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AltaVista Launches Largest Multimedia Search Database.
AltaVista has launched an expanded version of its multimedia index, with over 240 million unique media files, including images, video clips, MP3 and other audio files. In addition, the company has added new search parameters to its popular News search, enabling visitors to better pinpoint articles of interest to them
AltaVista Launches Largest Multimedia Search Database.
AltaVista's enhanced multimedia index boasts larger images and more .jpeg files as well as expanded worldwide coverage, with access to more international image files.
Search URLwire archives since 1994 
"We have seen increasing interest in multimedia and news search capabilities, and have enhanced our multimedia index to meet this growing demand. Today's announcement represents another milestone in our plan to further integrate multimedia with our core results, and to provide the most robust multimedia and news resources on the Web," said Fred Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer of AltaVista Company. "Our expanded multimedia index positions us to go well beyond the traditional boundaries of Web-page search by incorporating richer media options. The new options in our News search further extend our leadership position in this area, as we execute on our long term plan to provide the most comprehensive search experience on the Web." 

More Multimedia 
AltaVista's enhanced multimedia index boasts larger images and more .jpeg files as well as
expanded worldwide coverage, with access to more international image files. In addition, the
company has applied a new proprietary relevance algorithm for delivering even more targeted,
relevant results to users' searches. Advanced filtering enhancements enable the company to
deliver higher quality images and screen out `noise' images such as buttons and spacer. gifs
used in HTML construction. 

New Features in News 2.0
AltaVista has enhanced its powerful News 2.0 search to give users even greater functionality
when searching news articles. Visitors can now search AltaVista's comprehensive news index
specifically for articles with images. They also can limit their search to articles within a specific
date range, which is useful not only for in-depth research in the news index, but also for very
targeted information needs in a given period of time. These new search parameters enable
users to better pinpoint their search for articles from AltaVista's index of over four million
articles from 3,000 sources, worldwide. Combining these new features with the existing set of
powerful refinement options such as search by date, topic, region or specific source, gives the
user even more power and functionality for news searches. 

For more information see

End URLwire Copy
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Space Shuttle Launch Guide

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Education Program

Shuttle Orbiter Columbia (OV-102)

Space Shuttle Launch Images

NASA Human Space Flight Program

NASA Home Page
 For journalists working on the Space Shuttle disaster, we have put
a list of resources at
 There are at least 13 stories in our Resource Center about the Space
that might be of assistance. You can see the complete list of resources on
our "In the News" page. We will update this page as the story develops.

 We also are reviewing relevant data in our data library. Keep in mind
 that the Space Shuttle is refurbished by contractors from around the
country. IRE
 Members may find the Federal Contractors database at  From this data, the staff has
assembled a special database on Shuttle contractors, which can be ordered
from the library at (573) 884-7711.

And if I may add a site I found helpful.
It has a pretty accurate listing of Columbia's previous flights.

I was having a hard time finding info on NASA's website and found the following elsewhere:

   (includes stats on fatalities)

            has radar image of debris field and links to data on mission

Trying to find your way around the NASA site due to the tragedy is a challenge.

            Here are a few direct links that could save you some time.

            STS 107 Press Kit (I've been able to reach the site)
            157 Pages .pdf

            Kennedy Space Center, Media Handbook

            STS-107 Overview, Bios

            STS-107 Media Archive (Photos)

            Shuttle Photo Archive

            STS-107 Mission Page (From Eurpean Space Agency)

            STS-107 (Research Mission)

Carolyn Edds
Research Director
IRE Resource Center
138 Neff Annex
Missouri School of Journalism
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-6668
(573) 884-8151 (fax)

** Resources for the Columbia Disaster

I normally don't provide events-based information/coverage,
but with Columbia I feel compelled to make an exception.
Some places you can get information/ background on the
Columbia disaster:

NASA Human Spaceflight Site --

Yahoo's Coverage --

Google News Search for "Shuttle Columbia," Sorted by Date --

CNN Coverage --

Coverage from the Journalists' Toolbox:

Extensive Coverage from Directory for Columbia Accident --

Coverage from

Infographics Related to Disaster:

Academic Info Page -- Shuttle Missions
The Columbia disaster investigation continues with updates, shuttle archives, and FAQs. Science and Space
Explore the latest space news. Use NASA Web cams, Video, Space Calendars, and read the
Special Report.

