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Announce Date: February 3, 2010

MoneyIndex.org Curates Latest Finance News and Information from Top Sources
MoneyIndex.org Curates Latest Finance News and Information
On MoneyIndex.org, over 100 finance blogs and news sites are featured, as well as a customized Google search and YouTube feed. The YouTube section brings readers the latest videos from each of 12 different news sources.


When you need advice or information about the latest financial news, you don’t want to spend hours searching through dozens of websites to locate it. Now you don’t have to. Money Index is your one stop resource for financial information.

MoneyIndex.org is owned and operated by Tom Drake. He’s also the owner and head writer of Canadian Finance Blog and a financial analyst for a major retailer. He noticed that a single source to find the best content from top financial blogs was lacking and decided to take the situation in hand. The result is the recently launched Money Index.

The site is a wealth of information from top news sources and the most respected financial bloggers on the Internet. The site includes everything needed to keep advised of the latest financial news and trends. Over 100 finance blogs and news sites are featured, as well as a customized Google search and YouTube feed. The YouTube section brings readers the latest videos from each of 12 different sources. Drake also encourages financial bloggers and experts to submit their blogs to be considered for inclusion on the site.

Visitors to the site will find the most recent five posts from every site listed on Money Index, providing an easy way to view all of the latest posts, separated into eight different categories. Categories include personal finance, news, investing, taxes and frugality, in addition to extra income, Canada and Christian. The search feature allows visitors to search through all Money Index sites for particular topics.

No topic is off limits, providing readers with a wide array of information from which to choose to grow and learn. The information is presented in a clear, easy to understand format that’s easy to locate within the site. Money Index provides vital information readers need to make informed decisions.

For more information, visit the website at http://moneyindex.org 

Posted by Eric Ward on 2/03/11
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