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Date: 8/17/2007
Miami Radiosurgery Expert Launches CyberKnife Website

Cyberknife Treatment Center Uses Revolutionary Methods to Completely Eliminate Tumors and Lesions in a Nonsurgical Manner. Dr. James Schwade, an internationally a recognized expert in the field of radiosurgery, creates Centers in Miami & Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

URL: http://www.morsecyberknife.com
Specifically for individuals who suffer from conditions that require radiation treatment or therapy, the website features sections for doctors and patients as well as an interactive feature to help pinpoint where the user's specific problem may be in their individual body. Contact information for highly experienced and trained staff, physicians and surgeons in the South Florida region is also available.
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MORSE LLC - which operates The CyberKnife Centers of Miami and Palm Beach Gardens have taken measures to make pertinent life-saving information, more accessible for cancer patients, their families, or other individuals who wish to become knowledgeable about radiosurgery by launching a new website, http://www.morsecyberknife.com

Specifically for individuals who suffer from conditions that require radiation treatment or therapy, the website features sections for doctors and patients as well as an interactive feature to help pinpoint where the user's specific problem may be in their individual body. Contact information for highly experienced and trained staff, physicians and surgeons in the South Florida region is also available. 

CyberKnife Treatments 
CyberKnife is a highly advanced radiation tool that facilitates the administration of radiation to parts of the body that are deemed inoperable with more conventional treatment methods. These areas include, but are not limited to, parts of the brain, internal organs, and spinal cord. Using this revolutionary method, tumors and lesions can be completely eliminated in a nonsurgical procedure with three to five treatments and virtually no side effects. 

With the CyberKnife: 
No incisions are made
No anesthesia is required
There is no blood or pain
There is no recovery time needed after the procedure. 

"We treat brain, spine, lung, pancreas, liver, prostate, head and neck, and other conditions throughout the body where radiation treatment is indicated. Many of our patients are treated with the CyberKnife for conditions that have been deemed inoperable, or for areas that have previously received the maximum level of radiation," says Executive Director James G. Schwade, MD, FACR, FACRO. "The range, accuracy and precision of the CyberKnife system can help target areas that may not be suitable for treatments with traditional surgery, radiation therapy, or older radiosurgery systems like the gamma knife." 

The procedure is performed with a team of experienced physicians and can cost 20% to 45% less than traditional radiosurgery treatments. Conditions treated with the CyberKnife include various cancers, tumors, functional disorders, and lesions throughout various parts of the body. Over 10,000 patients worldwide have been treated using this system, and many operations have proven successful for patients previously told that their tumors were inoperable with traditional forms of radiation therapy. 

About The CyberKnife Center of Miami/Palm Beach Online 
The CyberKnife Center of Miami is dedicated to providing world class treatment and support for eligible candidates who may have lost hope for recovery with prior procedures. By visiting the CyberKnife Center of Miami /Palm Beach online, individuals are able to review information regarding treatments and procedures. The new website features detailed information about candidate eligibility for this type of radiosurgery, conditions treated, individual case studies, cybernotes, and more. Visitors are able to contact the center via the website with questions about radiosurgery or the team of medical professionals administering treatments. 

About James G. Schwade, MD, FACR, FACRO
Executive Director 
Dr. Schwade is an internationally recognized expert in the field of radiosurgery who has performed over 1,700 treatments and authored over 80 scientific articles in the span of his 20 year career. A member of numerous state and national professional societies, he currently holds the rank of Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Miami School of Medicine. A cum laude graduate of both Washington University and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Dr. Schwade has served as Co-Medical Director at the Miami NeuroScience Center, Associate Director of Clinical Research at the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Center, Medical Director of the Regional Cancer Treatment Center at Baptist Hospital in Miami, and Chief of the Radiology Biology Section of the Radiation Oncology Branch at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.

About Xiadong Wu, PhD
Medical Physicist 
Dr. Wu is Associate Professor and Chief of the Medical Physics Division in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Miami School of Medicine.  He graduated from the University of Miami with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and has an undergraduate degree in Physics from Xiamen University in the People's Republic of China. Dr. Wu is certified by the American Board of Radiology in Therapeutic Physics and in 2000 received a U.S. patent for Iso-Energetic Intensity Modulator for Therapeutic Electron Beams. He is a frequent lecturer on medical physics throughout the United States and has authored and co-authored numerous monographs, peer-reviewed journals and abstracts. 

About Steven Pinkert, MD, JD, MBA
Corporate Counsel 
As a key member of the management team, Dr. Pinkert provides corporate, regulatory and intellectual property services invaluable to the success of the company. He graduated cum laude from the University of Southern California, and holds a medical degree from Northwestern University Medical School, a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law, and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Miami Graduate School of Business Administration. A member of the American Medical Association, American Bar Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association, his experience and exceptional background in Medicine, Law and Business play a vital role in the development and operations of the CyberKnife Center of Miami. 

The MorseCyberKnife.com Web site is developed by a leading Maimi | West Palm Beach Web Design Company // Forte Interactive. 

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