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Companion Resource Site Launched for Web Site Design Optimization Book
The book  "Speed Up Your Site – Web Site Optimization" Techniques for Speed:
shows how companies can increase Web site usability and sales, while saving on bandwidth costs..
"This book should be mandatory reading for all web designers and Internet executives." - Jakob Nielsen
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Don’t make me wait!  On the Web, user patience is a time bomb. It starts ticking each time a visitor opens one of your pages. You have only a few seconds to get compelling content onto the screen. Fail, and you can kiss your customers and profits goodbye.

You can't count on fast connections either. Most Internet users are still sucking content through a 56K straw. You have to serve up greased lightning or they'll bail. The premier launch of "Speed Up Your Site – Web Site Optimization" by Andy King, and the companion web site at www.WebSiteOptimization.com are about designing “speedy” web sites with techniques that...

• Cut file size and download times in half
• Speed up site load time to satisfy customers 
• Engage users with fast response times and flow stimulus 
• Increase usability, boost profits, and slash bandwidth costs
• Improve search engine rankings

The book’s companion web site at WebSiteOptimization.com offers the following:

The Bandwidth Report
A monthly survey of US connectivity trends at home and work. Includes broadband trend prediction using data from Nielsen//NetRatings.

The "Web Page Analyzer" Tool
This free online tool analyzes web page size, composition, and download speed.

Real-World Examples And Tips
Articles that offer illustrations, tips, and techniques that show you how to make your pages literally "pop" onto the screen.

About the Author – 
Andrew B. King is the founder of WebReference.com and JavaScript.com, both award-winning developer sites from internet.com.  As the Managing Editor of these sites, Andy became the “Usability Czar” at internet.com, where he optimized the speed and usability of their sites.  Andy has been studying, practicing, and teaching optimization techniques for more than 20 years.  A 10-year veteran of the web, he has written extensively on web site optimization; this book is the culmination of that work.

For a review copy of "Speed Up Your Site – Web Site Optimization" (New Riders, ISBN 0-7357-1324-3) or an interview with the author, contact:  - 503.246.1375 -  http://www.interactivemarketinginc.com

"Speed Up Your Site – Web Site Optimization" is published by New Riders Publishing

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04/02/03 Thirteen/WNET Launches Big Ideas Companion Site Today
04/01/03 10,000 Pledge Action Against Airline Terrorists at ReadyToRoll.org
03/28/03 Great Sites For Kids Reader Picks for March 28
03/26/03 HallmarkChannel.com Launches Thorn Birds Contest for Movie Role
03/25/03 American Experience Online Presents Seabiscuit 
03/20/03 DiscoverySchool.com Site News For March 2003
03/19/03 Timely Site Launch Delivers Inspiration, Hope, and Dreams For Kids
03/19/03 Relaxation Web Site Helps Us Cope with War Stress
03/18/03 Custom Embroidery Via The Web Offered By H&H
03/13/03 FoodRoutes.org Shows Where Your Food Comes From
03/06/03 SBA and Department of Labor Launch Site for Women Business Owners 

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