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Announce Date: March 9, 2012 – Computer HowTo's You Can Actually Use

URL: – Computer HowTo's You Can Actually Usetweet it!..
Those seeking tutorial type documents to reach a computer based goal know the information available is unorganized, scattered and often just plain wrong.

The concept for came about through total frustration. Howto documents are an excellent resource to drill down and reach a specific goal quickly, if they are done correctly. If done badly, they are at best, a time burglar and the misguided changes can be difficult to roll back possibly leaving your system crippled. 

Those seeking tutorial type documents to reach a computer based goal know the information available is unorganized, scattered and often just plain wrong. I know this because I have wasted countless hours looking for those very documents. If I found what I needed, or close, a lot of the time I would get a ways through the instructions to find they led me down the wrong path.

So, what makes me think I can do this so much better? I don’t, actually. One of the cool features of is its open design philosophy. The people poised to make this site the absolute best place to create and publish howto documents are the contributors themselves. The site is currently functional and intuitive but the tools need refinement. 

All contributors are encouraged to submit their ideas on how to make the site better and more productive. The ideas are scrutinized, filtered for practicality, then presented back to the community to vote on whether the change would be beneficial or not. If accepted, a professional crew of web developers makes the actual changes preserving the clean feel and functionality of the site.

Another very important feature is the peer review system. Once a howto is published, the end user can rate the document and leave written feedback (no account required). This allows the contributor to refine and improve the information. The lack of this feature is one of the main reasons the current howto sites don’t work for my purposes. The other is they try to be way too general in order to attract as much traffic as possible. on the other hand allows the howto document to be very specialized, through header fields, yielding better results on major search engines. The hope is, that upon finding a howto on the site, the brand will instill confidence that it is useable and of excellent quality.

Stay tuned! Another site is coming soon.

Posted by Eric Ward on 3/09/12
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