. Over the past year Mens-Wedding-Rings has focused on expanding its already successful business, diversifying its market presence and improving the customer shopping experience. 

Amid these key changes, MWR has remained true to the core values that made it so popular with shoppers in the first place: selling high quality men’s wedding bands at everyday low prices and offering superior customer service.

As brick-and-mortar stores continue to lose their foothold in the jewelry market, allows customers to find the best deals on men’s wedding bands from the convenience of their own homes. Unlike other prominent online jewelry stores, Mens-Wedding-Rings has been laser-like in its product selection – there are no women’s engagement rings or other accessories to wade through. While technically a small business, Mens-Wedding-Rings competes with some of the largest online retailers of men’s wedding rings. 

Unlike these bigger corporations, MWR’s more streamlined approach has lent it the agility with which to respond instantaneously to customer demand and feedback. One prime example is MWR’s selection of men’s large size rings (one of the biggest online), which was developed after shoppers commented on the difficulty of finding attractive wedding rings that would fit their more

Posted by Eric Ward on 04/25/2013
_________________________________ Launches Tool To Send Contact Details To Website Visitors' Phones

URL: http://www.sendola.comtweet

Sendola, a free new tool for business owners to add to their websites, was launched this month by Plus Telecom Ltd, a UK telecom services provider.

Sendola's unique feature gives a user the ability to request contact and location details from any business website be sent to thier phone in seconds. The app is especially useful for businesses who rely on customer calls or foot traffic.  Sendola is a valuable tool that can convert website visitors to real-world customers.

Marketing and Culture manager of Leon Restaurants -and Sendola client- Megan Bailey, said "Sendola is perfect. It gives people who would like to pop in to our restaurants all the information they need to find us easily, exactly where it's most accessible - in their mobile."

Their are multiple business details which can be requested/sent to website visitors using Sendola,  including phone numbers, maps, addressess, email address, URLs, social links, business hours,  parking info, directions, street view and more.

Sendola can send these details to any mobile phone, meaning the website visitor is not required to have the app on their phone. This effectively removes barriers restricting a website visitor from using Sendola. With Sendola the website visitor receives more

Posted by Eric Ward on 04/24/2013
URLwire Will Return In April 2013 Tackles Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Treatments and Information

URL: http://beyondocd.orgtweet. is a leading resource to help those with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to get beyond OCD. OCD can be very disruptive in the lives of those who suffer from this frequently misunderstood affliction and their families. Since 1994, the mission of Beyond OCD (originally known as OCD Chicago) has been to outline options for OCD treatment, therapy and support for educators, clergy, families and the mental health professional community to address OCD.

Beyond OCD is the most comprehensive list of resources for this neurobiological anxiety disorder for adults and children of all backgrounds. Find the symptoms and causes of OCD and how to manage this disorder. is a place to share personal stories, data and reading material for OCD facts, OCD sufferers and to dispel OCD myths. provides insight from professionals in the medical field on industry news, trends, technologies, therapies , new resources and more including helpful guides on specific topics published in English and Spanish. is another website owned by that is specifically geared to educators and administrators facing the struggle with OCD in schools including universities around the world. 

OCD Chicago changed to Beyond OCD in May 2012 to broaden the topics and horizons outside the Chicago area to provide OCD resources, facts and guides in English and Spanish to people afflicted with OCD in all 50 states and more than 100 countries worldwide. Beyond OCD is spreading the message that OCD can be managed successfully. 

Visit or call 773-661-9530 for information. Media inquiries more

Posted by Eric Ward on 01/10/2013
__________________________________ Relaunches Overseas Property Site With 170,000 Properties From 100 Countries

URL: http://www.Property-abroad.comtweet. is a primary destination for the overseas property buyer or investor.  The site was founded in 2000 and has recently been re-launched by CEO Les Calvert

Calvert commented about the site, " originally offered reliable information on the overseas property market, which was then receiving a lot of media attention and hyperbole.  As the site gained respect in the community it served, it grew in size and scope and came to be regarded as one of the internet's foremost overseas property information resource.  As a result, is now in a position to provide a purchaser of holiday property, an investor in apartments or houses for rental or a would-be expatriate with all the information he or she needs, beginning with property listings for countries across the world and taking in legal and financial information for the countries the site covers". 

