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URLwire for Monday August 05, 2002 

Free eBook Locator Launches For Consumers, Librarians and the Book Industry
Online service provides data on thousands of eBooks including reviews, excerpts, author bios, and availability at leading retail sites
"OverDrive's Content Reserve is the most comprehensive source for eBook title data, including covers, jacket copy, table of contents, excerpts, and author information in the publishing industry"
Pamela Turner
Director of Content for OverDrive
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OverDrive, Inc. today launched eBook Locator(TM) ( -- a free, Web-based search tool for locating commercially available eBook titles in leading digital formats. 

As the most authoritative resource for consumers and eBook buying communities, eBook Locator offers up-to-the-minute information on tens of thousands of eBooks from over 400 publishers worldwide. The service powered is by OverDrive, Inc., whose renowned Content Reserve® Digital Content Marketplace is the leading clearinghouse of digital inventory in the world. 

eBook Locator provides a wealth of real-time data about eBooks in the most popular formats for PCs and PDAs including Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader (PDF) and Palm Reader. Each eBook record includes information on where to purchase the title immediately with links to a network of leading online eBooksellers including Barnes and, WHSmith Online,, Fictionwise, and more in the US and abroad. 

"OverDrive's Content Reserve is the most comprehensive source for eBook title data, including covers, jacket copy, table of contents, excerpts, and author information in the publishing industry," stated Pamela Turner, Director of Content for OverDrive. "Content Reserve also provides other pertinent data including digital rights information (DRM), license terms, file size, and which PC or PDA devices for which a title is designed. Our inventory is growing rapidly, with more than 500 titles added to the database each week," Ms. Turner added. " is an important enhancement to our industry and illustrates how eBooks are continuing to grow in adoption and acceptance," said Nicholas Bogaty, Executive Director of the Open eBook Forum, an industry trade and standards body serving the publishing, book, and technology communities. "By providing current bibliographic data 24/7, consumers, librarians and researchers can get the information they need quickly and easily. It's a tool that everyone who reads and buys eBooks will come to rely on," he added. 

OverDrive, Inc. ( is a leading provider of eBook, DRM and media marketplace technologies enabling the secure management and distribution of digital media over global networks. OverDrive is a strategic partner to Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT - News), Adobe Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADBE - News) and Palm Digital Media, a business unit of Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM - News). The company is a Gold Sponsor of the Open eBook Forum. OverDrive was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. 

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