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Date: 3/2/05 - News search engines and headline aggregators are welcome to index/link this page
LinkSmile.com Helps Buy and Sell Web Links
Said LinkSmile founder Wesley Thomas, "If you have a web site that offers advertising, text links can generate quite a bit of revenue from buyers looking for the quality traffic and the potential SEO boost such links can produce. LinkSmile's system automates this process and eliminates text link maintenance. 
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For many years, online marketers have been using text links to gain traffic and help improve search rankings. During the past year however, several services have helped raise awareness about this productive method, which is quickly becoming the web's most popular form of advertising.

LinkSmile (www.linksmile.com) is a new Internet advertising marketplace where webmasters can buy and sell links directly to each other.  LinkSmile sellers have the option to offer banners and multiple types of text links.

Said LinkSmile founder Wesley Thomas, "If you have a web site that offers advertising, text links can generate quite a bit of revenue from buyers looking for the quality traffic and the potential SEO boost such links can produce. LinkSmile's system automates this process and eliminates text link maintenance.  Also, if you have a web site that offers a product or service for sale, text link ads can drive quality, relevant -and most importantly- verifiable traffic to your site. As a huge side benefit, the relevant and quality text links will help increase link popularityand can boost search rankings for relevant terms."

Key LinkSmile features
Not Just Text Links: LinkSmile offers several options. Buyers can search inventory for banner ads, non-SEO-friendly Text Link Ads, or -of course- SEO-friendly Text Links. LinkSmile's focus is on traffic with any search boost as a side-benefit. We feel that traffic is the ultimate goal and it is better to have a measurable and accountable source of traffic in addition to potential search engine traffic -in the case of SEO-friendly Text Links.

Immune to Click Fraud: One of today's fastest growing problems with online marketing stems from cheaters that steal advertiser dollars by way of click fraud. There is not much that can be done -especially in the case of a competitor launching an attack using a peer-2-peer network where the IPs are indistinguishable from typical ones (as they are from numerous sources).

Do-it-yourself OR Full Service: LinkSmile is a self-service advertising marketplace. However, buyers with $500/month budget may request a dedicated account manager and sellers may request sites to be added to the system on their behalf (provided temporary access to the site).

Increased Revenue: LinkSmile pays back much more of the sale amount than traditional brokers (who typically charge 60% of every sale). There is no signup fee, no listing fee, and no fee to use the ad management technology.

Labor-free Ad Placement: LinkSmile offers (no charge) a new technology designed in-house that automatically manages all ad space -even direct text links on HTML pages. There is no need for special access or webmaster staff to maintain links once the site is setup. Setup takes only a few minutes per site in most cases and supports 95% of all webhosts/servers.

Manages 3rd-party Sales: LinkSmile offers the first service of its kind to manage information gathering, billing, automated ad placement, and re-billing of ad space sold via other sites or directly. 

Total Control: LinkSmile offers publishers numerous ways to better integrate ads in to a site. Text Link Ads (whether javascript-delivered or SEO-friendly) may be displayed in a horizontal table or vertical table. The color, spacing, length, and size of each piece of the link ad is customizeable. Descriptions may be disallowed, and custom code (such as HTML, DHTML, etc) may be placed before and after links. We can also assist with customization.

Approval Control: Ads have several approval options and can be fully or partially automated to reduce or eliminate overhead.

1. Fully Automated (not recommended) - ads go live upon payment
2. Manual Approval - email sent on sale; log in, one-click approval (or deny)
3. Pre-approval - buyer must submit ad for approval before adding to cart

High exposure: LinkSmile launches campaigns across numerous high profile sites (including searchenginewatch.com, seochat.com, lilengine.com, searchengineforums.com, highrankings.com, etc) to drive targeted, qualified traffic to buy from our listed inventory. As the listed inventory grows, so will our allocated budget and the level of marketing exposure.

Powerful Search / Shopping: LinkSmile has a very powerful inventory search and displays in-depth details about each site. Even when publishers choose to mask the domain/IP, there is a wealth of information provided to assist in making a decision. Buyers can mix-and-match any type of ad from any site/page, and publishers can create their own packages as well.

Established firm: although LinkSmile.com was just launched on Nov 30th, 2004; they have been marketing online very successfully for years. Their parent company is PuraVida Holdings, S.A. (www.puravida.net) and some of their properties include: mvalue.com, 1site.net, smoothlinks.com (among many others).

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