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.June 13, 2008

New Site Provides Advice On North Carolina Family Law
New Site Provides Advice On North Carolina Family Law
The content on the North Carolina family law news site is delivered in familiar blog style, with an RSS feed option, and is designed to educate people on matters specific to North Carolina family law.
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URL: http://www.northcarolinafamilylawnews.com

The Raleigh, North Carolina law firm Gailor Wallis & Hunt (GWH) recently launched the North Carolina Family Law web site, located at northcarolinafamilylawnews.com

The content is delivered in familiar blog style, with an RSS feed option, and is designed to educate people on matters of North Carolina family law. Presented by the family law attorneys at Gailor, Wallis & Hunt the news website offers help on topics including:

    * Divorce From Bed and Board
    * Absolute Divorce
    * Equitable Distribution
    * Child Custody & Child Support
    * Paternity
    * Post-separation Support
    * Alimony
    * Domestic Violence
    * Separation and Property Settlement Agreements
    * Premarital and Pre-Union Agreements
    * International Abduction (Hague Convention cases)
    * Domestic Torts

Recent posts include Protecting Your Business In a Divorce, Autism and Custody Issues, and When Co-Parenting Doesn't Work

GWH attorneys are very knowledgeable about family law matters, such as general divorce issues. In addition, each lawyer has honed a special skill within the area of family law, i.e., family law appeals, complex business valuations, domestic violence, assault and battery, etc., as a result the goal to achieve a very high level of competence and focus is accomplished on every case matter. The firm’s attorneys apply their learned skills, dedication, and tenacity to each case matter, and anticipate every twist or turn a case may take.

Determined to leave no stone unturned or injury unredressed, the legal team at GWH are fiercely protective of their clients‘ interests and act as a stabilizing force to counter the emotional upheaval caused by unraveling relationships, financial turmoil, and risk of losing custody of children that divorce or other family law matters may entail. These attorneys routinely handle complex cases, and know what to do to win.

Carole Gailor, the founding partner of the firm, has been named a 2008 Super Lawyer and has an extensive resume that illustrates her vast knowledge of the law. Gailor became a board-certified family law specialist in 1989, and was admitted to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in 1997. 

If you have a family law concern or matter and would like to speak to a GWH attorney, you are invited to contact us by phone at either our Raleigh or Wilmington offices.

Tags: Raleigh, North Carolina, Family Law, North Carolina Family Law
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