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URLwire: Thursday January 15, 2004
Build Your Own Search Page with
At newly launched, users can create their own categories for the search engines and move the search engines up and down on the page.
Search URLwire archives since 1994 
Have you ever used AOL or MSN and wondered what the rest of the Internet is like? There are millions of sites on the Internet, and if you use some Web portals as your start page, you'll never see any of them. is different. The site shows what's best on the Web and actually encourages visitors to leave the site. is a unique Web portal that allows the user to choose their search engines. 

With over 1000 general and specialty search engines to choose from, the site offers a personalized way to search. 

Users can create their own categories for the search engines and move the search engines up and down on the page.

Other features available at

• Send e-mail quickly without having to login to an account.
• Send SMS messages and store phone numbers.
• Store up to 40 links and access them from a drop-down menu on the main page.
• Build a grocery list and print it out when you're ready to go shopping.
• Store contacts in an easy-to-use address book.
• Make a daily schedule and print it out.
• Choose your e-mail provider. Great if you have multiple accounts and Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.
• Link to your local news sites with 'My Local News'.
• Track news keywords from multiple source with 'My News Tracker'.
• Track items at auctions with 'My Auction Tracker'.
• Track concerts with 'My Concert Tracker'.
• Track when your favorite actors and movies will be on TV with 'My TV Tracker'.
• Monitor up to 30 stocks with 'My Stocks'
• Link to your credit card site, online bank, and online broker with 'My Finances'.
• 'Lil' Web Directory' for easy access to the best sites on the Web.
• 'Today on the Web' shows what's cool on the Web in an online magazine format. 

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