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Inspector Lynley on
PBS MYSTERY! OnlineInspector Lynley on PBS Mystery! Online
Inspector Lynley Returns to PBS MYSTERY! Online
Visit MYSTERY’s Inspector Lyley Mysteries companion Web site to Read an interview with Elizabeth George; [Spoiler alert!] Access descriptions, cast and credit information for each Inspector Lynley Mystery: Discuss plot twists and turns with other Lynley fans and Explore related links.
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Date: 9/7/2006
Inspector Lynley Returns to PBS MYSTERY! Online

Sundays, September 10 through October 1 at 9pm and on PBS Online at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/mystery/lynley/index.html

An appealing tension fuels the relationship between aristocratic Inspector Thomas Lynley (Nathaniel Parker, Bleak House) and his ascerbic sidekick, Sergeant Barbara Havers (Sharon Small). In the all-new Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Series V, Elizabeth George’s curiously paired team returns in four new murder mysteries, airing on MYSTERY! Sundays, beginning September 10.

The new series picks up from the shooting of Havers at the end of last season. How will the trauma affect Havers’ ability to cope with the demands of her work? Meanwhile, Lynley must accept his estrangement from his wife Helen, following the death of their unborn child.

This fall, Lynley and Havers tackle an intriguing range of cases that stretch their powers of observation and detection—“In Divine Proportion,” “In the Guise of Death,” “The Seed of Cunning,” and “The Word of God.”

Visit MYSTERY’s Inspector Lyley Mysteries companion Web site to:

The MYSTERY! Web site is produced in association with WGBH Interactive, Boston, which produces Web sites supporting WGBH national series such as NOVA, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and ARTHUR. The WGBH Educational Foundation is the single largest producer of primetime television programs and Web sites seen nationally on PBS and PBS ONLINE.

PBS.org, PBS's award-winning site on the World Wide Web, produces high-quality Web programming as it pioneers the convergence of television and the Internet. PBS.org features more than 150,000 pages of content as well as companion Web sites for more than 500 PBS programs and specials, and is one of the most popular "dot-org" Web sites in the world. 

For further information contact Ellen Dockser, WGBH Boston, 617-300-5338, ellen_dockser(--at--)wgbh.org

© 2006 WGBH Educational Foundation

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