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URLwire Editor's note:  The below site announcement is from October 2, 2000. URLs mentioned may no longer be active.
Site Launch Date: 10/02/2000

Popular Nature Site Launches Online Bird Audio Database

eNature.com has this week launched a bird audio database with the individual bird calls for 553 species of North American birds. Each bird call can be listened to immediately in real time right from the eNature site, for free. 

Bird Audio at eNature

eNature Bird Audio Library

The URL to the Bird Audio database main page is http://www.enature.com/birding/audio.asp

All bird sounds at eNature.com have been authentically recorded from the field.  All you need to listen to the bird calls is Quicktime version 4, which is a free plug-in that most people have already enabled on their computers.  If you don't already have it, the eNature site will direct you to the location where it can be easily downloaded for free.

In addition to the new Bird Audio content, eNature features over 3,400 different species of wildlife, with 4,220 color photographs. Philip Pfeifer of eNature commented about the launch "We've added bird calls to most of our bird species but this is just the first step.  We plan to add the natural sounds of just about all the wildlife we feature as well as nature audioscapes for various habitats and lifezones."

To hear a sample from eNature's bird audio section, click one of the bird audio links below, or visit eNature.com for over 550 other bird sounds.

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