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Announce Date: January 27, 2014

ValueStockGuide.com Helps Individuals Manage Their Own Investments

URL: http://valuestockguide.com
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ValueStockGuide.com Helps Individuals Manage Their Own Investments
valuestockguide.com provides expert analysis and commentary and publishes educational articles that helps investors make sound investment choices, filtering out the short term noise in the market.
Busy professionals looking to manage their own investments are ill served by financial media today that focuses on short term issues at the cost of addressing the long term merits of an investment. The benefits of taking a long term approach and adopting a value investment philosophy have been well proven to be superior in multiple studies over a typical investment horizon (Morningstar/Ibbotson [PDF]). However, most investors today do not have time or desire to conduct the due diligence required to build a practical self managed portfolio.

ValueStockGuide.com [url http://valuestockguide.com] helps fill this need by providing pre-qualified stock ideas for further research. This greatly cuts down on the number of stocks an investor needs to review as they make their portfolio selections. The site also provides expert analysis and commentary and publishes educational articles that helps investors make sound investment choices, filtering out the short term noise in the market. Interested investors can also become premium members and receive hand picked recommendations.

According to Shailesh Kumar, Portfolio Manager at Value Stock Guide, "It is often stated that smaller investors have great advantages over Wall Street, but what is left out is the amount of due diligence and discipline required to manage their portfolio for long term sustained profits. At Value Stock Guide, we do all the leg work to help investors pick outstanding investments by focusing on actionable ideas".

Posted by Eric Ward on 1/27/14
Archived URLwire page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/012714.html

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