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Today... Honors 2015 Best of Senior Living Award Recipients

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URL: Honors 2015 Best of Senior Living Award Recipients

Now in their second year, the Best of 2015 Awards celebrate the best of the best in American senior care and are only given to communities and agencies that have consistently received outstanding feedback from families on the website. This exclusive designation places the winners in the top one percent of senior care providers nationwide according to those who matter most - their customers.

At 4.5, 4.1, and 3.3 percents respectively, Atlanta assisted living, Chicago assisted living, and Dallas assisted living providers represent the top three U.S. cities with the most winners. California, Texas, and Florida represent the top three states.

"We launched with two goals in mind: first, we wanted to identify and celebrate the best-performing senior care providers and second, we wanted to give families a tool to identify the businesses that will take great care of their loved ones," said Eric Seifert, President of "These awards are a capstone on those two goals. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to thank companies and professionals who commit to providing exceptional service to the loved ones we entrust in their care."

According to a joint study by and A Place For Mom conducted in May 2014, online reviews have a profound impact on the purchasing behavior of consumers looking for senior care. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 03/17/15

_____________________________________________ Helps Consumers Avoid Diamond Buying Rip Offs
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URL: Helps Consumers Avoid Diamond Buying Rip Offs

The Diamond Pro (, a website created by diamond industry veteran Ira Weissman, is dedicated to educating potential diamond consumers. With all the hype and misinformation fed to the public through sappy advertising and unscrupulous diamond salesmen, only education and research can guarantee one will make a smart buy. The potential pitfalls are nearly endless.

"I left my job traveling the world selling diamonds in 2008," said Weissman, "because I couldn't stand how the industry was always looking for ways to trick people into spending more money on diamonds. It's then that I decided to create The Diamond Pro to help consumers open their eyes to the games diamond dealers play. I also wanted to teach people how to buy a diamond like a diamond dealer and only focus on what’s visibly important."

The Diamond Pro educates consumers in two ways. First, readers of the site are invited to email Mike Fried, Weissman's partner and current CEO of The Diamond Pro (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 03/12/15

_____________________________________________ Saves Children's Lives by Giving Away Over 82,000 Free Cord Cleats

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URL: Saves Children's Lives by Giving Away Over 82,000 Free Cord Cleats is serious about child safety. While all their products are CPSC safety compliant and safety devices are sent with each corded product, after the news early last year of four more children losing their lives to corded window covering accidents, they knew they had to do even more. Select Blinds has created a free cord cleat program [] open to all consumers, both customers and non-customers. 

Consumers can request free cord cleats for every corded window covering in their houses. Cord cleats are small, easy-to-install safety devices that allow dangling cords to be wrapped up and kept out of the reach of children. So far, Select Blinds has already sent over 82,000 cord cleats to families with small children, giving parents the tools they need to keep their children safe. In their official announcement of the new program, Select Blinds said:

The loss of a single child is too many, so we are taking our commitment to safety one step further. Effective immediately, we are offering free cord cleats to everyone, whether they are a SelectBlinds' customer or not, for their current corded window coverings. We're taking a stand, and we invite you to stand with us to help prevent injuries and save lives.
But that's not all they're doing to try and protect children from preventable window covering cord accidents. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 03/05/15


National Geographic Society Launches Private 
Expeditions in Partnership with Virtuoso®

Trips for Independent Travelers Include Stays at New 
National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World

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National Geographic Society Launches Private Expeditions in Partnership with Virtuoso

(January 2015) The National Geographic Society announced this month the launch of National Geographic Private Expeditions, a new line of trips geared toward independent travelers, offered in partnership with Virtuoso®, the leading international network of luxury-focused travel agencies and advisors. 

Private Expeditions are unique itineraries to destinations all over the world that are specially designed for those who seek the flexibility to travel when and with whom they wish. Travelers explore independently while enjoying the benefits of traveling with National Geographic: top local guides, access to sites and experiences, built-in free time to explore and excellent accommodations. Travelers simply select a Private Expedition, choose their travel dates and any number of traveling companions and leave the legwork to National Geographic Expeditions and Virtuoso.(read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 01/22/15

_____________________________________________ Provides Expert Plumbing Services 
and Helpful Web Site to Cary, NC Residents

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All plumbing companies are not created equal. With this important fact in mind, residents of Cary, NC who wish to access premium plumbing services for truly reasonable rates will enjoy learning more about Bizzy Bee Plumbing, via the company’s official website. 

This exceptional company has years of experience and its hand-picked team of licensed plumbers are polite, well-groomed and devoted to performing professional-grade repairs, installations and upgrades, according to industry “best practices”. 

Access Perfect Plumbing Solutions

You may connect with Bizzy Bee Plumbing’s warm and caring customer service representatives, via the company’s official website, In addition, this website is the perfect online resource for those who need to learn more about available plumbing services in Cary, NC and surrounding areas, as it details a host of practical information about the services that Bizzy Bee Plumbing currently offers. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 12/10/14


You Can Save The World With Citizen Science at

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It's so easy to be overwhelmed by everything that is wrong in the world. In 2010, there were 660,000 deaths from malaria. Dire predictions about climate change suggest that sea levels could rise enough to submerge both Los Angeles and London by 2100. Bees are dying, not by the thousands but by the millions.

But what can you do? You’re just one person, right? The good news is that you *can* do something.

It’s called citizen science, and it’s a way for ordinary people like you and me to do real, honest-to-goodness, help-answer-the-big-questions science.

This site,, introduces you to a world in which it is possible to go on a wildlife survey in a national park, install software on your computer to search for a cure for cancer, have your smartphone log the sound pollution in your city, transcribe ancient Greek scrolls, or sift through the dirt from a site where a mastodon died 11,000 years ago—even if you never finished high school. (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 10/17/14


1,000 Guitar Teachers Join DS Music to give out Free Guitar Teaching Material
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Over 1,000 guitar teachers UK-wide have helped DS Music create over 100 pages of Free Downloadable Guitar Resources which have just been launched.

Created by professional guitarists, these free guitar resources cover the most requested topics; How to Read Music ? Music Theory for Guitarists, Circle of Fifths for Guitarists, Guitar Scales Dictionary, Guitar Chord Accompaniment Chart, 12 Bar Blues for Guitar and many more. Aimed to help save lesson preparation time for guitar teachers and provide essential information for guitar students, these professional guitar resources are sure to be one of the best collections available for free download. 

Explore our range of free guitar resources now: (read more)

Posted by Eric Ward on 10/9/14

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