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The Museum Of Modern Art Launches Online Retail Venture

The MoMA Online Store Designed and Developed By Pixelpark USA; Zoomable, 3D, and Animated Images Created With Live Picture Software

Proceeds Support The Museum's Exhibitions and Educational Programs

 The Museum of Modern Art has launched the MoMA Online Store, an E-commerce venture offering classic and contemporary design products drawn from the MoMA Design Store. The MoMA Online Store, at http://store.moma.org/, presents some 225 products, including quintessential examples of modern furniture and lighting, as well as a broad selection of travel, tabletop, home, and personal accessories, jewelry, stationery, and toys, many of which are represented in the Museum's design collection. Prices range from the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired bookmarks at $15 to the limited edition Hemipode Chronograph Watch at $3,950. Online shoppers will be able to purchase furniture over the Internet by modernist design icons such as Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, and Charles and Ray Eames. A colorful selection of holiday merchandise, including greeting cards, tableware, candles, ornaments, and giftwrap, is offered.

The MoMA Online Store is a component of the award-winning MoMA Web site, http://www.moma.org , which was launched in 1996. In keeping with MoMA's educational mission, the Online Store incorporates product texts and designer biographies on many products, as well as links with the Museum's main site, so that visitors can move back and forth between the Online Store and related art, objects, and exhibitions featured on the Museum site.

The Museum conceived a distinctive identity for the Online Store, and chose Pixelpark as a partner to realize it. Pixelpark USA, headed by President and CEO Harald Neidhardt, provided design, development, and programming for the entire online store. Live Picture, Inc., helmed by President and CEO Kate Mitchell, supplied client/server software for zoomable, 3D, and animated images. eVox Productions, whose New York office is headed by Neil Fischbein, photographed and produced the 3D images. All proceeds from the Online Store help support the Museum's exhibitions and educational programs.

The MoMA Online Store offers the convenience of online ordering coupled with unique value-added options, such as extensive designer and product information, three-dimensional and zoomable images, and a shopping tour that shows highlights of products and services. The customer may register with the site, which allows for faster checkout; a reminder service for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions; bridal registry; and a subscription of up to seven newsletters, each covering a different topic such as product news, the MoMA Web site, group tours, and events and programs at the Museum. MoMA members receive a 10% discount.

"The Museum of Modern Art wishes to thank our creative partners for their work on this important initiative," remarked Glenn D. Lowry, Director of The Museum of Modern Art. "The revenue from this venture will help ensure the continuation of the Museum's unparalleled exhibitions and educational programs."

The Museum of Modern Art has operated a store since 1939, when it moved into its newly built Goodwin-Stone International Style building at 11 West 53 Street. The MoMA Design Store, which opened across the street from the Museum in 1989, has long been a distinctive and popular extension of the Museum's exhibitions and design collection, and a complement to the MoMA Book Store. In addition to the MoMA Design and Book Stores, the E-commerce site augments the Museum's Mail Order Catalog, as well as the Wholesale Division.

"Pixelpark worldwide is truly proud of its partnership with MoMA, and of the opportunity to provide its expertise as the architect of the first-ever MoMA Online Store, says Pixelpark CEO Harald Neidhardt. "We share in the excitement of the opening of the store, and look forward to a continuing relationship with the Museum."

Pixelpark's software includes the Merchant Edition of Intershop 3, which allows the Museum to employ tools such as the shopping cart and order tracking technology, and provides a backoffice containing a fully featured suite of administrative tools for MoMA staff to easily update product and customer information. The back-end is fully integrated with MoMA's existing business systems, which reside on an IBM AS400 mainframe, enabling frequent updates of price, availability, and membership status.

Using Zoom, 3D, and animated images from Live Picture, Inc., the MoMA Online Store offers shoppers a fast and easy way to view and examine the store's entire online inventory, such as furniture, ceramics, apparel, accessories, and gifts. With zoomable product photos delivered by the Live Picture Image Server, the site allows users to click and zoom into images that present the online store's merchandise. Shoppers can also rotate and interact with 3D images of 20 items - including a vase, lamps, a chair, a wall clock, and a fly swatter - to see them from every angle, and view how multiple-piece items fit together. With Live Picture software, the Online Store offers consumers a tactile shopping experience on the Internet, without the need for special Web browser plug-ins.

"Since MoMA opened its original design store in 1939, it has offered gifts and design pieces that warrant a closer look," said Kate Mitchell, president and CEO of Live Picture. "Today, The Museum of Modern Art opens a new online store that reflects MoMA's unique vision. Live Picture is delighted to contribute to the visual technology."

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