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.September 4, 2008

Kansas City Public Library Site Unveils Major Improvements
Kansas City Public Library Site Unveils Major Improvements
The Kansas City Public Library strives to be the best public library in the nation. This level of aspiration reflects the commitment of the community to the role of the Library as center of knowledge and promoter of civic and cultural conversation.
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URL: http://www.KCLibrary.org

The new KCLibrary.org is the official website of the Kansas City Public Library. The massive overhaul of the library’s website is intended to make the site easier to navigate and more useful to library patrons.

Features of the new website include:

* New user-friendly navigation. Users can now access more of the information they are looking for quickly and easily, directly from the homepage.

* New catalog interface with improved browsing capabilities. Users can now begin their search with any combination of words and narrow the results from there. For example a search for “Hemingway” garners 629 results, but the new interface provides the option to narrow or broaden your search by author, format, subject or language.

* More ways to find something to read. Visitors to the site can browse bestseller lists and the latest additions to the Library’s collection, in addition to book recommendations related to library programs and current events. Additionally, patrons can sign up for email alerts about new fiction and nonfiction books.

* Easy access to information about Library programs and events. Users can now search for upcoming library events by type, time, location and age group. Users can still browse the banners on the front page for a preview of pending events.

* Blogs about everything from books and movies to Kansas City history. Discuss new and favorite books and movies with librarians and discover interesting facts about Kansas City history and the Library’s Missouri Valley Special Collections.

* Easier access to the library’s free research tools. The library offers a wealth of free databases – from newspaper archives to genealogy research tools. Users now have more ways to find the right database and learn research tips. Patrons can search by name or topic or browse the most popular databases.

The Kansas City Public Library strives to be the best public library in the nation. This level of aspiration reflects the commitment of our community to the role of the Library as center of knowledge and promoter of civic and cultural conversation. The Library champions the joy of reading and lifelong learning. Children’s programs, family and community events nurture the imagination. Our collections support the joy of reading, research, skill development and entrepreneurship. 

Tags: Kansas City Public Library
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