NASA Human Spaceflight
Everything you need to know about NASA's human spaceflight efforts lives at this site. The
categories include news, the International Space Station, space shuttles, Mars, gallery,
and history.

NASA Space Shuttle Launches
This site has organized information for each shuttle mission, including Shuttle Manifests
and links to astronaut biographies.

Selection and Training of Astronauts
Find out how astronauts are chosen for the space program and the rigorous training

Given the blanket of media covering the Columbia shuttle disaster, the best thing we can do is
                            point you to some primary sources. NASA's Columbia Web site has links to practically all the
                            information the agency is releasing. That info and NASA's daily teleconferences (available
                            online via NASA TV) are basically the fodder that the media is digesting and passing on to the
                            public. While you can find many places from which to follow the press coverage, we
                            recommend the archive for completeness and clear organization. The general tone
                            of worldwide editorial opinion is probably best reflected in the collection of editorial cartoons
                            about the tragedy at Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index. A fantastic independent
                            resource is a FAQ, continually updated, set up by the folks who inhabit the
                            and Usenet newsgroups. For a first-rate technical background on the shuttle,
                            see the "Development of the Space Shuttle" books in our book recommendations, below.
                            NASA Columbia:
                            NASA TV:

 Lost: Space Shuttle Columbia
      CNN presents a special report on the loss of the
      space shuttle Columbia's flight STS-107 and its seven crew
      members on February 1, 2003. The coverage includes
      information on the shuttle's past launches and milestones,
      the final contact and communication moments with mission
      control, and the resulting investigation that followed.
      Related crew information, photo galleries, and audio and
      video clips augment the news coverage.
      Subjects: Columbia (Spacecraft) -- Accidents...
      Created by jh

  Pictures, Israel, Events: Space Flight
      A directory of links related to Colonel Ilan Ramon, an Israeli
      astronaut, who died when the Columbia Space Shuttle
      crashed on February 1, 2003. Includes links to official
      biographies, news articles, speculation about when
      Sabbath starts in space, and an essay about Col. Ramon's
      mother, a Holocaust survivor.
      Subjects: Ramon, Ilan...
      Created by kgs

  Shuttles Are the Work Horses from Outer Space
      This collection of information and links captures the
      essence of a space shuttle's work responsibilities, stories
      and histories, and past, current, and future ventures, plus
      the background and components of the U.S. shuttles
      Atlantis, Columbia, Discovery, Endeavour, and Challenger.
      Additionally, it includes a video of the space shuttle
      Challenger explosion in 1986 and more. From Space Today
      Subjects: Space shuttles
      Created by jh

  Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Coverage:
  Resources, Story Ideas and More
      The site is designed for news reporters and editors, and
      contains up-to-the-minute coverage of the space shuttle
      Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003. Includes links to
      various news agencies' coverage, local authorities,
      information on the crew members, graphics, radar images,
      historical information, and a list of science experiments
      conducted during the flight, as well as the Rogers
      Commission report on the Challenger explosion in 1986.
      This site is an invaluable resource for journalists and
      laypeople alike.
      Subjects: Space shuttles...
      Created by sek

  Spaceflight Now
      This space news site reports on breaking news (e.g. the
      Columbia flight STS-107 tragedy), current and future shuttle
      missions, and launch schedules, plus related space
      activities, archived news, and current video clips. Don't
      miss the spectacular photo gallery at Features which looks
      back on 100 dramatic shuttle launches.
      Subjects: Space shuttles...
      Created by jh