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Announce Date: June 17, 2011

DentAssist.com Provides Updated State Dental Continuing Education Requirements

URL: http://www.DentAssist.com
DentAssist.com Provides Updated State Dental Continuing Education Requirements
DentAssist.com, a leader in dental continuing education online is pleased to announce a new feature on their website: an updated list of the state required Dental CE credits for dental professionals.

DentAssist.com, a leader in dental continuing education online is pleased to announce a new feature on their website: an updated list of the state required Dental CE credits for dental professionals.

Dental professionals can discover exactly how many credits they need and when they need them. In addition to being a leader in dental continuing education online, dentassist.com can now shorten the process a dental professional must take to research the requirements needed to renew their license in their state. 

Dentassist.com has just released a new and valuable resource for the dentist, hygienist and dental assistant; a convenient and up to date page on their website that allows dental professionals to quickly discover how many dental CE credits they need to renew their license in their state. The new page shows the number of credits required for dentists dental hygienists and licensed dental assistants and how frequently they need to accumulate the credits in order to maintain their licenses. 

With the development of the internet Dental CE has evolved into more flexible formats and dental continuing education online is the latest trend in dental CE. Online classes allow the dentist, hygienist or assistant the opportunity to take the courses at their own pace and in their own time frame.

A quick scan of the list reveals the vast differences that exist between states. Among the states that require the most dental CE are Kentucky at 30 credits every one year renewal, Kansas at 60 credits every two year renewal and Arkansas, California, Delaware, Minnesota and Missouri at 50 credits every two year renewal. Among the lowest? Texas with 12 credits every one year renewal and finally Wyoming that has no required dental CE.

Dental CE has been a part of dentistry for many years. Gaining new knowledge and skills within the dental industry is the way, the governing boards of dentistry in the United States, assures the public that it strives to enhance the continuing education of its licensees.

On dentassist.com, coursework for dental continuing education online varies, course titles range from infection control to diabetes; the sweet tooth of reality. Dentassist.com offers courses that not only fulfill required credits but also illuminate little known or misunderstood topics that truly enhance the dental professionals understanding.  Courses are researched and updated frequently to maintain the most current scientifically based knowledge.

Most states require dental professionals to take CE courses from institutions that are recognized providers by their state board or ADA Continuing Education Recognized Providers.  Dentassist.com fulfills that requirement being a recognized provider with the Dental Board of California, Florida State Board of Dentistry and most notably ADA CERP.

According to the ADA “Recognizing the need to offer its members and the dental community a way to select continuing dental education (CE) with confidence and to promote the continuous improvement of CE, the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) was established in 1993” 

About dentassit.com
Dentassist.com is an ADA CERP recognized provider of dental continuing education courses that fulfill license renewal requirements across the United States. Based in of Sacramento, CA dentassist.com offers high quality dental CE curriculum for dentist, dental hygienist and assistants.  They offer a wide selection of online dental CE courses that cover current clinical trends impacting dentistry for the dentist, dental hygienist and assistant. Upon successful completion of your dental continuing education online coursework, your CE certificate will be emailed to you within 2 business days

For further information contact Lisa Saiia, President, Dentassist.com at  916-443-1313, or visit the site at http://www.dentassist.com

Posted by Eric Ward on 06/17/11
Archived URLwire page: http://www.urlwire.com/news/061711.html

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