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Sites Announced on URLwire in 2008

EverlifeMemorials.com Supports Grieving Pet Owners With New Pet Loss Resources
EverlifeMemorials.com has recently launched new content on their website aimed at giving much-needed support and guidance to newly bereaved pet owners.  Everlife’s new pet loss resources provide grieving pet owners with information to help them cope with every aspect of the same...Click to read more

SmileBooks.com - Beautiful Photo Books from Digital Photos Simplified
Turn your favorite digital photographs into custom photo books and preserve your most precious memories forever. SmileBooks.com makes it easy to create individualized custom photo albums using your own digital photos and computer images. With SmileBooks, in minutes you can ...Click to read more

Traveling2Florida.com Tempts Sightseers to Visit the Sunshine State
Targeting both UK and US travelers with informative articles on every detail of planning fun Florida vacations, the Traveling2Florida website doubles as a one-stop shop for unique Florida vacations – but with a catch. The website offers Florida home and apartment rentals, not hotels, as an alternative to the usual lodging options. Any given search is narrowed down to 100 homes in any one area, which significantly limits the market and aids the site’s users in two ways: ...Click to read more

Turning Points Web Series With Tom Brokaw Launched On MSNBC.com
msnbc.com has launched an original eight-part web series titled "Turning Points with Tom Brokaw".  Turning Points focuses on historic elections that changed America. Tom Brokaw, NBC News Special Correspondent and interim moderator of "Meet the Press," recaps these pivotal ...Click to read more

Singer Songwriter Tom Fox Offers Legal Free MP3 Downloads
Guitarist, singer and songwriter Tom Fox is one of a small but growing group of artists giving away music for free rather than charging or having fans fined for stealing it. On his Web site at foxtunes.com, Tom has made CDs of free music downloads available, including songs from "Midnight Rain" (which was nominated for two independent music awards) and "Slowly" (which ...Click to read more.

Web Site Helps Investors Discover Tomorrow’s Winning Stocks Today
Every year – whether markets are up, down or flat – there are always stocks that double, triple or more in market value. Owning one or more of these stocks can significantly increase the value of one’s investment portfolio. The challenge, of course, is to become an early discoverer of these growth stocks – to discover tomorrow’s winning stocks today. For the past two decades Paul Christiansen, founder of Big Bet Stocks (http://bigbetstocks.com), has been obsessed with trying to find a method that would help investors successfully solve that challenge. After ...Click to read more

Web 2.0 Online Coloring Site TheColor.com Is Perfect for Kids
With an ever growing selection of pictures to color online, TheColor.com is the first online coloring site that has integrated web 2.0 features such as community ratings of pictures, most popular pictures colored by members, and private/public galleries of the most recently colored pictures by members. Unlike crayons and paper, TheColor.com gives kids 190 different colors ...Click to read more.

New Service Lets Anyone Build Mobile Websites Using Their Mobile Phone
mobiSiteGalore.com creates history today by launching a revolutionary free service that for the first time in the history of the Internet enables anyone to build mobile websites using just their basic mobile phone. mobiSiteGalore has announced the launch of mobiSiteGalore ‘Build-with-Mobile’ - the world’s first mobile website builder that for the first time in the history of the Internet enables anyone to build a full-fledged mobile website using just their mobile ...Click to read more.

Personal Protection and Home Defense Site RKDefense.com is a Family Affair
The RKDefense.com website is a labor of love and a family affair as well, owned and operated by a family of Marine Corps veterans. The RKDefense.com website provides an array of self defense and personal protection products designed to help men and women of all ages protect themselves and their families in an increasingly dangerous world. This valuable site has been ...Click to read more

Kansas City Public Library Site Unveils Major Improvements
The new KCLibrary.org is the official website of the Kansas City Public Library. The massive overhaul of the library’s website is intended to make the site easier to navigate and more useful to library patrons. Features of the new website include: New user-friendly navigation. Users can now access more of the information they are looking for quickly and easily, directly from the ...Click to read more.

