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Announce Date: November 17, 2009
ZoomInto.com Offers All-in-One Image Zooming Browser Add-on 
ZoomInto.com Offers All-in-One Image Zooming Browser Add-on
ZoomInto.com offers a free image zooming and editing software download which enables users to zoom, pan, crop, save, print and email virtually any .jpg image on the internet.
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URL: http://www.ZoomInto.com

ZoomInto, the leader in browser add-on image zooming and editing software, announces the official opening of ZoomInto.com. ZoomInto.com offers a free software download which enables users to zoom, pan, crop, save, print and email virtually any .jpg image on the internet. It is initially compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox for PC with Safari for Mac and Chrome for PC coming soon. 

“A unique feature of our All-in-One image zooming software is that it follows you to any web page or .jpg image because even though it has advanced capabilities it’s a normal browser add-on or plug-in. For example, when users select an image and open their ZoomInto viewer the editing capabilities used to manipulate the image are at their fingertips and are easily maintained and shared when they save, print or email.” says Bill Bouchard, CEO. “We anticipate ZoomInto will become the global leader in browser add-on software for interacting and managing .jpg images on the internet”, he concludes. 

ZoomInto also offers an innovative free Affiliate Program. Simply join and post the ZoomInto logo next to your images or on a webpage. If a visitor then clicks on the ZoomInto logo they can download the free ZoomInto software to interact with the images. This is bound to increase the “stickiness” of websites where images play an important role. A clever Power Seller on Ebay noted, “I added links to higher resolution images of my merchandise for prospective customers and joined the ZoomInto affiliate program. I was pleased to see that some of my customers downloaded the ZoomInto browser add-on software and then made purchases more quickly because they could view and edit my items in greater detail.” 

Please visit www.zoominto.com for more information and to download the free All-in-One Image Zooming Add-on software.   

Posted by Eric Ward on 11/17/09

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