When the site initially launched, the overseas property search offered just a few hundred properties.  Now the site has over 170,000 listings from over 100 countries worldwide and continues to grow daily.  The database is shared with's satellite sites each dealing with individual countries.

A Buyer's Guide section offers country-specific information on each country, dealing with investment property, apartments and holiday property.  The focus is on practicalities and each section aims to prepare the buyer for that part of the purchase more

Posted by Eric Ward on 01/09/2013
__________________________________ Launches Thyroid Advocacy Site For Moms With Hypothyroidism

URL: http://hypothyroidmom.comtweet.

The Thyroid Federation International estimates there are up to 300 million people worldwide with thyroid dysfunction, yet over half are unaware of their condition. The mission of is clear - to drive awareness.

Hypothyroid Mom reveals research on the dangers of hypothyroidism and pregnancy, including miscarriage, still birth, infertility, maternal anemia, pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, postpartum hemorrhage, premature delivery, low birth weight, and deficits in intellectual development in infants. The literature sited also links an under active thyroid to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's. Despite the research connecting hypothyroidism to many of the deadliest diseases of our time, the lack of awareness is pervasive.

Founder Dana Trentini was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid, following the birth of her first son in 2006. She trusted her doctors never once thinking they might not know everything about hypothyroidism, especially when she became pregnant again in late 2008. She would later learn that her NYC doctors did not know enough about hypothyroidism, especially the dangers of hypothyroidism and pregnancy. Under their care her TSH, the gold standard for thyroid function, reached levels far above the safe range for pregnancy and she miscarried. On that fateful day, she vowed to research everything there was to know about this disease and warn women everywhere. She fulfilled her vow with the launch of Hypothyroid more

Posted by Eric Ward on 01/08/2013

URLwire Break Until January 2013
__________________________________ Presents Concise Weight Loss Product Reviews

URL: http://www.weightrater.comtweet.

Every day, more and more weight loss products enter the market claiming to be the ultimate solution to your weight loss problems.  The sheer number of choices alone makes it hard to weed out the legitimate products from the bad ones.

On the other hand, the web is filled with cookie-cutter and shallow product reviews created by outsourced writers or partial website owners.  The huge amount of unreliable reviews makes weight loss product research a time-consuming, tedious, and often misleading task. launches to provide dieters and people who want to lose weight with reliable and concise weight loss product reviews.  The site aims to assist and point you to the most suitable and best product that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

What makes different from other review sites is that it intends to help you feel confident with your product choice as well as help you cut your research time.  It does so by providing product reviews that are concise, clean, and democratized.

The site’s product reviews are kept short but informative, with each review readable in 5 minutes or less.  The reviews only include crucial information that users need to verify the effectiveness and credibility of the product.  Armed with only useful information and free from unnecessary details, you’ll be able to make up your mind about the product or move on to consider other products very quickly. takes readability and user experience into account with a clean and simple look and feel.  The reviews are easy to read and are kept free from more

Posted by Eric Ward on 12/05/2012
__________________________________ Launches Peru Tours & Machu Picchu Tours That Make a Difference

URL: http://www.LlamaExpeditions.comtweet.

Travelers who crave an adventure off the beaten path have an exciting new option – with a philanthropic twist. 

Llama Expeditions ( offers guided tours through Peru, from sightseeing to hiking the Inca trail. In addition to taking in the stunning scenery and experiencing incredible adventure, travelers connect to the country and its people through exclusive access and a chance to make a difference.

Founder Diane Valenti said "I decided that I wanted to provide more than the typical sterile tourist vacation packed with the usual attractions. Instead, our tours give you the opportunity to see how Peruvians really live—to talk with them about their dreams and accomplishments and to learn about the challenges they face. We also visit carefully selected nonprofit and grassroots organizations where you'll have the chance to experience delight in the difference your gifts of healthy food, school supplies, clothing, or sunglasses can make in the lives of some of the world's poorest people".

Llama Expeditions BackGround
The story of Llama Expeditions started in July 2008 when Diane traveled to Peru for the first time with her then 74-year-old, very adventurous Dad. Together they canoed the Amazon, marveled at the wonders of Machu Picchu, and explored the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. In the midst of it all, Diane I fell in love.

Juan was an Inca Trail guide living in Cusco, Peru. After a flurry of e-mail messages and phone calls, she returned to Peru for a different kind of visit. What she didn't know is how different it would be and how it would change her more

Posted by Eric Ward on 11/15/2012

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