Water Calculator from H2OConserve.org Shows Your Water Foorprint
The H2O Conserve Water Calculator is a web based tool that can help you calculate how much water you use on a daily basis, and more importantly, provide tips for how to use less. The Calculator takes you through a series of questions about your daily life, from baths to tooth-brushing to lawn watering, and as you answer these questions gives you an estimate of the total amount of water you use, called your "water footprint". The Calculator takes into ...Click to read more

Online Dream Journal Site Records 100,000th Dream, Adds Features
DreamJournal.net, the free online dream journal service that allows anyone to create and customize an online dream journal, now has over 100,000 dreams recorded on the site.  Site creator Kelly Matthews commented, "when I launched DreamJournal in 2001, it was mostly for my own enjoyment and fun. I had no idea the site would resonate with so many people.  I'm ...Click to read more

OTR Tire Site BuyBigTires.com Launches OTR Video Magazine With Tom White
Whether you are a tire industry veteran who memorizes technical data books for fun, or a novice who doesn't know what the initials "OTR" stand for, BuyBigTires.com is betting that they can inform and entertain you, with their bi-weekly OTR video magazine "OTR Weekly with Tom White". Drawing from his experience in off-the-road, or OTR tires, sales and installation, Tom ...Click to read more

New FA Premier League Prediction Game Launched by PredictAddict
Predict Addict, the free online football prediction game is back, just in time for the new FA Premier League season, which kicked off on August 16th 2008. This year, even more football fans are competing to top the Predict Addict leaderboard with members creating mini leagues ...Click to read more

Green Commercial Kitchen Certification Program Launches at FoodServiceWarehouse.com
Commercial kitchen retailer FoodServiceWarehouse.com moves the foodservice industry into a clean, green future with its Green Commercial Kitchen Program, available today online at http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/going-green/, and in its green catalogue. Aimed at helping commercial kitchens cope with the costs and complexities of going green, the program features educational resources, rewards and the industry’s only free certification program, ...Click to read more

Cornell Undergrad Launches Stevesie.com - Intelligent News Search Engine
Tired of drudging through headline after headline to stay informed? Stevesie News makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the world.  Created by Cornell Undergraduate student Steve Spagnola, Stevesie finds live news from hundreds of sources across the web. Next, an artificial brain ...Click to read more

SARshield.com Site Provides Cell Phone Radiation Charts, FAQs
With the recent news of a link between cell phone usage and cancer, you may be wondering how much radiation your specific cell phone brand/model emits. SARShield.com  invites you to check out their Mobile Phone Radiation Chart, updated weekly.  The site also has an in-depth cell phone radiation FAQ. Cell phones emit low levels of radio frequency energy (i.e., radio frequency radiation) in the microwave range during use. High levels of RF can produce biological damage through heating effects (in the same way a microwave ...Click to read more

FashionandEarth.com Launches Green Clothing Shopping Site Featuring Organic, Eco-Friendly Fashion
As green clothing retailer Fashion & Earth gears up its inventory of organic clothing for its September opening, shoppers can sign up to receive notifications and an early bird discount at FashionandEarth.com. Green clothing continues to rise in popularity, but still many shoppers are held back by a lack of variety in designs coupled with high prices. Fashion & Earth, a green clothing retailer, is about to change that with the launch of its new website www.FashionandEarth.com. The company is determined to make eco-friendly fashions ...Click to read more.

HawaiiGaga.com Launches Hawaii Vacation Rental Search Engine and
Vacation Guide
HawaiiGaga.com has launched the world’s first human reviewed search engine designed specifically for Hawaii vacation rentals.  The site contains the internet’s most comprehensive directory of Hawaii’s rental listings. HawaiiGaga.com also serves as a community and resource center for vacationers - a place where users can share vacation ideas, and most importantly, write rental reviews. ...Click to read more\

June 28 through July 14, 2008 URLwire on Summer sabbatical 

GreenerCars.org Helps Users Select Most Planet Friendly Green Cars
GreenerCars.org scores and ranks cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs according to environmental friendliness. Learn which vehicles are this year's "greenest" and "meanest," as well as how to shop for a green vehicle. GreenerCars.org will help users select green cars that are the most friendly to the planet while meeting your transportation needs. Based on official emissions and fuel-economy tests, and ...Click to read more.

