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Oct 11 2004 - News search engines and headline aggregators are welcome to index/link this story 
.. Announces New Features
Country Music Alive is owned and operated by Kirk Fitzgerald, who is a member of the Country Music Association.  Fitzgewrald has also written for other sites, and writes a blog at
Search URLwire archives, a free country music e-newsletter and website, has this week announced several new content additions and features to their site, including a redesign. The new site is available now at

The site now includes archives of each newsletter, starting with the August 2004 issue. The newsletter is published approximately every nine days, and includes extensive news, album reviews, commentary, and other special features.  There are also many other new features such as information on the Grand Ole Opry, new release dates, album reviews, and much more content designed specifically for new country music fans.  Lifelong fans of country music will also find new content on the site.

A feature article has just been published on the website this week on Anthony Michael James.  James is a new country music artist that his current single, “Sweet Sarah,” in which the video is currently being aired on Great American Country.  Also, in November Country Music Alive will be providing extensive coverage of the upcoming Country Music Association's 38th Annual Awards to subscribers.

Country Music Alive has been providing country music news, information, commentary, and one-on-on discussion opportunities with members for over ten years.  This unique country music experience is available to any fan free of charge.  The owner, Kirk Fitzgerald, does not provide the website and its services for profit reasons, but as a way to give back to country music that he dearly loves.  Fitzgerald is a member of the Country Music Association and receives all the information provided to its subscribers and visitors from direct sources such as record labels and publicity firms.

If you or someone you know has information that would like to be considered for publication and promotion through Country Music Alive or would like to help get the word out about this free service (including interviews), please feel free to contact Kirk Fitzgerald at countrymusicalive(--at--) 

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