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Announce Date: April 25, 2013

Mens-Wedding-Rings.com Focuses on the Groom

.URL: http://www.mens-wedding-rings.com
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Mens-Wedding-Rings.com (MWR) stands apart from other online jewelry stores with its uniquely focused selection that caters strictly to the groom.
Mens-Wedding-Rings.com (MWR) stands apart from other online jewelry stores with its uniquely focused selection that caters strictly to the groom. Competing against big box competitors with the nimbleness of a small business, MWR has made several key changes over the last year to further grow the business and diversify its market presence, while continuing to remain faithful to its core values of superior customer service and everyday low prices.

With its uniquely focused product selection, Mens-Wedding-Rings.com (MWR) offers grooms a one-stop shop for finding the wedding ring of their dreams. Over the past year Mens-Wedding-Rings has focused on expanding its already successful business, diversifying its market presence and improving the customer shopping experience. 

Amid these key changes, MWR has remained true to the core values that made it so popular with shoppers in the first place: selling high quality menís wedding bands at everyday low prices and offering superior customer service.

As brick-and-mortar stores continue to lose their foothold in the jewelry market, Mens-Wedding-Rings.com allows customers to find the best deals on menís wedding bands from the convenience of their own homes. Unlike other prominent online jewelry stores, Mens-Wedding-Rings has been laser-like in its product selection Ė there are no womenís engagement rings or other accessories to wade through. While technically a small business, Mens-Wedding-Rings competes with some of the largest online retailers of menís wedding rings. 

Unlike these bigger corporations, MWRís more streamlined approach has lent it the agility with which to respond instantaneously to customer demand and feedback. One prime example is MWRís selection of menís large size rings (one of the biggest online), which was developed after shoppers commented on the difficulty of finding attractive wedding rings that would fit their fingers.

The past year brought several other major changes to MWR. In 2012 Mens-Wedding-Rings expanded its collections by adding the designer brand Benchmark to the site. A leading manufacturer of menís wedding rings, Benchmarkís high quality products reflect both sophistication in design and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Another significant change was made last October, when Mens-Wedding-Rings further expanded its online presence by launching its own Amazon storefront. The Amazon store has so far been an unqualified success, with brisk sales and positive customer feedback.

Having gone live in April 2010, Mens-Wedding-Rings is poised to celebrate three successful years in business with a special Anniversary Sale. For MWR the 3rd Anniversary Sale is not just an annual event, but a commemoration of the storeís dedication to offering a large and well-priced selection of menís wedding bands, while continuing to grow its market presence and improve the user experience. 

To learn more about Mens-Wedding-Rings, please visit www.mens-wedding-rings.com.

Posted by Eric Ward on 04/25/13
Archived URLwire page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/042513.html

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