Greenopolis.com Offers Environmentally Focused Social Networking Site
Greenopolis is an environmentally focused social networking site that develops online relations between everyday people, communities, organizations, schools and businesses. Greenopolis was created to engage users on green issues so that they might learn, explore and participate in an open dialogue about the present and future of our environment.  Greenopolis is free for anyone who wants to join, and ...Click to read more

New Site Provides Advice On North Carolina Family Law
The Raleigh, North Carolina law firm Gailor Wallis & Hunt (GWH) recently launched the North Carolina Family Law web site, located at northcarolinafamilylawnews.com. The content is delivered in familiar blog style, with an RSS feed option, and is designed to educate people on matters of North Carolina family law. Presented by the family law attorneys at Gailor, Wallis & Hunt the news website offers help on topics including Divorce From Bed and Board, Absolute Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Child Custody & Child Support, and ...Click to read more

MastersinNursing.com - Guide to Accredited Schools offering Master's
Degree in Nursing
Recently launched MastersinNursing.com is a guide to accredited programs offering a Master's Degree in Nursing.  It was built because prospective students often have questions about the various Master's Degrees offered in Nursing.  Existing lists on the Internet were not comprehensive, easy to find, and many sites had outdated information and links. MastersinNursing.com was created to serve as an aid to potential graduate nursing students.  The site focuses on the nursing school topics that are most commonly asked about and ...Click to read more

ShrinkTheWeb.com Releases Full Featured Free Website Thumbnail Generator
ShrinkTheWeb (http://www.shrinktheweb.com), the premier offering from Imagion’s “Creativity Initiative” is moving out of its BETA period to provide unique design tools based on website thumbnails.  With an exclusive PRO feature set backed by great support and coupled with the most extensive free basic service in the industry, ShrinkTheWeb is bound to be a favorite of webmasters world-wide. ShrinkTheWeb offers a powerful and full featured free service for which all other site thumbnail providers charge a varying and ...Click to read more

Consumers Go Online To Find Best Gas Credit Cards at CompareCards.com
Consumers, professionals and small business owners interested in finding the best credit card for their individual needs can now do it quickly and easily at CompareCards.com. Loaded with functionality and user-friendly features, CompareCards.com offers a side-by-side credit card compare option, editor reviews and end-user reviews. With the approaching summer travel season and the high price of gas, one of the site’s most popular research areas is the Gas Credit Card Comparison page, that lets consumers find and apply for a ...Click to read more

Soundboard.com Audio Sharing Site Is Live and Making Noise
Nicknamed ‘SoundTube’ by its users, after the massively popular video-sharing site, Soundboard.com made its official debut in April after 16 months in BETA. Yet despite its long trial status, Soundboard.com is already one of the Internet’s largest and most popular audio sharing sites and resources. “It didn’t take long to learn that great audio is sticky and viral,” said Soundboard.com Creative Director Mike Mitchell. “We give users all the tools they need to record, catalog, customize and share their audio worldwide. Before us, ...Click to read more

Major Publications' Product Reviews Summarized at ReviewRoundup.com
ReviewRoundup.com has gathered and summarized hundreds of professional reviews of consumer electronics and software. The goal is to help shoppers hone in on products' pros and cons and make quick-yet-informed purchasing decisions.
Review Roundup is subtitled "Product Reviews from Publications You Trust" because the product reviews are shortened versions of reviews by professionals at respected major publications such as VideoMaker Magazine, Smartphone & Pocket PC and Laptop Magazine. "The publications have partnered with ReviewRoundup.com to offer the reviews in summarized form," said Kevin Savetz, the site's...Click to read more.

DisabilitySecrets.com - Social Security Disability Claims Advice From Former Examiner
DisabilitySecrets.com provides information on the two disability benefit programs administered by the United States Social Security Administration under authority granted by the Social Security Act. Those two disability benefit programs are known as social security disability insurance (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI) and are established, respectively, under titles 2 and 16 of the social security act. Begun in 2003, the website offers detailed overviews of the disability evaluation process. It also provides answers to numerous questions regarding applications for disability, how to file appeals in the event of a denial, how to ...Click to read more

Microsoft Launches WorldWide Telescope for Space Exploration
WorldWide Telescope, is a rich Web application that brings together imagery from the best ground- and space-based observatories across the world to allow people to easily explore the night sky through their computers. WorldWide Telescope has been eagerly anticipated by the astronomical and educational communities as a compelling astronomical resource for students and lifelong learners, and as a way to make science fun for children.  “The WorldWide Telescope is a powerful tool for science and education that makes it ...Click to read more.

