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Announce Date: September 28, 2009
WhalewatchingTV.com Offers Live Whale Watching on Web
WhalewatchingTV.com Offers Live Whale Watching on Web
whalewatchingtv.com is the only web site in the world with a live video broadcast where you can watch huge dolphin herds and see blue whales live online, the largest animal that ever lived, swimming out on the open ocean, right from your computer.
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URL: http://www.WhalewatchingTV.com

Escape your office without leaving it, go out on the open ocean, and do some Whale watching.  See blue whales live online.  See and hear the largest animals that ever lived, swimming right next to you, and huge herds of wild dolphins, in pods of over 5,000 dolphins in a single pod and more, aboard www.WhalewatchingTV.com. This is the first and only place in the world where you can actually go Whale Watching LIVE out on the open ocean from your computer.

This is much more than a web cam - it is an Educational Reality Show. Whale Watching TV is produced by an award winning wildlife filmmaker, "Capt. Dave" Anderson, of Capt. Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari, in Dana Point, California.

Capt. Dave even built an underwater viewing pod on his boat, (the first of its kind anywhere in the world), for passengers to get eye to eye with dolphins and whales. He also placed seven cameras onboard, including an underwater camera, and an underwater hydrophone, so you can see and hear the dolphins and whales underwater. They also have microphones on the captain and crew, so you can learn about the ocean, and the many marine mammals in this area, from them. There are even fact sheets you can download, clips from recent trips, and excerpts from Capt. Dave's films and more on the site.

You will also learn what it is like to work on a commercial whale watching boat; some of the pressures they face, like back-to-back trips, bad weather, seasick passengers, and other problems. Sometimes being live all the time is a challenge for the crew: "Put a microphone in front of a sailor and you never know what you'll hear", but overall everyone onboard loves sharing what they do with the viewers.  The area of ocean that this live feed comes from, is considered by experts to be one of the best year round dolphin and whale watching areas in the world.

The site is already Live 24/7 from the boat so check it out now! And on October 3, 2009, dolphin and whale defenders; Actress Hayden Panettiere star of “Heroes” TV show and Isabel Lucas star of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", will be joining them live on their boat, Manute'a, for Whale Watching TV's official grand opening to raise money for the Whaleman Foundation and the Save The Whales Again Campaign. Viewers can watch the entire broadcast live on www.WhalewatchingTV.com

If you sign up as a follower of WhaleWatchingTV on Twitter, you will receive a Tweet letting you know trip times and alerting you whenever they are with whales or dolphins, (and, or, if something special is happening), so that you can tune in to the broadcast and watch them live.

Educators, parents, kids, whale and dolphin lovers, and curiosity seekers will find much aboard www.WhalewatchingTV.com. to keep them coming back. 

Posted by Eric Ward on 9/28/09

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