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Announce Date: March 5, 2009
My Pediatrician Online Provides Personalized Pediatric Medical Advice
My Pediatrician Online Provides Personalized Pediatric Medical Advice
Parents who join My Pediatrician Online are able to ask a pediatrician as many questions as they wish as often as they like, and receive a prompt answer normally within minutes.
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URL: http://mypediatricianonline.com

An innovative medical website at MyPediatricianOnline.com has launched.  Unlike anything currently available on the Internet, the site has been developed to provide parents with personalized online pediatric advice and information directly from a board certified pediatrician. 

For the first time parents have unlimited, continuous access to an online pediatrician. Parents who join My Pediatrician Online are able to ask a pediatrician as many questions as they wish as often as they like, and receive a prompt answer normally within minutes. Whether they are at home, the office, or on vacation, parents can now use their computer to keep in constant contact with an online pediatrician they can turn to whenever and wherever they have questions about their child’s health.

Filling A Need
My Pediatrician Online is a much needed service, particularly for families who for whatever reason may not have access to a pediatrician at the moment. Unfortunately, there seems to be more of these families every year. The Journal of The American Medical Association estimates that more than 9 million children in the United States currently do not have health insurance. That number doubles if you include those children who have breaks in their health coverage throughout the year. On February 25, 2009 the Kaiser Family Foundation released a survey of 1200 adults that speaks volumes about the present lack of affordability of health care in the United States. The survey found that more than half of those polled said someone in their household cut back on needed health care in the past 12 months because of cost concerns.

Timely and Affordable
My Pediatrician Online is a very affordable resource for families of any income level. Monthly memberships may be purchased for less than $2.50 per month. The website is easy to use and the information exchanged between parents and the doctors is completely confidential. Members simply sign into their personal account, press “Ask Question,” and submit their inquiry to the online pediatrician. The question is routed to the doctor’s web portal, he or she writes a response, and the answer is sent directly to the member’s private email address. Among the many features of the website is an area where members have access to previously submitted questions and answers.

More Than Just Advice
My Pediatrician Online is more than a medical advice website. It can be a valuable informational resource for any parent, particularly new parents who traditionally are high information seekers. Instead of searching the Internet, books, or periodicals for information on a specific topic related to their child’s health or development, parents can simply ask the pediatrician who is online a question and receive an answer from a reliable and credible source.

The Internet is changing the way people obtain medical information. 113 million Americans searched for medical advice and information online last year according to a recent Pew Internet study. Parents who search online for pediatric advice are looking to receive advice and information from a reliable source they can trust. My Pediatrician Online provides this source at an affordable price. The site also has the potential to save many families hundreds of dollars a year. The Institute of Medicine, when commenting on the future of health care in the U.S., stated that in many cases, “A 2-minute e-mail communication could meet many patients’ needs more responsively and at a lower cost [than an office visit.]”

My Pediatrician Online was developed to serve three purposes:

  • Provide parents with accurate and timely advice and information directly from a pediatrician.
  • Provide parents with a convenient and inexpensive way to communicate with a pediatrician in a manner that adheres to their busy schedule.
  • Provide parents with unlimited access to a pediatrician for the duration of their membership period.
The Internet is the perfect medium for non-urgent communication between parents and pediatricians. In contrast to a telephone conversation where a pediatrician must answer a question immediately while speaking to a parent, communication via the Internet allows the doctor more time to think about a question or topic in greater depth, perhaps even do additional research on the topic, and in turn provide an appropriate and well thought out answer.

There are certain limitations inherent in medical information websites and My Pediatrician Online is no exception. The pediatricians of My Pediatrician Online will not write prescriptions, specifically diagnose a particular member’s disease, or suggest an individual treatment plan specifically tailored toward a member’s particular health concern. But the millions of parents every year who search for health information and advice on the Internet are not necessarily looking for prescription drugs or a particular treatment plan for their child’s specific health concern. Most parents realize that this area of medicine must be placed in the hands of professionals in a clinical setting. Rather, most parents are simply searching online for advice and information of a general nature from qualified health professionals. For these parents, My Pediatrician Online is a very personalized, convenient, reliable and affordable resource.

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Posted by Eric Ward on 3/5/2009

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