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Date: 6/5/2008

ShrinkTheWeb.com Releases Full Featured Free Website Thumbnail Generator
ShrinkTheWeb.com Releases Full Featured Free Website Thumbnail Generator
ShrinkTheWeb offers a powerful and full featured free service for which all other site thumbnail providers charge a varying and substantial fee.
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URL: http://www.shrinktheweb.com

ShrinkTheWeb (http://www.shrinktheweb.com), the premier offering from Imagion’s “Creativity Initiative” is moving out of its BETA period to provide unique design tools based on website thumbnails.  With an exclusive PRO feature set backed by great support and coupled with the most extensive free basic service in the industry, ShrinkTheWeb is bound to be a favorite of webmasters world-wide.

ShrinkTheWeb offers a powerful and full featured free service for which all other site thumbnail providers charge a varying and substantial fee.  However, STW goes one step further by adding affordable, fee-based “PRO” features not found elsewhere. “We basically just asked several hundred webmasters what their ‘Wish List’ would be and then designed the innovative PRO feature set around their answers. Judging from the high number of testimonials we received in such a short time, I believe we have achieved our goal of designing an easy-to-use system that pays for itself by increasing conversions,” says Brandon Elliott, CEO of ShrinkTheWeb.

Previously, webmasters were rarely able to use other similar services due to reliability issues, high costs and implementation difficulties. ShrinkTheWeb overcomes these issues by offering a proven and more robust service, basic features for free and the simplest integration possible using just one line of standard HTML code.

With ShrinkTheWeb, webmasters can increase profits by making their sites more visual.  One commonly accepted fact is that people, by nature, are visual creatures.  Website previews provide a form of visual imagery which stimulates the viewer’s interest and increases trust.  Mr. Elliott notes that “when a user sees a preview of the link they are about to click on, they feel more comfortable following the link. This improves relevant click through while minimizing bounce back.” These benefits have already pulled in members across 23 countries and hints that ShrinkTheWeb should be a fascinating service to watch in years to come.

The company behind ShrinkTheWeb, Imagion, has progressed towards its original goal of providing more affordable (or in several cases, free) web based services.  “We will also be launching other, innovative solutions to help websites stand out without having to shell out big bucks,” comments Frank Grogan, VP of Public Relations, “and essentially, we are planning to launch the ultimate ‘Webmasters Wish List’ of online tools and services.  For futher information contact Frank Grogan by phone: +1 888 763 6797 or email fgrogan@shrinktheweb.com.

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