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URLwire for Friday, February 9, 2001 -- from Santa Rosa Beach, FL
State of Wisconsin Launches State Info Portal    
State officials hope the site can become an entry point for information on counties, schools, municipalities, nonprofit, and community organizations. The site is loacted at Wisconsin.gov, and directs surfers to state sites based on topics rather than by agency.   http://www.Wisconsin.gov
 Wisconsin.gov homepage
The relaunch intends to make it less confusing when looking for government information on the Internet, by combining everything from the Legislature's home page to various agencies into one place. Linda Seemeyer, deputy secretary of the state Department of Administration, said about the site "Visually it's a lot more attractive, and it's easier to navigate. Before, you really had to know state government in order to get anywhere."  One new feature is a "build your business" tool run by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, which allows entrepreneurs to create and register limited liability corporations while online. 

(With thanks to the State of Wisconsin and the AP)
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