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URLwire for Wednesday January 15, 2003

FWA (Favourite Website Awards) Announces Site Of The Year 2002 Winners
9924 nominated sites, 12 short-listed, 16 international judges, 2 rounds of judging, 1 Site Of The Year 2002 winner: Marines.com  [http://www.marines.com/], the official recruiting site for the United States Marine Corps.
FWA - Favorite Website Awards has named Marines.com as the 2002 Site of the Year
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This is a flawless and fast loading site with some great Flash treats. Watch how each section shows a progress bar to indicate how much information you have consumed before it automatically throws up a form to gain more information. Even if you are not the target audience, you’ll find the design and Flash skills enthralling, which will make you want to explore this site in its entirety. 

Credits:  Marines.com designed and developed by Marine Corps Recruiting Command, J Walter Thompson [http://www.digital.jwt.com], and KNI [http://www.kurtnoble.com].

Selected FWA judges’ comments (more on the FWA site):

"Excellent design and typography, incredible motion and well thought out - a real standout."
Michael Lebowitz, BigSpaceship, USA.

"A truly captivating work of art that makes even those usually boring waits, a pleasure!" 
Guy Watson, FlashGuru, UK.

"Marines.com's great layout and excellent design is backed up by the smooth 3D, Sound FX and animations, making it a well rounded and complete experience." 
Nevil Slade, Theory7, UK.

"Marines.com manages to be both informative and impressive. The percentage navigation urges you to explore while the striking use of Flash gives a sense of glamour and wonderment 
to the Marines profession. I am hard pressed to name a better promotional website and would be very surprised if there wasn't a distinct rise in on-site applications." 
Gin Roberscheuten, MediaMonks BV, The Netherlands.

"This site displays obvious time and effort which is rarely seen in the web industry today. The amount of time taken to create the vector/bitmap transitions must have been considerable! A+!" Eric Jordan, 2Advanced Studios, USA.

Read reactions to winning the SOTY award from Marines.com, KNI and JWT on the FWA site.

People’s Choice 2002 winner:

Neostream Interactive [http://www.neostream.com], a high impact serious multimedia company, which provides creative solutions.

With offices in Australia and South Korea, Neostream Interactive’s website is a jaw dropping experience that exudes skill, power and personality and is powered by 50,000 volts of animation supremacy. 

Selected People’s Choice voters’ comments (more on the FWA site):

“One word, INCREDIBLE! I’ve been surfing the web for about 6 years and have been working with Flash since Flash version 2. So, I’ve seen thousands of sites but I have never seen anything as cool as this site. 

Hands Down, This Site Rocks!!” Arno Avakian, California, USA.

"Fresh, Innovative, Captivating, Breathtaking all rolled into one, unbelievably & ridiculously sweet website! Neostream.com has officially rocked the world of multimedia!" 
Ryan Hurry, USA.

"The effects are simply mind blowing and appeal to our senses, They have pushed Flash to its limits.....great JOB!!!" 
Shahid Hassan, Pakistan.

"Simply astounding. It made me jealous!" 
Adrian Belina, Canada.

"Neostream led our industry into the Flash revolution - this shows how they still want that point position." 
Bryan Veloso, Canada.

"One of the most dynamic sites I have ever seen, fully packed with great ideas and breathtaking 3D effects." 
Atilla Papp, Hungary.

"Neostream does for websites what The Matrix did for movies." JF, USA.

Read Neostream’s reaction to winning the People’s Choice award on site.

What the industry says about FWA: 

Macromedia.com: "Links to the best websites containing Macromedia Flash and Shockwave content."

Yahoo.com: "Favourite Website Awards - when it comes to Flash style, they have the newest in new."

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