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May 15, 2011 Launches Channel Engines to Speed Web Searching this week launched QuickFindIt Channel Engines, a directory of search sites organized by topic that enables users to search select sites without having to re-type their search question. editors handpick each site based on its usefulness, ease of navigation, quality content and speed. In addition, each link has a pop-up description that helps users evaluate a site before they click on it. Launches Channel Engines to Speed Web Searching"We've spent more than six months developing these channels," said Craig M. Burgess, president and founder of, Inc. "When we saw web searchers asking for help on basic subjects, it became obvious that they just werenít aware of the great sites available. That's when we envisioned the channel concept we are launching today."'s directory home page sends visitors to 12 major Channel Engines: Antiques, Auctions, Autos and Trucks, Finance and Investing, Movies and Videos, Palms and PDA's, Real Estate, Reference, Search Engines, Sports, Travel and Weather. "QuickFindIt filters out the noise and gives you very focused sites," said Burgess. "Think of it like a toolbox. You don't have to have every tool in the world, just the ones you find the most useful."

Channel structure keeps it simple

The new Channel Engine design focuses on five popular uses of the web:

1. Conduct online research

The Channel Engines enable users to search many different sites within a channel without having to re-type their search question. Searchers put their search phrase or subject into the text box, and then click on a link. The results appear in a new window on top of's Channel Engine. When a different site is clicked on, the same window appears on top to show the results from the different site. A helpful feature is a pop-up description built into each site link that helps searchers to make informed decisions about where they are going next. When a user hovers their mouse over a site link, the pop-up description appears.

2. Send and receive email

Email has long been acknowledged as the most popular application on the Web. has partnered with to provide a full featured, free, web-based email service. One great feature is the option to have the system send an alert to a userís regular email account that tells them there is mail at

3. Read the latest headlines

Most people don't have time to find the latest news on a particular subject, so QuickFindItís topic-focused headlines quickly gather breaking news headlines from respected sources. This enables users to gain quick insight into what's happening right now in any particular subject area.

4. Chat with others

Each channel has it's own chat room so that site visitors can help each other find resources and information. has partnered with to provide chat rooms with on-the-fly translation between 9 different languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean and Spanish.

5. Shop for goods and services

The Marketplace section highlights only the best services available, based on the QuickFindIt Channel topic. Discounts and special offers are also featured in this section for the benefit of site visitors. pioneered the use of human-based services for search and retrieval of hard-to-find information on the Web. First with a paid search service, then with a human-compiled directory, has produced solid solutions to help fill the ever-deepening gap between what is on the Web and how well people find it. For more information, contact Craig Burgess.

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