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Announce Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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EverlifeMemorials.com Supports Grieving Pet Owners With New Pet Loss Resources
EverlifeMemorials.com Supports Grieving Pet Owners With New Pet Loss  Resources
Everlife’s new pet resources will help pet owners to deal with their grief, find pet aftercare service providers and even choose an appropriate pet memorial.
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URL:  http://www.everlifememorials.com/v/pet-loss.htm

EverlifeMemorials.com has recently launched new content on their website aimed at giving much-needed support and guidance to newly bereaved pet owners.  Everlife’s new pet loss resources provide grieving pet owners with information to help them cope with every aspect of their loss.

"Everlife’s new content will give pet owners a starting point when looking for information after the death of a family pet.  To make things easier, all of the new pet loss articles will be linked to other online resources dedicated to grief counseling, aftercare, and support", said Joseph McCabe, president of Everlife Memorials.

The site offers several directories of online pet loss forums, chat rooms, and message boards – with listings for pet loss counselors and support groups.  Many pet owners feel like it’s not okay to grieve for a dog or a cat, but your pet is a huge part of your life.  It’s perfectly normal to feel sad, lonely, or even angry after your pet dies. A pet is more than “just a cat” or “only a dog.”  Our pets are members of the family, and losing a pet is one of life’s saddest experiences.  Everlife Memorials offers online resources and support to help grieving pet owners cope with the pain of losing a furry friend.

When a cherished pet dies, it’s not always easy to find a sympathetic friend or family member to talk to about the loss.  Often, grieving pet owners are told to “get over it” – not everyone understands the special bond between humans and their animal companions. “Our pets become part of our families. When someone suffers the loss of a pet, it’s like losing a family member.  I want people to know that they’re not alone.  Other people have gone through the same thing”, said McCabe.

Everlife’s new pet resources will help pet owners to deal with their grief, find pet aftercare service providers and even choose an appropriate pet memorial, like a decorative urn or pet grave marker.  
Memorializing a pet can help bring closure to the grieving process, and there are many ways to say goodbye to a special friend, including a memorial service at a pet funeral home or an online tribute on a pet memorial website.  The directories and articles on Everlife’s website can help grieving pet owners make a decision about their pet’s aftercare.

Everlife Memorials provides memorial products and customer service to people coping with the loss of friends, family members, and pets.  Since 2000, Everlife has offered resources, information, and memorial products like urns and grave markers to help ease the pain of losing a loved one.  For more information about Everlife Memorials or to find out more about the company’s new pet loss resources, please visit www.everlifememorials.com or call Joseph McCabe at 1-800-293-3778.

Posted by Eric Ward at  10:08 AM EST
Tags: EverlifeMemorials.com, pet loss, pet owners, Joseph McCabe
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