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Announce Date: June 9, 2011

CleanItSupply.com Offers Web's Largest Resource Library On Cleaning Supplies

URL: http://www.cleanitsupply.com/t-resources.aspx
CleanItSupply.com Offers Web's Largest Resource Library On Cleaning Supplies
cleanitsupply.com recently released extensive educational additions to their Helpful Cleaning Tips and Cleaning Product Resources library, including the web's largest glossary of cleaning industry terms. 

Cleaning and janitorial supplies superstore CleanItSupply.com recently announced a launch of new search and resource features aimed at assisting, as well as educating readers. Focused on streamlining the user's search ability, as well providing a resource bank of glossaries, troubleshooting directories, product articles, and how-to guides, CleanItSupply's new multifaceted additions center around combining fast and easy usability with informative product content. 

Better Product Knowledge
CleanItSupply recently released new educational additions to their Helpful Cleaning Tips and Cleaning Product Resources library, including the web's largest glossary of cleaning industry terms. This informational tandem delivers an enlightening array of industry definitions, how-to resources, product breakdowns, and troubleshooting articles. The goal of these new resources is to help readers reach informed and educated conclusions on all cleaning related questions, whether it be for a product, or for an undertaking.

“The new features heighten our ability to provide our readers, clients, customers, and partners with the opportunity to not only find what they need quicker, but to better understand the products and industry, through our comprehensive resources.” said Dan Dillon President on CleanItSupply.  “These are resources that anyone can use, from a home owner looking for informational assistance, to a seasoned professional looking for a leg-up, the information is there to assist everyone.”

Streamlined User Experience
Cutting product search time to a fraction of the original period, CleanItSupply's new search feature provides immediate predictive text options, complete with corresponding product pictures, helping users find exactly what they are looking for in seconds. 

Expanded Product Page Features
CleanItSupply has expanded its user assistance further with the recent addition of new product features. The new features, which come standard on every product page, include a bulk price quote option, the ability to view the product's category page via a hard copy PDF, as well as the option to receive an instant “at your doorstep” estimate for shipping cost. 
“We’re thrilled about the new website additions. These were features weren't readily available in the cleaning industry, so it’s really has helped the public gain a better understanding of what they need, in a fraction of the time,” said  Dillon in reference to CleanItSupply’s new product page features. “Our goal was to make the user experience easier and faster on our website, and we’re confident we've accomplished that.”

About CleanItSupply
Founded in 2006, CleanItSupply.com is the leading provider of discount cleaning products, wholesale cleaning supplies and commercial janitorial supplies nationwide. CleanItSupply’s corporate headquarters is based outside of Philadelphia, PA. On the web at: 


Posted by Eric Ward on 06/09/11
Archived URLwire page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/060911.html

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