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URLwire for Wednesday,September 18, 2002
Capterra Expands Vertical Site For Enterprise Software
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With thousands of software solutions now listed, the site has become the “online marketplace for enterprise software”. The site is located at

Capterra Launches Search Engine For Enterprise Software
Capterra is the world’s leading website dedicated entirely to enterprise software.
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At a time when purchasing the right business software is extremely confusing and risky, Capterra has delivered a free resource that guides executives through the entire complex process of finding, comparing, selecting and implementing software.  Capterra's website 
( includes comprehensive software directories with additional tools to guide organizations through the process of selecting software.

"Capterra is an excellent resource to get information about hundreds of vendors all in one place," said Spencer Arnesen, a principal at SoftResources, a consulting firm that assists companies with software selection.  "We recommend it as a great starting point for any business software selection project."

Capterra includes only software vendors in the software product directories.  By excluding software resellers, systems integrators, and IT consulting firms, Capterra helps to isolate the process of software selection from the process of finding the right implementation firm.

About Capterra, Inc.
Founded in 1999, Capterra is the only website dedicated solely to connecting buyers and sellers of enterprise software.  Capterra guides enterprises through the entire process of software selection and provides vendors a forum to reach prospects when they want to be reached.
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