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Date: 1/10/2008
Noted Jazz Author Ted Gioia Launches Jazz.com With 3,000 Pages of Unique Jazz Content.

............URL: http://www.jazz.com
Noted Jazz Author Ted Gioia Launches Jazz.com With 3,000 Pages of Unique Jazz Content
Jazz.com is dedicated to sharing their love of the jazz art form, and serving the the global jazz community. They publish reviews, interviews, historical overviews and other material of interest to visitors, and encourage them to share their expertise and opinions on Forums and elsewhere on the site. Their Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians is the most comprehensive on-line reference work focused on currently active musicians, and is offered as a resource to site visitors.
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Jazz.com recently announced the launch of its website at www.jazz.com  -- a comprehensive jazz portal with thousands of pages of reviews, interviews, features, discographies and photos.  A team of more than thirty writers, photographers and artists has been working for almost two years in preparation for this launch.  Under the direction of Ted Gioia, author of The History of Jazz and West Coast Jazz, this team has prepared more than 1,000 new reviews, a comprehensive jazz encyclopedia, and other exciting content of interest to the global jazz community.

Key features of the site include:

• The largest collection of track reviews – focusing on individual songs, not entire CDs – available anywhere.  This unique resource provides in-depth assessment, rankings and recording details for a comprehensive range of tracks, covering the full history of the music from its New Orleans origins to the present day. 

• New reviews published every day.  All reviews come with links for purchase or downloading. 

• The Jazz.com Jazz Blog, updated daily and covering the latest and greatest happenings in the jazz world. 

• Interviews with leading figures in the jazz world, including Billy Taylor, Manfred Eicher, Ron Carter, Maria Schneider, Stefon Harris and others. 

• Visual Jazz galleries featuring the work of the greatest jazz photographers and artists, including Ray Avery, Herb Snitzer, Michael Symonds, Jos Knaepen and Suzanne Cerny.

• The Dozens:  a regular column in which jazz.com selects twelve must-have tracks built around a theme.  Recent ‘Dozens’ include “Twelve Essential Brad Mehldau Performances”; “Twelve Great Moments in Modern Jazz Drumming”;  “Twelve Essential John Coltrane Performances”: and “Twelve Great Tracks from ECM’s First Decade.”

• Lewis Porter’s Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians with more than 1,400 entries on currently active jazz performers. 

• The Song of the Day and A Jazz Classic Re-visited  – published five days a week -- with direct links for downloading.  This resource is the perfect way to keep up-to-date with the best in current jazz, as well as timeless classics from the music’s past.

• Also, jazz.com offers its visitors access to its bulletins boards, its directory of jazz products and services, and the ability to set up their own web page at jazz.com.  All these services are absolutely free. 

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