Evergreen Developments Group Launches Web Site for Northern Cyprus Properties
Evergreen Developments Group of Kyrenia, North Cyprus has launched a new site at evergreendevelopments.com to showcase North Cyprus real estate opportunities. On Evergreen’s web site, you can search properties by price, location, amenities, title deed types, and more. Once you find a property of interest, full details including floor plans, photos, and a list of availability in pricing can all be ...Click to read more

Music Sharing Mega-Site Ucombo.com Launches Download Store
Ucombo.com, the much-touted music sharing website for professional and budding artists has opened up another opportunity for musicians to market their original tracks, for free. A virtual download store powered by Ucombo.com can be accessed from a link posted on any website, including MySpace and Facebook. This will allow fans to purchase and download MP3's using Paypal technology. ...Click to read more

ScentToSleep.com Launches Website for People Who Suffer From Insomnia
Scent To Sleep recently launched www.scenttosleep.com, a website that offers sleep mist products to those who suffer from insomnia or mild sleep disorders.  Do you find that you toss and turn, feel anxious or your mind skips from one negative thought to another whether it is concerns over money, relationships or health? You are not alone. Over 70 million people have many sleepless nights. ScentToSleep.com offers Luscious Lavender Sleeping Mist and Decadent Green Apple Vanilla Sleeping Mist.  Lavender and other essential oils soothe and calm you so you can sleep better. Their products have a lulling effect to enhance sleep. Spray your bed pillows ...Click to read more

New Customer Review Directory BView.co.uk Highlights Best and Worst UK Companies
Rogue traders have nowhere to hide as new Customer Review Directory highlights best practice and exposes the worst UK companies via customer feedback and credit ratings. bview.co.uk is the first unbiased, online reviews directory that highlights the UK's best and worst practice companies - as ranked by their customers. Unlike opt-in business directories and review sites, BView lists the details of ...Click to read more.

JewelryDays.com Relaunches Diamond & Jewelry Site With New Features, Amazon Partnership 
JewelryDays.com, the premier site on the web for purchasing loose diamonds and diamond jewelry today announced it has partnered with Amazon Web Services. The partnership will enable customers searching for jewelry a quicker, easier and safer way to shop online. The newly designed and updated website will be located at www.JewelryDays.com. The new site offers a fresh look that enables customers the ability to find exactly what they are looking for faster than ever. The site will also allow customers to explore the Jewelry ...Click to read more

Leaderpromos.com Announces Launch of New Promotional Products Site
Leaderpromos, one of the top promotional products distributors in the Midwest, recently relaunched leaderpromos.com, a state-of-the art, user-friendly website that has revolutionized the promotional products industry. "Leaderpromos.com is all about the customer. It is simple to use, and contains over 15,000 promotional products - one of the most comprehensive sites in the industry," said Stephanie ...Click to read more

ShortSqueeze.com Helps Investors Profit Via Short Selling
Short selling is gaining a huge following, but many investors know very little about this lucrative trading style. Short sellers identify a stock they believe is going to go down in price. When these traders target a stock it can cause a flood of selling. Short interest in stocks is at an all-time high this month. So, how do you know if your portfolio might fall victim to short selling? ShortSqueeze.com offers free, proprietary short interest stock reports, so you can see if your stocks are targeted. ShortSqueeze.com tracks short interest Click to read more

Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
Launches New Site
The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) recently launched a new web site to better provide information to the public and media about its national security efforts.  The new web address is http://nnsa.energy.gov/. NNSA’s missions include maintaining the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, materials and technology, ...click to read more

