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January 28, 2005

Wiki-Based Search Engine May Be Web’s Biggest

The Web’s Biggest search engine (www.websbiggest.com) claims to search more websites than any other search engine. The wiki-based search engine also lets individual searchers modify everyones’ search results.

http://www.websbiggest.comIn a recent study done by the company, “Other search engines missed from a third to more than half of the websites in the Web’s Biggest search results,” according to company spokesperson Adam Radly. The company has even set up a random search page at http://www.websbiggest.com/randomsearch.html so the public can verify their claims. 

Web’s Biggest is unique in that they have created a virtual replica of the whois database. This enables them to search almost every website in the English-speaking world. Other search engines rely on hyperlinks and manual submissions to find websites and miss more than half of them as a result.

Web’s Biggest search results comes from their own web crawler—with a twist. The company uses the information gathered by their spider to summarize what each website is about. Users then search those website summaries. The result is a superior way to find the top sites on a particular topic, rather than just pages which contain the search words.

Web’s Biggest lets webmasters add or revise the descriptions of their site free of charge. They even allow searchers to change the descriptions of websites they are familiar with. This lets individual searchers change everyone’s search results. The search engine stores all past descriptions of websites in a database so users can undo or correct descriptions. This makes Web’s Biggest the world’s biggest “wiki”.

Wiki is software that allows users to collectively author web documents. Each search result, in this case, contains an "edit" link which users can click on to quickly edit the website description. (Wiki is the Hawaiian word for quick.) “Letting webmasters and searchers edit website descriptions can be dangerous in the short run,” says Radly. “But having thousands of ‘editors’ is also what makes the search engine unique.”

Web’s Biggest lets webmasters increase their traffic by listing their site in a “sponsored sites” section to the right of search results for a flat fee of $5 a month—regardless of how many clicks the listing gets. The search engine also lets webmaster add color or graphics to their listing for an additional $5 a month. 

Webmasters can also advertise on the Web’s Biggest  network of more than a million websites. This costs 10-cents per click. The company rotates advertiser positions so there’s no need to pay extra for a higher spot.

Web’s Biggest uniquely ranks search results using website traffic data. Most search engines rank search results by the number of hyperlinks pointing to a website.  “Website traffic is a more accurate indication of how popular a website is than hyperlinks which tend to favor academic and reference sites over truly popular ones,” says Radly.

Apparently webmasters agree. More than 20,000 of them have praised the search engine, according the company.

“It’s easy to use, sleek and simple, says Jeffrey Hunton of huntronics.com. “We refer many people to your site because it is comprehensive,” says James Chapman of new-library.com.

“It is an easy way to find whatever you are looking for, says Chandra Comstock of theecostation.org. “This is a great reference site!” says Richard Smith of greenbeacon.com.

“The search result page is clean and easy to read,” says Laurel Yocum of laurelleaf.com. “Each listing stands out and does not blend with others,” says Barb Chaloupka of connectionearth.com.

“I like the international aspect best. As I travel a lot for business it's useful to locate local businesses, says I Cummings of kensingtoninteriors.com. “The site has enormous potential,” says Norman F. Estrin, PhD of yourfdaconsultant.com.

“It’s the best of all search engines I have found,” says Joseph M Wetton of tovanburen.com.

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