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Site Launch Date: 6/30/1999

Volkswagen Launches Turbonium Web Site Showcasing New Beetle 1.8 Turbo and Advertising Campaign 

http://www.turbonium.comVolkswagen has launched turbonium.com to showcase the New Beetle 1.8 T and its television and print advertising.  Developed to extend the brand message from the broadcast advertising to the web community, turbonium.com engages visitors in a uniquely Volkswagen experience. 

Exposing consumers to the 150-horsepower New Beetle 1.8 T, high-end animation, great music, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the ad and other information unique to the car, turbonium.com brings the  essence of the New Beetle 1.8 T to life. Turbonium.com will be "perpetually active" by incorporating fresh content on an ongoing basis, thus encouraging visitors to keep coming back for more. 

"We're living in a marketing environment where entertainment is critical," said Arnold Communications Creative Director, Alan Pafenbach. "For our consumers to connect today, we have to expand on and enhance the TV experience. With turbonium.com, the TV experience is just the tip of the iceberg." 

The New Beetle 1.8 T updates the popular model that was introduced last year to rave reviews and high consumer demand. The heart of the New Beetle 1.8 T is Volkswagen's award-winning 1.8 liter, 20-valve, turbocharged four-cylinder engine that also powers the Passat GLS.  The 1.8 T engine produces 150-horsepower and 155 ft. lbs. of torque, giving the New Beetle the power to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 8 seconds. 

The new television spot for the New Beetle 1.8 T is dubbed "Turbonium" and helps keep the New Beetle "buzz" alive and fresh.  Highlighting the power and performance of the new Turbo engine, the spot is energetic, and charged with a kind of nuclear excitement. The concept focuses on the sci-fi discovery of a new element called "Turbonium."  International news reports describe the incredible development as flashes of the New Beetle race across the screen. The discovery adds a new element to the periodic table -- presumably the force that powers the new 1.8 T Turbo Beetle. 

"The new Turbo injects the New Beetle with a little bit of testosterone," said Ron Lawner, Arnold Communications Chief Creative Officer.  "The car looks great, it drives great, and it moves.  When you think about the New Beetle and a 1.8 turbo engine, it's really off the charts.  Hence the concept of a new element: Turbonium."

URL: http://www.turbonium.com

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