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Announce Date: September 29, 2009
Zakta.com Launches Personal and Social Web Search Engine
Zakta.com Launches Personal and Social Web Search Engine
Startup social Web search engine Zakta.com combines personalization and collaboration to go beyond Google, Yahoo and Bing for deeper Web searches.
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URL: http://www.Zakta.com

Sundar Kadayam, Cincinnati-based search expert and entrepreneur, has created Zakta.com, a personal and social Web search engine that allows users to edit their search results and build on the results of others.

"One of my biggest frustrations has been that after spending hours searching on the Web, I had nothing to show, reuse or benefit anyone else, including myself in the future," Kadayam says.

"Zakta helps the process of searching for information by letting you edit, save and share your results and then invite your community for feedback and insights." says Founder and CEO Kadayam, who specialized in search technologies, text-mining, social media analysis and networking at former companies that have included Intelliseek Inc. and The Nielsen Company.

Along with the traditional features expected in a web search engine, Zakta provides the following:

1). Fully editable search results. Zakta’s search results are completely editable and under the user's control. A user can delete results that aren’t relevant. Drag-and-drop results to rearrange them, or add tags and annotations to any result.

2). Automatically saved searches. Zakta automatically saves all changes into a user's Zakta account so users benefit from their changes whenever they search again.

3). Tools to gather and save information from everywhere.  Zakta provides tools like the Zakta ClipPad, the Zakta Plugin, and Zakta SearchPacks, to find information anywhere on the web and include it in the user's search process.

4). Easy knowledge sharing. Zakta enables users to share their results in the form of Zakta Guides.

5). Trusted collaboration. Users can invite other people they trust – such as colleagues, friends, or family members – to find information together and use a Zakta Guide as a living, collaborative document.

"Zakta.com is the closest thing to the next big thing in search I’ve seen," says Jason Falls, a top blogger and author of the popular blog at SocialMediaExplorer.com. "There's a ton of relevance and power behind the Zakta idea. My friend's search results, culled and curated for my edification, are useful. If we all did it, we'd have something, now wouldn't we?"

Bloggers, businesses, consultants, researchers, authors,  students, librarians, travelers, hobbyists, educators and serious searchers can all benefit greatly from the rich search, personalization and collaboration tools in Zakta.

About Zakta
Zakta, whose name is derived from the word "exactly", was founded by search expert, Sundar Kadayam in 2007. Zakta is backed by Vora Ventures, with veteran entrepreneur Mahendra Vora as Chairman of Zakta. Seasoned technologist Mark Reed is CTO of Zakta. Zakta LLC (www.zakta.com) is a small, privately held start-up in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Posted by Eric Ward on 9/29/09

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