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URLwire for Monday, January 28, 2002
CustomWeather Launches
This site is created by and designed for weather lovers all over the world, who are looking for instant access to current conditions, 15-Day forecasts, satellites photos, severe weather alerts, real-time local Doppler radar plus much more. The site offers the industry's most accurate weather data with over 58,000 unique forecasts worldwide within a clean, user-friendly interface. 
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With over 26,000 US and 32,000 International unique forecasts, MyForecast is the leader for worldwide weather coverage. 
"Weather affects us every day. It influences our choice of clothing and activities, and even our state of mind,'' said Geoff Flint, CEO and CustomWeather co-founder. ``Making accurate weather forecasts is critical and our aim is to help you to plan your activities with confidence -- and to make the most of any time spent outdoors. With the launch of, we are helping consumers all over the world plan outdoor, weather-sensitive activities, whether relaxing at the beach, golfing, hang-gliding, skiing or just hanging out the laundry." specialized weather content includes: 

     - Current forecasts
     - 48-hr. detailed forecasts
     - 7-day forecasts
     - Airport delays
     - Marine forecasts & tide tables
     - Buoy conditions
     - Ski reports
     - Doppler radar
     - Satellite imaging
     - Astronomy information
     - Historical climate information
     - Weather facts
     - Allergy reports
     - Fire danger
     - Earthquake reports
     - Weather alerts 

In conjunction with this week's launch, will begin providing syndicated weather content to the Salt Lake City area. KJZZ-TV, a popular Salt Lake City independent television station owned by the Larry H. Miller Group, will broadcast weather data live via KJZZ FastCast-- a morning news program in which weather content will crawl along the bottom of the screen throughout the broadcast in a CNN-like fashion, along with other information such as stock quotes, and sports scores. The FastCast program will air 6 a.m.-8 a.m. Monday-Friday to an approximate viewership of 100,000. The National Association of Broadcasters ranks Salt Lake City as the 35th DMA (Designated Marketing Area) in the

"We were initially attracted to CustomWeather because they were able to provide much more than a traditional weather forecast,'' said David Arnold, CEO of FastCast Broadcasting LLC, ``We were impressed by the detail provided in the rolling 48-hour weather forecasts. Plus we needed timely information on ski reports and weather-related airport delays. CustomWeather provided all that in a computer friendly XML format." is made possible by CustomWeather Inc. CustomWeather's forecasting services and products can be found on Web sites and wireless devices around the world. CustomWeather, Inc. is a San Francisco-based provider of syndicated weather content. By embracing new technologies, such as XML and Web Services, CustomWeather has been able to serve its customers with a new level of technical competency and forecasting accuracy never before seen in the weather industry. 

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