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URLwire for Tuesday, 1/28/03 - Online news headline linking services are welcome to link to this story.
Family Uses Web To Provide Latest News On Laci Peterson Case
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The site at invites other web sites to help in any way possible, including...
  • Download a flyer. Print-off a few dozen and post or distribute them in your neighborhood or at work. And ask others to do the same. If you're near Modesto, visit the command center and pick-up some posters and flyers.

  • Put a link to this web site in your email signature so that everyone to whom you send an email knows about this place. And ask others to do the same.

  • Link to us! If you have a web site, either create a text link, or use our banners to create a graphical link to this web site. And ask other web masters to do the same.

  • Open your eyes. Re-read Laci's description and burn it and her image into your miind. Watch for her, or look for evidence of her whereabouts or fate in every reasonable place. And ask others to do the same.

  • If you believe Laci's alive, then watch for her in malls, restaurants, and other public places. Police officers in every city and state should look for her on the streets, in parks and alleys, and walking along roadways. Hospital emergency room personnel -- and especially those in obstetrics departments -- should pay extra attention to every woman who comes through their doors... especially as Laci's due date (February 10th) gets nearer. Hotel and motel operators should take a moment to look at every female face that comes into their lobbies. Service station attendants should notice who is in automobiles and remember write down license numbers of suspect vehicles. Toll-booth operators should do the same.

  • If you assume Laci's dead, then look for her body in out-of-the-way places. Farmers should check their fields and barns. Fishermen should keep an eye out in lakes, streams and other waterways, especially along banks and shores, near pilings, and under piers and docks. Realtors should check their empty houses, vacant lots and commercial buildings. Hikers should look along paths, and in ditches and ravines. Police officers in helicopters should look for a body that may be seen from low altitude in open fields or forest clearings. Highway road crews should keep and eye out alongside highways and county roads. Railroad workers should look alongside tracks. Refuse and landfill workers should take an extra moment to watch for her body in all the obvious places.

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