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URLwire for Wednesday, May 30, 2001
GasPriceWatch Site Monitors Gas Prices By Zip Codes
GasPriceWatch provides consumers with the ability to search their local gas stations for the lowest prices. Their research has shown that prices in the same town vary as much as $.20 per gallon. Sometimes even the same fuel company will charge different prices in different parts of town to remain a low-cost leader in that neighborhood. Competitive forces create a fluctuation in prices that you, the consumer, should be aware of. 

GasPriceWatch also believes that all consumers should know that they have options. With the deregulation of most of the major utilities, you are no longer forced to select the service provider that has claimed the territory in which you live. The GasPriceWatch Consumer Links section provides links to many of the organizations that are currently working to build awareness about what deregulation can do for you. Safety is a concern of everyone. That is why GasPriceWatch created links to many of the organizations that post recalls and document safety concerns on consumer products. The web site was created to aid consumers in making purchasing decisions. GasPriceWatch, Inc. has no affiliation with any of the fuel vendors or other advocacy groups listed in this site. 

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