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Content Announcement for January 27, 1997
URLwire Editor's note:
The below site announcement has been live at this URL since the date indicated below. Like many 
web pages over the years, the site announced below may have shut down, have moved, become 
part of another site, or still be alive and kicking.  If you have questions send them to questions@urlwire.com

The Black Collegian Online Launches National Job, Resume Database 

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online begins its second year on the web with a National job search database, online resume posting, and online job posting capabilities for employers. 

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online is the electronic version of the 26 year old, National career opportunities magazine. In addition to the abundance of career planning/job search information, there is commentary by leading African-American writers, lifestyle/entertainment features, general information on college life, and news of whats happening on college campuses today.

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online identifies positions available with equal opportunity employe'in all segments-Corporate, Government, Academia, and non-profit organizations. Employees can target qualified minority candidates to achieve work place diversity. The jobs database makes it easy for job seeke'to search for career opportunities by employer name, geography, experience requirements-even keywords. 

There's also an online posting form that can be used by Human Resources executives to advertise open positions. An employer can place one or one hundred, there is no limit. The ease of use, and attractive costs make this feature a winner. 

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