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Febraury 1, 1999

Company Starts Service To Buy Used CDs On The Internet

New CashForCD's site offers 'AutoQuote' feature that gives visitor an instant quote for CDs' value

CashForCD's site offers 'AutoQuote' feature that gives visitor an instant quote for CDs' valueA web site dedicated solely to buying used CDs has just been launched by Cash For CDs, at The Santa Barbara, CA-based company is buying CDs online at a time when more sites every day are using the Internet to sell CDs.

Paul Wellman, manager of the new site, says "We figured most people have CDs they're not listening to anymore, so why not make it easy to sell them? We've made it easy." The company recycles the CDs by selling them through retail stores and a web site. Site visitors enter information on the CDs they want to sell and receive an instant AutoQuote. If the quote is acceptable, sends out a mailer and postage-paid, pre-addressed label for sending back the CDs. The mailer can be dropped in any mailbox, and the site visitor will receive payment in a few days.

The CashForCDs company has been recycling music for twelve years.  They recently began offering the service on the Internet in order to reach a larger market. Mr. Wellman says "If people don't have a used CD store nearby to sell their music to, we'll take care of them. Our Internet presence allows us to be just like a neighborhood store." 

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