SimonVolkov.com Helps Real Estate Investors Find Distressed Properties at Deep Discounts
With rapidly declining asking prices, skyrocketing foreclosures and mortgage rates on a downward trend, the real estate market is becoming a dream for investors. Now one noted real estate investor, Simon Volkov (http://www.simonvolkov.com), says it's time to start buying--and he's even giving investors access to real estate investment notes at just seventy cents on the dollar at current market prices. Volkov has launched a real estate investment group, http://www.simonvolkov.com/investors/, open to novice and serious ...click to read more

Layover.com Launches myLayover.com Truckers Social Network
Layover.com, the leading internet destination for the long-haul truck driver, expands its already large network of trucker-specific tools by giving those in the trucking industry their own personal space on the internet at www.myLayover.com. myLayover brings the full power of the latest internet-based social networking tools to bear and puts them at the fingertips of the driver. The new site's tagline, ...click to read more.

World's Oldest Sound Recording On Web at FirstSounds.org
A group of researchers has succeeded in playing the world's oldest sound recording of a human voice made in 1860 – 17 years before Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Roughly ten seconds in length, the recording is of a person singing “Au clair de la lune, Pierrot répondit” – a snippet from a French folksong. It was made on April 9, 1860 by Parisian inventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville on his “phonautograph” – a device that scratched sound waves onto a sheet of paper blackened by the smoke of an oil lamp. Scott never dreamed of playing back his recordings. But this morning, the dream Scott never had will come true. A cadre of audio ...click to read more

CemeterySpot.com Provides Online Memorial Resources and Community
CemeterySpot.com has created an online memorial community for people who want a high quality way to remember their loved ones.  CemeterySpot provides each of its online memorials with a unique web address within a full featured, content rich, online memorial community with features that replicate a real world memorial experience. CemeterySpot.com has many features not available on other ...click to read more

Million Dollar College Basketball Bracket Contest Now Live at BetUS.com
The first round teams have been decided, and it's just days away from the start of the most exciting championship in sports: March Madness. As the 65 NCAA Basketball teams are preparing to compete in the single-elimination tournament, sports fans all over America are carefully making their picks for office pools and bracket contests. For 2008, the biggest, most lucrative bracket contest will be BetUS Sportsbook’s $1,000,000 March Madness Bracket Contest. How does it work? Contestants simply predict the outcome of the ...click to read more

Tribune Launches Jumble Word Puzzle Site at Jumble.com
Fans of the incredibly popular Jumble® puzzle in print now have a website where they can play eight different interactive daily Jumble games and download a Jumble puzzle pack to their mobile phones -- http://www.jumble.com. Jumble.com is the new flagship site for "everything Jumble." The site also offers a Jumble shopping experience where fans can buy books, board games and other puzzle and game products. Later this spring, Jumble.com will feature a Jumble "Player's Forum" and a blog where Jumble creators...click to read more

Presidential Video Biographies Lend Insight To 2008 Election at PBS American Experience Site
PBS’ American Experience has launched The Presidents Online at http://www.pbs.org/presidents/2008, as the online component of an unprecedented public television initiative that, for the first time, will make available more than 25 hours of presidential programming online, on TV, and on the go.  The project comes at a critical moment in American politics: this year, American voters will take part in a landmark election, where for the first time in over a half-century, neither the sitting President nor vice president is a contender for ...click to read more

Colle+McVoy Helps Kids Heal Through Art With Launch of ArtIsAGift.com
Advertising Agency Colle+McVoy has launched a web site that allows users to create their own designs on a popular miniature Qee figurine, while also learning about programs that help abused and at-risk children heal through art. “We believe children and adults can benefit from the healing affects of art,” said Christine Fruechte, president of Colle+McVoy. “It is powerful to see how the creative imaginations of children come to life, build self esteem, and have a profound impact on our staff.” “When I worked with these...click to read more

Gap Partners with Emerging Artists to Create Original Music, Videos Inspired by Colors
Ever imagine what your favorite color sounds like? This spring, Gap is offering you the chance to discover the sound of color through five original songs composed and recorded by five emerging musicians. Gap is also partnering with five filmmakers to interpret each original song into a music video. From now until March 15, you can visit www.soundofcolor.com to listen to and enjoy free downloads of original songs by The Blakes, Dntel, Marié Digby, the Raveonettes and Swizz Beatz, as well as watch the music videos and catch...click to read more

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