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    URLwire for January 28, 2004

    Alacritude, eLibrary Relaunch This Week as HighBeam.com

    Alacritude, which operates an online research engine for individuals, filling the gap between free search engines and high-end information services, this week has relaunched as HighBeam.com. Concurrently, they unveiled a new service targeting individual online researchers

    Alacritude, eLibrary Relaunch This Week as HighBeam.com Alacritude this week announced that it has changed its name to HighBeam Research, and has introduced the company’s new flagship online research service, HighBeam Research (www.highbeam.com). 

    The service is designed for individuals engaged in serious business, educational and personal research and delivers convenient, customizable access to the free Web, selected registration and subscription online services and the HighBeam Research proprietary eLibrary database. 

    Effective today, the eLibrary and Researchville services have become part of the new HighBeam Research service. An enhanced version of the company’s Encyclopedia.com service will soon become an integral part of HighBeam Research.

    The new service, which the company is calling a “research engine,” allows users to locate answers on the Web, selected online services and in the proprietary HighBeam eLibrary database. The eLibrary database includes a collection of more than 28 million articles and pictures from 2,600 of the world’s most respected publishers. It is updated daily and goes back as far as 20 years. Researchers can also organize and deliver their research using simple, yet powerful, tools.

    Patrick Spain, chairman and CEO of HighBeam Research, said, “Finding the information is only half the battle; the real test is putting that information to use. We’ve assembled a mountain of information, but we are convinced that HighBeam Research users will be surprised by how easily they can move that mountain.”

    Spain added, “Until now, a research service like this was only available to large enterprises – individuals were forced to make do with less effective research options, such as advertiser- driven free online search engines. HighBeam Research helps its members to become effective researchers by bridging the vast gap between free online search engines and high-end  information services that large enterprises utilize.”

    New HighBeam Research Features

    Resources for Locating Information:

    • HighBeam Web: Search the best of the Web from one place – search engines, news, discussion, business information, images and research Web sites, including selected services requiring registration and subscription. 
    • HighBeam eLibrary: Doubling in size over the last year, HighBeam’s eLibrary includes more than 28 million documents from 2,600 sources -- including leading news wires, newspapers, magazines, books and other publications, updated daily and going back as far as 20 years. 
    Tools for Organizing Results: 
    • Search and Sort: Researchers can use natural language or Boolean queries and sort by relevancy or date 
    • Topic Clustering: HighBeam eLibrary search results are automatically clustered in related topics.
    • Research Groups: Users can group and simultaneously search specific publications and Web sites based on their personal preferences.
    • Store: Articles and searches can be saved to personalized online folders.
    • Preferences: Researchers can chose preferences such as preferred number of results, font size and type and number of open windows. 
    • Alerts: Members can set up e-mail alerts on HighBeam Research that are triggered  when new articles are added that match  members’ interests. 
    Tools for Delivering Answers: 
    • Print:  Improved functionality for printing documents in HTML format. 
    • Export: Save text and pictures directly into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. 
    • Share: Tools for sharing articles (in plain text or HTML) and pictures with colleagues.
    HighBeam Research offers both basic and full membership options. Basic membership is free and enables users to take advantage of improved search functionality, access to document summaries and limited access to certain tools. Full membership, available for $99.95 per year or $19.95 per month, includes unlimited individual access to full-text articles, full use of personalization and storage tools and the ability to export research – quickly and with ease – to Microsoft Office.

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