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Date: 5/23/05 - News search engines and headline aggregators are welcome to index/link this page
gRock Media Group Debuts Search Engine
BigClique utilizes a unique scalability and algorithm to compete head-to-head with the biggest names in search
. runs its own crawler (Daisy) and their search listings are made up from their own internal database of submitted sites. BigClique has been building their search, crawler and database technology since Spring of 2003, and has allowed users to submit sites for crawling since March 1st 2005.  The Add-URL page is located at
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New York based gRock Media Group today launched a new crawler based search engine at

To compete with established players like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, BigClique debuts with an index of a several million web sites, and a proprietary ranking algorithm that analyzes on-site and off-site criteria including page text, tags, inbound links, and other factors. also utilizes a "Segments" technology which offers endless scalability, running on a cluster of Dell Dual Xeon servers.

Said BigClique founder Femi Olu, "We have successfully built a powerful cluster of servers delivering speed, fast searches and scalability. Our technology architecture has been built from the ground up and is continuously being tweaked to keep it at the forefront of the search engine technology market."

Although the search engine industry is extremely competitive, Mr. Olu has confidence can carve out a niche.  And though it would have been easy to simply reproduce search listings from all the other search engines using the "Meta-search" model, Mr. Olu saw many flaws in that approach.  "It would take less than a week to create and complete a meta-search tool, but the truth is the user would see the same search results they see already at all the other cookie-cutter meta-search sites." runs its own crawler (Daisy) and their search listings are made up from their own internal
database of submitted sites. BigClique has been building their search, crawler and database technology since Spring of 2003, and has allowed users to submit sites for crawling since March 1st 2005.  The Add-URL page is located at purposely does not offer news, maps, weather, email or any other non-search features or information. Said Olu, "If you are looking for news go to and, if you need maps go to, if you need weather go to and if you need email go to But if you want an uncluttered and satisfying search experience, come to"

To learn more about the people and technology behind, visit the following sections of the site:

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