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Announce Date: 3/18/16

Thinker Academy Gets Teens Ready to Adapt and Thrive in The 21st Century
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Thinker Academy gets teens ready to adapt and thrive in the 21st century
Thinker Academy (http://www.thinkeracademy.com) is dedicated to helping teens get more out of high-school. The website, created by a cognitive psychologist, provides resources that parents and educators can use to nurture critical thinking and study skills in their students. 

From the National Education Association to the World Economic Forum, there is wide recognition that these kinds of skills are needed to adapt and thrive in the 21st century workforce and global society. The challenge has been how to best promote these critical skills.

The high school years are the perfect time for teens to become savvy learners and thinkers who are ready to succeed in college, career, and life in this new era. Thinker Academy was created to help make that happen.

The site contributes original, relevant articles with tips and advice to help teens boost their grades and prepare for college. The content is completely research-based, though presented in a light-hearted style thatís readily accessible and appealing to teens.

For example, one popular article, 21 study tips: Learn the strategies that set top students apart, describes learning strategies that research has shown to explain 90% of the variance in high-school GPA. 

Another reports on 5 study skills to accelerate your learning based on an extensive academic review.

Thinker Academy also offers online courses for use at home or in the classroom. These interactive, multimedia resources give teens a way to further practice and apply essential learning and thinking skills.

In addition to content crafted for teens, the site provides guidance for parents on how to nurture their teens to become independent learners.

The website was created by Dr. Winston Sieck, who serves as director of Thinker Academy. He is a cognitive psychologist on a mission to help teens become savvy learners and thinkers.
Sieck became interested in the science of learning when he found himself initially unprepared for the academic rigors of college. He recovered by learning and teaching study skills as a student academic counselor, and was sufficiently hooked to pursue graduate work in cognitive psychology.

For further information, visit Thinker Academy and get in touch.

Additional details courtesy of Winston Sieck
Posted by Eric Ward on 3/18/16
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