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URLwire Editor's note:  The below site announcement is from May, 2003. URLs mentioned may no longer be active.

Site Launch Date: 5/6/2003 -- Atlanta, GA USA

Weather.com's Offers Customizable Data to Webmasters for Free

Weather.com's Offers Customizable Data to Webmasters for FreeWeather.com, the most popular source of online weather information and the Web site of The Weather Channel, announces today that it has expanded the site's Online Affiliate Program, Weather On Your Site. weather.com has launched nine new weather magnets designed to present local weather conditions, while reflecting weather.com's various content sections.

Webmasters can now choose the magnet that best fits their site's content, look and feel--free of charge. 

The new magnets present current conditions (including temperature, "feels like" temperature, humidity and wind speed) for a pre-selected city, while allowing site visitors to access the 10-day forecast and explore specific weather-related lifestyle content-such as local golf courses, the Vacation Planner, the Garden Calendar and more. Users can also access weather conditions for another city by entering a city name or zip code into the search box. 

Additionally, the magnet provides links that allow the users to easily register for one of weather.com's many products and services, including Desktop Weather, the site's popular desktop application and Notify! by The Weather Channel, a subscription service that delivers severe weather alerts via home phone, cell phone, pager or email.

The nine new versions include: "In Flight," "Ticket Holder" and "Sunday Drive," targeted to travelers; "Wild Flowers" and "Grass Fields," targeted to gardeners and allergy sufferers; "Winter Blues," targeted to people dealing with cold and flu season; "Green Paint," for homeowners and "Golfers' Sunrise," for golfers. In addition to a unique design, each magnet contains links to lifestyle content that is of particular interest to the targeted audience and serves as a compliment to sites featuring similar content.

Webmasters can also choose a generic version of the magnet or simply feature the weather.com logo and location search box.

"Our Online Affiliate Program has been very popular for more than five years--in fact we currently have 800,000 affiliates who have registered to display our weather information on their sites," said Joe Fiveash, senior vice president of product and business development for weather.com. "With the launch of these customizable weather magnets we will provide our current members with an opportunity to upgrade their current application to be more relevant and interesting for their users. We predict that we will also attract many new members who are looking for content that more closely reflects their site."

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