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The below site announcement has been live at this URL since the date indicated. Like many web pages over the years, the site announced below may have shut down, have moved, become part of another site, or still be alive and kicking
November 9, 2004

New Meta Search Engine Launched at

http://www.DonBusca.comNetherlands based 4C Software has this week officially announced the launch of a new meta search engine called DonBusca, at

A meta search engine gives users the ability to simultaneously search multiple search engines from one interface. Meta search engines benefit users by saving them time and effort from having to individually visit multiple search engines in order to find the desired result.

Features available at include

- Searching in four categories (Web, Blogs, News and Software)
- Clustering results
- Displaying Wikipedia articles
- Displaying thumbshot
- Providing three versions of the site for every result: Cached, Archive, Site

One of the more unique features of the DonBusca search results is the "Site Info" option which allows searchers to see the Google pagerank, Alex information, geographic data, link popularity, keyword density, and Whois information for each site in the results.  No other meta search engine offers this menu of capabilities.

Further features include the ability to add each result directly to a favorite bookmark manager (Furl, Yahoo, Simpy), and a "Fast Surfer" mode which enables browsing through all search results without leaving current window.

Along with web search, DonBusca also a directory based on data from The Open Directory Project. Searchers can displaying related categories for their search from DMOZ, and access the DMOZ directory with thumshots.  An advanced search and 6 language interface is also available, as is a search voyeur which displays current searches and the 100 most searched for terms. was created by 4C Software, a Netherlands based firm specializing in developing windows application platforms and specialized internet applications.

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