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Announce Date: June 1, 2011

BanditTrackerNashville.com Uses Web To Track Nashville Bank Robberies 

URL: http://BanditTrackerNashville.com
BanditTrackerNashville.com Uses Web To Track Nashville Bank Robberies
BanditTrackerNashville.com is using the web to help in the fight against nashville bank robberies. The site was created by federal, county, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as partners in the Nashville region.

Bank robberies have hit a record high. Now, the FBI has turned to the Internet for help. The new web site is called BanditTrackerNashville.com, and it focuses just on Nashville bank robberies

Just last week in Nashville, a man robbed a post office and then a bank within hours. His weapon was wrapped in wires and he called it a bomb.

The bank robber told employees to give him cash or he'd blow the place up. Police released video of the man, and you can see it plus dozens of others on the new website. "Bandit Tracker Nashville is the web site we've created to focus on bank robbery investigations being conducted in the middle district of Middle Tennessee," FBI Special Agent Matt Dunn said.

On Bandit Tracker Nashville you'll see pictures, videos and information about bank robberies dating back to the beginning of 2010.  FBI numbers show normally 35 to 40 bank robberies happen in Middle Tennessee per year, but that number jumped to 52 in 2009 and 67 in 2010.

Investigators blame the increase on drug use and the economy. "Most of it is drug dependency, but a lot of people have also lost jobs and they've got bills to pay so they've become desperate," said Dunn.

Robbing a bank is a federal offense. You could get 15 years behind bars with no early release.
Dunn confirmed the risk doesn't seem to match the reward.  "It's really not.  If you look at national statistics, $1,200 is what a bank robber will get and because it's a federal crime you're looking at some significant sentencing," Dunn added.

But that hasn't deterred people from trying it. Three out of four bank robberies used to happen in Davidson County. Now, half of them happen in counties outside of Nashville. BanditTrackerNashville.com was created by federal, county, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as partners in the Nashville region.

Posted by Eric Ward on 06/01/11
Archived URLwire page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/06011.html


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