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URLwire for Wednesday, March 28, --
Mir's Final Fall Available Online In "The End of Mir" 3-D
Mir's long life has reached an end with the surviving debris from its fiery re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere finally crashing into the Southern Pacific. This extraordinary event has been filmed in VRML and is available for the whole world to see.  
The VRML film and viewer takes about 6 minutes to download over a 56k modem
The aim of this project is to attract the attention of the world's population to the future of space exploration. The site's builders are confident that the great interest expressed in their project was fuelled not only by simple curiosity but also by an understanding of how far science has progressed in the area of space exploration. In time, the world will pay tribute to this extraordinary achievement and to the people who made it happen. Mir was a great accomplishment and a milestone in the history of space exploration. Over the years, astronauts from more than a dozen countries have worked on Mir, which provided these intrepid space travellers with a unique viewpoint of the Earth. While Mir will be replaced with other space stations it will remain as testament to the peaceful study and exploration of space.

ParallelGraphics would like to express its gratitude to the staff of the Korolev Flight Control Center, NASA, and to Mr. Kulikov (the head of the Isaev construction bureau "Khimmash".) in particular, as well as to all the people who helped us with this project.

ParallelGraphics will open a page in the near future that will be devoted to the latest achievements in space exploration. Users will have an opportunity to explore the Solar System, visit the International Space Station, take part in assembling the new space station, and to understand the laws of movement in outer space. As we develop this site, we would be more than happy to receive any help or advice from viewers.

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